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Since 1957 Larry Pullen has built the best surf skis in Australia. What makes us so sure they’re the best? 

Pullen skis are synonymous with Surf Life Saving (SLS) in Australia. They’re the number one approved SLS racing craft. On any given day, you will see 20 or more racing anywhere on the northern beaches, with the famous Marathon ski race seeing more than 50 of these skis racing for the prestige title.

Beyond the beach and big-wave surfing, Pullen are a great choice for the lake, the harbour, or any body of water. 

Larry Pullen wave skis Palm Beach

From conventional fibreglass to Kevlar® or carbon fibre composites, every Pullen ski, paddle and canoe is built with master craftsmanship. Pullen are committed to providing craft for optimum performance  on the water. Each model comes in either Original, Select or Performance with full customisation available to suit your specific needs.

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