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12'6" Sprint - Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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    • NEW 4 x D-rings so you can attach a kayak seat making it a 2-in-1 SUP kayak. 
    • NEW 4 x Detachable carry handles (great for kids!)
    • NEW Larger, Premium quality wheeled backpack with internal securing buckle strap (prevents your board unravelling when packing away)
    • IMPROVED Fibreglass SUP paddle quality - less flex means more paddle power
    • EXTRA Stainless Steel D-Rings for towing & attaching your gear
    • EXTRA neoprene grab handle at the nose - so two people can easily carry the board 

    12'6" Sprint - Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

    Meet our 12'6 Sprint. Made for the paddler who wants to get the heart rate up and demands a fast paddle board with excellent glide on the water. A slimmer 32" width gives this board reduced drag yet it's ability to deliver dynamic performance to glide across the waters surface. This is one fast board!

    Best of all, it includes the best accessories on the market in the box, including our new Triple-Action pump for effortless inflation and our super lightweight 3-piece fibreglass paddle. It also includes the industry-leading 9" FCS SUP Touring fin, for incredible tracking ability to keep you paddling in a straight line.

    Key Features
    12'6" Sprint - Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

    A sharp tapered nose gives the 12'6 Sprint iSUP the ability to cut through chop, whilst an extended mid section is the basis for effortless glide on the water. Given the narrower frame, our team added a wedge tail to provide extra stability.

    • Ultra Lightweight - Just 9.9kgs thanks to Fusion-Tec™
    • Super Portable - Deflates and rolls up into a compact bag in less than 60 seconds.
    • Extra Durable - Made with 3-layers of tapes on the rail, making them the strongest available.
    • Available in 3 Colours Schemes - No done-to-death tribal designs, just fresh exciting colours to match your personality.

    With 350L of volume, this board not only is fast on the water, but feels surprisingly stable considering it's more narrow 32" width. Our Signature Series diamond-grooved 5mm EVA deck pad gives superior grip and comfort under your feet. Bungee cord storage at the front keeps your dry bag secure.

    A neoprene handle in the centre, as well as one at the rear with stainless steel D-ring make for effortless carrying and tying up your board when not in use.

      What makes this a premium board?

      As you've likely encountered in your research, there are inflatable paddle boards for $400 and there are inflatable paddle boards for $2000. Let us explain exactly the differences and why you'll be glad you purchased a Bay Sports board.

      1. An important part is the glue used to hold the board together. Entry board manufacturers use a cheap Chinese glue which when exposed to the sun, can lose its stickiness, leading to boards peeling at the seams and begin to leak. The glue used in Bay Sports boards is a premium high-grade glue from South Korea, which is not only the strongest available but also environmental friendly. This means your board will stay in good shape for years to come. We guarantee it with our industry-leading 3 year warranty.

      2. Built utilizing premium PVC and drop-stitch materials then assembled using advanced Fusion-Tec™ construction. Many inflatable SUP boards are advertised as lightweight, but it can be at the disadvantage to the stiffness of the board, meaning your board may suffer from the wobble effect. Bay Sports use premium reinforced PVC which allows us to reach unparalleled stiffness whilst also producing a very lightweight board. The board is then heat-pressed by machine, eliminating human error, to ensure completely watertight and airtight seams.

      3. The included accessories are a step above the rest. We look at what makes your paddling experience just that much better, and sourced the best-quality accessories that actually make a difference to your overall experience. 

        - Your get the new Helios triple-action pump. Inflating your board can be tiresome with the single chamber pumps most inflatable SUP board packages on the market, making you out of breath even before you set off paddling. Our dual-chamber Helios pump is the fastest hand-pump on the market, allowing you to spend less time inflating your board and more time on the water. Its 3-gear system makes it easier to inflate the board, the higher the pressure goes, so you won't wear yourself out before you go explore.

        - Our fibreglass paddle isn't only super lightweight, reducing fatigue on your shoulders, but it is also very strong. Most paddles available in cheaper packages use either a plastic or nylon paddle, where the blade itself flexes. The blade on our fibreglass paddle has no-flex: meaning as you paddle, you don't lose any power off the blade. Simply put, more paddle power with every stroke.

