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Our Story

Established in 2012 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bay Sports is a family owned and run, 100% Australian business. We founded Bay Sports so that we could offer the best quality kayaks, inflatable stand up paddle boards, surf skis and more.

Our team are water sports enthusiasts. We’re obsessed with finding, trying and supplying the best kayaks, paddle boards and surf skis in the market. Each product in our range has been tested in the water and approved by us.

 We have direct relationships with our manufacturers which means we are able to cut out the middleman. This means we operate with minimal overhead costs - a saving we pass directly onto you, our customers. 

We’re committed to utilising the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Our mission was to design a premium inflatable SUP board like no other. At Bay Sports, we believe we have designed and made the ultimate inflatable Stand Up Paddle board, giving you a superior quality board rolled up into a compact package. Our team have been paddling Stand Up Paddle boards since 2012, giving us a first hand understanding of what customers want, and to create the best inflatable SUPs made for you. We even guarantee it with an industry-leading 3 Year warranty. 

People are surprised by just how rigid hard our boards feel when inflated. How do we do it? Our SUP boards are make of high-grade, 100% Drop Stitch material and constructed with Fusion-Tec™, an advanced technique of infusing a layer of reinforced PVC directly into the drop stitch core, allowing us to create an super stable, rigid and very lightweight Stand Up Paddle board.


Ultra Lightweight. Super Rigid. Made with Fusion-Tec™. 


Paddle a Bay Sports inflatable Stand Up Paddle board and feel for yourself just how stable and comfortable they feel.


Quality Control
Bay Sports are a trusted brand and with years of research and development, assurance of quality is of absolute importance. Our manufacturing facilities are regularly audited onsite by SGS, a professional inspection and verification company, which means they must pass a strict due diligence process including an onsite assessment of the company, review of company documentation and product verification such as certifications. 

At Bay Sports, all our kayaks come with a 5 year product warranty on the kayaks hull and are made of high quality HDPE materials that have a 5 year UV resistance rating. The kayaks are made via a rota-moulding process whereby a hollow kayak mould is filled with the raw Kayak material and heated to allow the plastic  HDPE material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. In order to maintain the optimum thickness (3.5mm), the mould is continually rotated via 2 axis, hence the term 'Rota' meaning 'to rotate'. 

How can you tell the difference, when they all look the same?
We have visited many different plastic kayak manufacturers, and it is only then you can see the difference in quality of the many brands flooding the market. We agree that most of the kayaks you see online look the same, and you are correct; because many of them come from the same moulds. But what makes our kayaks superior in quality is the technique in the rota-moulding process & Quality Control.

Let us explain..
  1. The quality of raw materials varies between producers, we use high-grade HDPE materials sourced from a premium supplier.
  2. When the raw material is poured into the cast iron mould, it is heated up to 800 degrees celsius. The technique of applying the correct amount of heat evenly and for the correct time, will determine the quality of the plastic bond.
  3. Too much heat unevenly applied will cause air bubbles to form. Upon the plastic cooling down and setting, the air bubbles will remain, making the kayak brittle allowing it to crack easier.
  4. Quality Control is not equal among kayak manufacturers. Our manufacturing facilities had by far the best quality control procedures in place, ensuring consistency along their production line.
  • Every single kayak undergoes an 8-point check to ensure an optimal 3.5mm wall thickness.
  • Every single kayak is drop tested, ensuring durability and no air bubbles.
  • Every single kayak is water balance tested.
  • Every single kayak undergoes a final visual check before being packaged.
Buy from Bay Sports knowing you're purchasing from a reputable manufacturer, backed by a 5 year Australian warranty.

Why choose a Pullen Surf Ski?
Since 1957 Larry Pullen has been building truly the best surf skis creating Australia's leading surf ski company. The Pullen Mk1 to Mk4 Wave ski/Surf ski is the ski of choice for lake, harbour, or big wave surfing. These skis are synonymous with Surf Life Saving Clubs around Australia with history as an approved SLSC racing craft. On any given day, especially a weekend, you will see 20 or more racing on the northern beaches at Palm Beach SLSC, with the famous Marathon ski race seeing more than 50 of these skis racing for the prestige title.

From conventional fibreglass to Kevlar® or carbon fibre composites, every Pullen ski, paddle and canoe embodies punishing standards of performance, master craftsmanship, and the commitment to the value of a healthy lifestyle on the water.

Each model comes in either Original, Select or Performance specification with full customisation available, differing in weight and build construction.

Authorised Distributor of Premium Accessory Brands

Whispbar Ocean Earth Prorack Logo
Bay Sports is an authorised reseller for top brands such as Yakima, including ProRack and Whispbar, and Ocean & Earth. We offer a vast range of roof racks, cargo boxes, kayak mounts and accessories such as tie down straps. Bay Sports is the 1-stop shop for all your kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and water activity needs!

30 Day Money Back Policy

Bay Sports staff have over 10 years of customer service experience, and understand you value being able to speak to someone before, during, and after your kayak purchase.

We would love to hear from you so feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Whether you're after the best value kayak or iSUP, or would like assistance choosing one just right for you - we'll ensure your experience is excellent from first contact to after-sales support.

There are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our products, therefore at Bay Sports we paddle what we preach. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks and SUP boards so long as its returned in ‘as new’ condition.

..that's the Bay Sports difference!


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