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Air Pontoon (4x4m)

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    The Air Pontoon from Bay Sports will transform your boating experience, expanding the usable lounging area whilst also doubling up as the perfect swimming platform. Use it as a stand alone private swimming platform, anchored up at your local beach, dam, or river. Bring your friends, family, deck chairs and a picnic for a truly unforgettable and unique platform for fun!

    It is ideal as a launch pad from your boat or simply a relaxing lounge to soak up some sun on, thanks to it's super soft and comfortable layer of deck padding. 

    Perfect for:

    • Floating party on the water
    • Yacht duckboard extension
    • Wakeboard/ski platform
    • Maintenance platform for yachts
    • On the water yoga
    • Super large pool float

    Why a Bay Sports Air Pontoon?

    Super stable. Utilizing our high-tensile drop-stitch technology inside your Air Pontoon gives incredible rigidness and stability. Set up deck chairs, a table and enjoy lunch on your private floating pontoon. The 4 x stainless steel D-rings located under each corner allow you to anchor the pontoon so you can literally walk around and feel comfortably stable.
      Bay Sports Air Pontoons on water Manly

      Versatile. These 100% drop-stitch inflatable pontoons will transform your boating experience, expanding the usable lounging area of your boat whilst also doubling up as the perfect swimming platform. Use it as an inflatable maintenance raft to clean the side of your boat from. 

        Inflatable boat maintenance raft Air Pontoon Bay Sports

        . The non-slip EVA deck pad provides cloud-like comfort for hours of relaxing. The family can use as a jumping platform for endless hours of fun on the water, or simply a relaxing lounge to lay on, thanks to it's super soft and comfortable layer of premium EVA deck padding. 

          Inflatable swimming platform floating Air Pontoon

          What's inside?

          Drop Stitch Construction Bay Sports


            Key Features
            Air Pontoon (3x3x0.2m) - Key Features

            Made from 100% drop-stitch, it utilises the same advanced manufacturing techniques used in our inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards, to provide unparalleled rigidness and stability. You will quite literally be amazed at how stable, sturdy and comfortable your Air Pontoon will be. Scroll through the photos to see it in action!

            • Love to fish? The Air Pontoon is positioned at water level, allowing you to relax and fish right from a deck chair. It's your all day swimming platform for friends and family, and can support up to 12 adults (up to 1200 kgs weight capacity).

            • Love to soak up the sun? It is the perfect swimming platform, launch pad, or simply a relaxing lounge to lay and chill out on, thanks to it's super soft and comfortable layer of premium EVA deck padding. Take up to 12 friends and enjoy your own private lounging platform, with enough stability and support for you to jump off, have a picnic on, and just enjoy relaxing.

            • Got a boat? Tie Air Pontoon off the rear of your boat, expanding the usable lounging area so you can walk around freely, and not feel claustrophobic on the boat. The family and kids can walk around, as this is one seriously sturdy and stable pontoon.
            • Loading and unloading from watercraft such as boats, jet skis, rowing boats, so that the watercraft doesn't run aground, get sand in the engines, whilst also making for easy embarkment/disembarkment.

            Key Features

            • Premium EVA Deck Pad, with smart drainage channels to allow water runoff. 
            • 20cm (7.8”) Double-Wall Drop-Stitch material of extra strength and durability
            • High tensile rail bands along the outline creates extra stiffness
            • UV block treatment for high resistance to the sun’s damaging rays
            • Comfortably fits up to 4 people.
            • 4 x Heavy duty stainless D-rings underneath for anchoring points.
            • 16 x Neoprene covered straps that allow interlocking for modular use so you can tie multiple Air Pontoons together.
            • Optimum air pressure in all Australian conditions, up to 10 psi
            • Option to fit a ladder for easy entry and exiting the water.

            What makes Air Pontoon superior?
            • It's what's inside that counts. Our Air Pontoons are 100% drop-stitch core construction, which means it isn't just air inside (like you'd see in your camping mattress), but thousands of polyester threads that hold the top to the bottom.
            • When Air Pontoon is inflated, it becomes impressively stiff and able to hold a family and friends stable on the water. Sit on deck chairs, put a couple of eskys on board, you can walk around like you would on your boat - seriously they're that stable. 
            • You may have seen regular floating pontoons at half the price at ours, but there is good reason for it. They simply have an 'air bladder' inside, just like your camping mattress, missing out on the rigidness that allows you to walk around like you're on hard ground. So when it comes to quality, Bay Sports Air Pontoon is top-shelf. 
            • Our Air Pontoons are manufactured to an extremely high level. Everything from our military grade PVC (which is UV resistant and weatherproof), our high denier drop-stitch material, a special glue that bonds it altogether (known to be the best you can get).
            • The premium EVA deck pad that covers your Air Pontoon is seriously comfortable. Whilst luxuriously soft, it's made to provide you with excellent grip so you and your friends don't slip over when wet!
            • To deliver the finished product, an experienced team of professionals whose Quality Control procedures ensures a consistently high finish, mean you'll get years of use out of the Air Pontoon. We even guarantee it with an industry-leading 2 year warranty.
            What's Included
            • 4m X 4m X 0.2m Air Pontoon with Comfort EVA Deck Pad
            • Repair Kit
            • Tarp bag with carry handles for storage.

            Recommended accessory: Hercules Electric Air Pump (with auto-cut off)

              • Width: 4m
              • Length: 4m
              • Thickness: 0.2m
              • Volume: 3200 Litres
              • Maximum Weight Capacity: 1500kgs
              • Weight: 68kgs
              • High-Tensile 0.9mm Lightweight, Extra Strong Drop Stitch 
              • Optimal Air Pressure: 8-9psi (Maximum 10psi)
              • Roll size: 150cm long X 55cm diameter 

            Rolled up/deflated size

            1. 2 x 2: 2.2 x 0.28m x 0.25m carton size (box weight is 20kgs).
            2. 3 x 2: 2.2 x 0.28m x 0.25m carton size (box weight is 28kgs).
            3. 3 x 3: 1.6 x 0.40m x 0.30m carton size (box weight is 38kgs).
            4. 3 x 1.5: 2.2 x 0.28m x 0.25m carton size (box weight is 22kgs).
            5. 4 x 2: 2.2 x 0.35m x 0.28m carton size (box weight is 35kgs).
            6. 6 x 6: 1.5 x 0.70m x 0.55m carton size (box weight is 130kgs).


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