      4. Factory direct to You. Most of the big name brands you see advertised for $1500-$2000 are priced so because they sell through distributors, who sell to retailers, who sell to you. Bay Sports being the manufacturer and selling direct to customer, we are able to cut out the middleman profits, allowing you to purchase the highest quality board package for significantly less. It has been our business model from the start and means you get the best quality SUP board package, at incredible value. Just read the verified reviews to see what our existing customers say about the quality.

      We are confident you will truly enjoy your board from Bay Sports, so much that we give you a full 30 Day Paddle Guarantee. You can paddle the board as much as you like and if you don't completely love it, you can return it for a refund. No questions asked.

      Bundle Package Includes
      • 12'6" Signature Series inflatable Stand Up Paddle board.
      • New Helios Triple-Action hand pump with dual-cylinder chambers
      • 9" SUP Touring Click In "tool-less” centre fin + 2 x molded side fins (no screw plate or screw required!)
      • US AIR7 Fin Box - compatible with FCS Connect II Fin System
      • 3-piece Lightweight Fibreglass Nylon SUP paddle (750 grams)
      • 11' Coil Leash - for no leash drag in the water
      • Wheeled Backpack - Weatherproof Ballistic-Weave Nylon with Comfort Padded Shoulder Straps (100cm tall X 43cm wide) 
      • 1x Repair Kit (glue not included for hazmat reasons)
      • A5 SUP User Guide Booklet
      • Industry Leading 3 Year Product Warranty


        Board Selection Guide

        View all our boards on one easy to read page. 

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        Need some help?

        If you would like assistance choosing the right board, click on the LiveChat icon located on the bottom right of your screen. Our Stand Up Paddle specialists are waiting to help you :)

        Board Construction

        Fusion-Tec Board Construction Bay Sports

        Watch Videos Of Bay Sports SUPs in Action


        Board Specifications

        • Width 32" / 76.2cm
        • Length 12'6" / 365.8cm
        • Thickness 5" / 12.7cm
        • Board Weight 9.9kgs
        • Volume 330L
        • Fins 1 x 9" click in fin (removable) + 2 x AIR7 7cm fins (fixed)
        • Backpack Dimensions 100cm tall x 43cm wide
        • Paddle Weight 757g
        • Construction Fusion-Tec™ Drop-Stitch
        • Optimal Air Pressure 15psi
        • Multi-use action mount screw size : M6

        Recommended Capacities

        • Single Rider Weight Up to 130kgs
        • Max Capacity Up to 170kgs

          Bay Sports 10'6" iSUP ReviewBeing new to SUP, the great online live chat support really helped me to decide on purchasing a 10'6" Explore iSUP package, and I was not disappointed, with quick delivery, and a great looking product. 

          The design quality is fantastic, and the board is super rigid, stable, easy to inflate and easier to deflate and pack up. I'm really happy with the portability. Excellent product and great service.

          Bay Sports 11'6 Tour iSUP ReviewI purchased a 11'6 iSUP from Tony at Bay Sports, absolutely love it so easy to set up use and pack away. The service, advice and help in choosing the correct SUP to suit my needs as outstanding. Would highly recommend.

          Bay Sports 10'6" iSUP Review

          Living in Sydney we are exposed to ever increasing property prices, having excess storage space is a luxury that I miss from when I was a child. In this new time we need to adapt, and Bay Sports have delivered. I have dreamed of owning my very own SUP Board for years, but never had enough space.

          Today I purchased and collected two, one for my partner and I. The board, the pump and the paddle all fit into a backpack, which sat on the back seat of our car! Thank you Hamish and your team, your advice and knowledge was fantastic. So happy and grateful. Thanks again :-)

          Bay Sports 10'6" iSUP ReviewWe just got one of the new iSUP 10'6" boards from Bay Sports. Neither one of us particularly "sporty" but no problems straight out of the box. Contained all the bits and pieces and build quality looks great. For this new to these boards, they need a lot more pumping than you think, keep going until the meter shows.

          We may get another from them so we can both go together. Great quality and service, recommended!

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          USER GUIDE

          Click here to download the Bay Sports iSUP User Guide


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