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Committed to quality

Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart 

At Bay Sports, everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to quality.

Our manufacturing facilities are regularly audited onsite by SGS - a professional inspection and verification company. This means they must pass a strict due diligence process including an onsite assessment of the company, review of company documentation and product verification such as certifications. Our entire range of kayaks come with a 5 year product warranty and have a 5 year UV resistance rating. 

How can I tell the difference, when they all look the same?

Over the past decade, our team has visited many different kayak manufacturers to understand the variation in quality. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process

The kayaks are made via a rotomoulding process whereby a hollow kayak mould is filled with the raw kayak material and heated to allow the plastic  HDPE material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. In order to maintain the optimum thickness (3.5mm), the mould is continually rotated via 2 axis, hence the term 'Rota' meaning 'to rotate'. 

When the raw material is poured into the cast iron mould, it is heated to 800 degrees celsius. We apply the correct amount of heat evenly for the correct time to ensure the quality of the plastic bond. Other manufacturers apply too much heat unevenly causing air bubbles to form. Once the plastic cools down and sets, the air bubbles will remain, making the kayak brittle allowing it to crack easier.  

So while other kayaks may look the same, ours are far superior when it comes to quality.

Quality Control Process

 Once the kayak is manufactured, we have quality control procedures in place to ensure we’re 100% satisfied with the final product.  

Every single kayak undergoes an 8-point check to ensure an optimal 3.5mm wall thickness, is drop tested, ensuring durability and no air bubbles, is water balance tested and undergoes a final visual check prior to leaving our warehouse.

Let us explain..
  1. The quality of raw materials varies between producers, we use high-grade HDPE materials sourced from a premium supplier.
  2. When the raw material is poured into the cast iron mould, it is heated up to 800 degrees celsius. The technique of applying the correct amount of heat evenly and for the correct time, will determine the quality of the plastic bond.
  3. Too much heat unevenly applied will cause air bubbles to form. Upon the plastic cooling down and setting, the air bubbles will remain, making the kayak brittle allowing it to crack easier.
  4. Quality Control is not equal among kayak manufacturers. Our manufacturing facilities had by far the best quality control procedures in place, ensuring consistency along their production line.
  • Every single kayak undergoes an 8-point check to ensure an optimal 3.5mm wall thickness.
  • Every single kayak is drop tested, ensuring durability and no air bubbles.
  • Every single kayak is water balance tested.
  • Every single kayak undergoes a final visual check before being packaged.
Buy from Bay Sports knowing you're purchasing from a reputable manufacturer, backed by a 5 year Australian warranty.

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