Sit-In Kayaks

There are many advantages of a Sit In over Sit on Top kayak, notably Sit In kayaks are faster, cutting through water like a knife through butter, and designed for the adventurers, explorers and expedition seekers.

What are the advantages of a Sit In Kayak? Due to a much lower centre of gravity in a sit-in, you will feel more snug & connected with your kayak and therefore also better manoeuvrability. A spray skirt provides protection from the harsh sun in summer, plus being made of neoprene will keep the water from entering the cockpit, but also in the colder months will keep you warm and dry from the waist down. Lastly, the sleek and narrow shape of Sit In kayaks means they are built for speed. The addition of a rudder system increases tracking (ability to paddle in a straight line), meaning a Sit In kayak will glide through the water effortlessly allowing you to cover serious distance easily.

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