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The Benefits Of Inflatable SUP’s Over Traditional Hard-Board SUP’s

The Benefits Of Inflatable SUP’s Over Traditional Hard-Board SUP’s

 Stand Up Paddle boards traditionally have been on the heavier side of the board sport family, but now they don’t have to be that piece of equipment that you have to keep in your rich friends garage who lives right on the beach. How?


Here is a bit more about them…

1) They are WAY lighter. Our 10’6 Explore iSUP weighs 8kgs vs. traditional hard boards which can weigh 15kgs, or 20kgs+ when they get waterlogged. The benefit is you can carry our iSUP’s further and longer without getting tired arms before you’ve even hit the water for your paddle.

Many middle aged people love to SUP for low-intensity exercise, but simply cannot carry the heavier hard boards or transport them. 

2) Storage.

One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a SUP is where the heck you’re going to be able to store it!

Our iSUP’s deflate, roll up into a backpack that can be stored in even the smallest car boots, under the stairs or even in a cupboard.

This is ideal for apartment or small space living as often there is nowhere safe to store them. Alternativley, you can leave your iSUP inflated to look at in all its glory. 

3) Damage.

No dings? No worries!

You don’t have to worry about them getting kookslammed! Drop your fibreglass hard board and it will likely crack meaning you need to get it fixed or else it will get water logged and you may as well have bought an ironing board and taken it stand up paddling instead.

Our iSUPs, are made of PVC which is durable and won’t break or crack when dropped. You can even drive a car over them and they won’t burst! 

4) Transport:

No need to rent a SUP when on holidays because yours is too heavy or big to take with you.

With a total fully packed weight of 12.9kgs, you can take it on plane, train, bus, ferry to wherever your destination is, and you won’t worry about baggage handlers breaking you precious hard board. 

If you’re wanting to use your SUP specifically for surfing, you'll most likely want a hard board for their hard edge that can cut right into the wave. However, many who have purchased our 8’10 Rider or 9’6 Cruise iSUP's have bought them for using in the surf, and have reported back they performed surprisingly well. This is thanks to their thinner 5" thickness where most inflatable SUP's are 6".

Have a question or want to chat anything SUP? Feel free to contact us via the LiveChat/face icon on your bottom right hand side of the screen, or via our Contact page. 

Happy SUP'ing!!

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