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How much is an inflatable paddle board?

How much is an inflatable paddle board?

When choosing your inflatable paddle board (SUP), there are a number of different price ranges to suit different budgets, levels of experience and purposes.

Let us take you through the different SUP price points with this guide. 


Our BasiX Series is the most stable SUP available in our range, with an entry-level price point.

Designed to be the perfect beginner’s SUP board, it has extra width (34”) and extra thickness (6”) for additional stability. However, more advanced paddlers can still enjoy the versatility of this All-Round board.

If you are looking for an all-time family sup, then the Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Paddleboard is your new pal. – Globo Surf

The cost-effective construction method is also sturdy, making it able to support most weights and sizes.

The BasiX Series is relatively low cost, ideal for all levels of users and for most body types. It tracks well, is fast, sturdy and highly durable.

Explore the BasiX Series from $999.



Our Signature Series boards are for those paddlers with more experience, who know what they like and have honed in on the type of paddling that they enjoy.

There are four boards in this range:

1. 8’10” RIDER

The Rider is made for paddlers who are keen to ride waves, but the board is also light enough for kids to use and carry.

This board is a flat water SUP that performs well in the surf. The 4”-thick board is the thinnest in the range, 2 inches thinner than most inflatable SUPs. Its shorter frame also makes it versatile in the surf, while the rounded pintail allows for quick pivot turns.

However, unlike the BasiX, this board isn’t recommended for paddlers weighing over 75kg.

2. 9’6” CRUISE

The Cruise is perfect for lighter paddlers looking for a versatile board. Paddling well on flat water, the Cruise can also be taken out in the surf.

This ultra-lightweight board, weighing in at under 7.5kg, is best suited for riders under 80kg. However, it is still an agile board for paddlers over 80kg looking to carve it up in the surf.

This is a fun and compact SUP that will pack up nice and small for your adventures.

3. 10’6” EXPLORE

The most popular, best-selling, Bay Sports SUP is the Explore. The versatility of this All-Round board means that it’s suitable for all skill levels from beginner paddler to enthusiasts.

Combining stability with effortless glide, this board unpacks and inflates in minutes.

Don’t be a sad sally and give me the pleasure of saying “told you so” by skimping on reasonable materials if you’re after a SUP that will last. If you’ve got the extra to spend, you are spending wisely. If you don’t, it’s worth waiting until you do. – The SUP Board Guide Magazine

Unlike the Rider and Cruise models, this board can carry a family weighing up to 150kg, or an individual paddler up to 120kg, while still gliding over the water.

4. 11’6” TOUR

The Tour is designed for paddlers looking for extra speed and stability on the water, yet do not want a race board. At 5” thick and 32” wide, the board is streamlined but still stable.

The tapered, reinforced nose allows the Tour to cut through the water. With additional width on the tail, this board is balanced between performance and stability.

The Tour has the greatest volume of the boards in the Signature Range, making it perfect for the slightly heavier rider, with up to 160kg weight capacity.

Adventure with the Signature Series from $1499.



The Original Series includes two, limited edition, wood-look boards:

1. 10’6” Original Series

This All-Rounder board is designed to offer stability to those who want to go paddle boarding without constantly falling in the water.

With 250L of volume, this board can handle a paddler weight of up to 130kg and 170kg total weight capacity.

Its tapered tail allows you to make quick directional turns, while the deck pad gives superior grip and comfort.

This is Bay Sports’ most stable board, with extra volume and buoyancy. This is ideal for beginners.

2. 11’6” Original Series

This touring inflatable SUP is made for paddlers who want extra speed and stability on the water.

The beautifully tapered nose cuts right through any chop, and paired with our 3-piece Full Fibreglass SUP paddle, it's a dream to paddle.

One of the most prominent things about the 11’6 Tour board is how well it’s made... Bottom line, the Bay Sports 2019 11’6 Tour is one of the best choices out there if you want to relax and cover larger distances when exploring the water. – Globo Surf Magazine 

This board has the biggest weight capacity of the entire range, at a whopping 180kg. It’s perfect for the slightly heavier rider (100kg plus) or for taking the kids out with you on the board.

Cruise with these limited edition boards from $1799.



The 11” Mandala is our newest inflatable SUP, for yogis looking to take their practice to the water. It combines excellent stability and functionality to also make it a versatile board for all fitness activities.

Designed with leading SUP Yoga teachers to create the best inflatable Yoga SUP board on the market, the Mandalas’ shape provides the excellent balance and stability that you need on the water.

Hold your balance from $1899.



The 12’6” Sprint is designed for the paddler who wants to get their heart rate up and demands a fast paddle board with excellent glide.

The slimmer 30” width provides reduced drag and dynamic performance.

The tapered nose allows the Sprint to cut through chop, while the wedge tail provides extra stability.

Fly through the chop from $1999.

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