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Best All-Round Stand Up Paddle Boards

Best All-Round Stand Up Paddle Boards

Do you want to go from the surf to a chilled out SUP yoga session? Or perhaps from a long-distance tour to a splash with the kids? 

When you’re investing in a stand up paddle board, you want to know that the board you purchase is going to be able to handle whatever you throw at it. You don’t want to be restricted to one style of paddling when there are so many SUP adventures to be had! 

Best All Round Stand Up Paddle Boards

Open up a world of SUP adventures with these SUP all-rounders

We have compiled a list of our favourite all-round stand up paddle boards so you can fulfil your paddle potential.  

10’6 Explore | Absolute best all-rounder

  • Length - 10’6
  • Width - 32”
  • Recommended Rider Weight - up to 120kg
  • Max Capacity - up to 150kg
  • Paddle Adventures - flat water, SUP yoga & fitness, families

The 10’6 Explore was the starting point for our entire stand up paddle board range. We wanted a board that could not only handle a variety of water conditions but also suit different skill levels. The resulting SUP has become our most popular and best selling, and for good reason! 

10'6 Stand Up Paddle Board

10'6 Explore is the ultimate all-rounder

Explore combines excellent stability and effortless glide on the water, making it a great starting point for absolute beginners. As you build confidence and skill, the board will continue to perform. A diamond-grooved EVA deck pad gives the rider superior grip. This feature will provide you with the confidence to explore more advanced manoeuvres as your SUP skills develop. 

Read more about our EVA Deck Pad and other iSUP tech here

The board is 5 inches thick and 32 inches wide, providing the perfect balance between stability and performance. Once you have mastered your basic strokes and turns, you can graduate to more advanced manoeuvres such as the Pivot/Step Back Turn with ease. 

The stability of the Explore lends itself to a range of activities in addition to recreational paddling. Riders can put their balance to the test by taking their yoga practice to the water or bust out some callisthenics with a round of SUP fitness. Ever tried burpees on a SUP? Your abs will thank us...or maybe not!

9’6 Cruise | Best for flatwater and surf

  • Length - 9’6
  • Width - 32”
  • Recommended Rider Weight - up to 80kg
  • Max Capacity - up to 120kg
  • Paddle Adventures - flat water, surf

If you’re looking for a true example of an all-round stand up paddle board look no further than the 9’6 Cruise

9'6 Cruise Surf SUP

9'6 Cruise takes you from flatwater to surf 

This board can take you from flatwater to surf and handle anything in between, making it a truly versatile SUP for all conditions. The tapered tail and slimmer design give you ideal manoeuvrability to catch a wave, giving riders the potential to develop from basic flatwater paddling to more advanced conditions. 

Find out how to catch a wave on your stand up paddle board here 

While the 9’6 is smaller than it’s 10’6 counterpart, it doesn’t compromise on stability for a smaller rider. This also makes Cruise and an ideal investment for kids looking to get into the sport. Larger boards can be a challenge for smaller riders who want to nail the proper technique. This small all-rounder is ideally suited to paddlers under 80kg but can handle more weight if you wish to paddle with a day-pack for longer adventures. 

11’6 Original Series | Best for distance paddling and heavy gear

  • Length - 11’6
  • Width - 32”
  • Recommended Rider Weight - up to 130kg
  • Max Capacity - up to 180kg
  • Paddle Adventures - touring, fishing, families 

Surf not your style? If you’re looking for an all-round stand up paddle board that can go the distance the 11’6 Original Series has you covered.

11'6 Wood Look Stand Up Paddle Board

Practical and stylish 11'6 Original Series has a large max capacity for epic adventures

Coming in at a foot longer than the Explore, the 11’6 has a larger max capacity, providing the two-fold benefit of being able to handle more gear for distance paddling or more riders for adventures with the family. 

Check out why Sparkys on the Loose opted for the 11’6 Original for their tour of Australia

Also coming in at 32 inches wide this longer board is stable and streamlined even when fully loaded. This stability is thanks to a wedge tail design combined with an extended, tapered nose, features that allow the board to cut through chop with ease. 

The Original Series is designed with a limited edition wood-look finish which makes for a unique board that stands out from other models in the market. 

Let’s talk accessories

All boards featured in this article come with the Bay Sports Premium Range of accessories so you will have everything you need immediately. Amongst other premium accessories, you will find a full fibreglass, three-piece paddle, the Helios Triple Action hand pump and a 9” FCS SUP Touring “tool-less” centre fin.

Fibreglass SUP Paddle

Don't skimp on accessories! 

Do not underestimate the importance of a quality paddle for all styles of stand up paddle boarding. The fibreglass paddle included with all iSUPs in this article is light-weight and robust, which will allow any rider to get the full potential out of every stroke while keeping fatigue at bay.

The combination of the Helios Triple Action pump and the FCS centre fin mean that you will be able to get your SUP on the water in no time. Paddlers report inflating their SUP taking just 5 minutes, and the centre fin is a tool-less insertion, click in place, and you’re all set. 

Best all round stand up paddle board

Get to your SUP adventures in no time with deluxe accessories

Having these two timesavers included means that every adventure is entirely obtainable. So what are you waiting for? Check out the full iSUP range and find your perfect all-round stand up paddle board. 

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