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How much is a paddle board?

How much is a paddle board?

Paddle boards come in different price ranges to suit different user types and needs. Prices of SUP boards will vary from $900-1200 while sup boards vary from $700-2000. You can utilize the current sale to save further. If you are keen on buying a paddleboard then this guide is for you, you can use this guide to find one that meets your paddling needs in your budget.

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Why are paddle boards more expensive than kayaks?

First things first, let's address the main question, why are paddle boards more expensive than some other similar sports? Paddle boards are more expensive to manufacture as compared to kayaking equipment. The material such as epoxy and foam used to build a SUP board costs higher to produce as compared to kayaks that can be built using cheaper materials. Epoxy resin gives it the finish you are looking for in a lush board. Foam makes it lighter and suitable to float with ease.

You need to make sure you are buying a reputable board that is safe to use and gives you a good long run in terms of longevity and performance. So, to make sure you are getting value for money when buying SUP boards you must select carefully and ignore the fact that most times a paddle board will be more expensive than other similar sports.

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How much does a good inflatable paddle board cost?

If you are looking for a basic paddle board then try out the BASIX series board, these are affordable and give you all the necessary functionality. This range will give you the perfect stability and an all-rounder performance that you can count on when starting your paddling journey. Maneuver with ease, control where necessary and don't worry about the weight with this inflatable SUP.

The BasiX Series is our collection's most stable paddle boards, with an entry-level price point. It has always been a fast sell. It is designed to be the perfect beginner’s SUP board, it has extra width (34”) and extra thickness (6”) for additional stability. However, more advanced stand up paddlers can still enjoy the versatility of the BasiX series paddle boards. It retains it's form over time giving you a good long-lasting run.

Explore the BasiX Series. (Pro tip: look out for exclusive discounts just for this season.)

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Getting fancy with paddle boards

If you think it is time for an upgrade then we have quite a few options for you. Yes, your inflatable paddle board can use an upgrade from time to time. It is natural to want to try out something more novel as you strengthen your paddleboarding skills standing and want to spice things up.

Adding accessories is another way to add some oomph to your adventure. But, if you want to upgrade to a better paddleboard than your current one then here are some of the fancier options that you can seriously consider for your paddling adventures.

These paddle boards are from our Signature Series designed for more experienced paddlers who are ready to take things to the next level, starting at reasonable prices but giving you a lot more functionality as compared to basic boards. There are four paddle boards in this collection that are built for different types of paddlers. Each of these come in beautiful epoxy and foam finishes.

1. 8’10” SEEK

The SEEK is made for paddlers keen to ride waves, but the board is also light enough for kids to use and carry. It comes with a smooth surface. This board is a flatwater SUP that performs well in the surf. The 4”-thick board is the thinnest in the top boards, 2 inches thinner than most SUPS.

The SEEK boards have a shorter frame which makes them versatile in the surf, while the rounded pintail allows for quick pivot turns. However, unlike the BasiX paddle boards, this is not recommended for paddlers weighing over 75kg.

2. 9’6” CRUISE

The Cruise is perfect for lighter paddlers looking for a versatile board. Use this inflatable paddleboard to perform well on flat waters with equipment that gives you the control you need. The Cruise can also be taken out in the surf. Of course, it is inflatable so you can always store it easily when not in use.

This ultra-lightweight SUP, weighing in at under 7.5kg, is best suited for riders under 80kg. However, it is still an agile inflatable paddleboard for paddlers over 80kg looking to carve it up in the surf.

This is a fun and compact inflatable SUP that will pack up nice and small for your adventures with the comfort that only reliable brands can offer. We only sell boards that we believe in.

3. 10’6” EXPLORE

The most popular, best-selling, Bay Sports inflatable paddle board is the Explore. The versatility of this All-Round ISUP means that it’s suitable for all skill levels from beginner paddlers to enthusiasts but, it is definitely on the fancier side of boards.

This provides an ideal combination of stability and an effortless glide, this is one of the few paddleboards that also unpack and inflate in minutes. So if you are into such perks, go for it!

4. 11’6” TOUR

The Tour is designed for paddlers looking for extra speed and stability, yet do not want race paddle boards. At 5” thick and 32” wide, it is super streamlined but still stable.

The tapered, reinforced nose allows the Tour to cut through water. With additional width on the tail, this is one of the boards that is perfectly balanced between performance and stability.

The Tour has the greatest volume of the boards in the Signature Range, making it perfect for the slightly heavier rider, with up to 160kg weight capacity. Buy this if you are looking for a durable SUP that can take more weight without compromising on quality unlike what many other brands fail to offer. It can be stored in a compact package when not in use.

Adventure with the Signature Series. Also, if you are worried the season is just perfect for your paddleboarding adventures then we can ship these right away.

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Are inflatable paddle boards worth it?

Inflatable SUP boards make a great addition to your travel plans. They are easy to travel with, quick to set up and give you a high-quality water adventure experience each time. To purchase an inflatable paddleboard is to make an investment in your adventure quality.

You can get good use out of your inflatable paddleboard as long as you maintain it well, it pays off its price by giving you unmatched memories, a sense of accomplishment and a lot of adrenaline over time. Choose from boards that offer all of this with little or no maintenance needs such as these hot favorite SUP options.

How much should I spend on a stand up paddle board?

The question should be: which paddleboard brand should you spend on? The right choice will give you greater value for your experience. This is why anywhere between $1000-2000 is a fair price. You can buy the one that gives you good specs and high quality. Spending on good features will yield higher value for the money spent.

Every customer that bought from us has had a positive experience so this buy will pay its full worth in quality of experience and durability.

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What type of paddleboard is best for beginners?

Beginners should select a paddleboard that offers a good mix of stability and control. You will find that in the BasiX series boards. A BasiX is a smart purchase for beginners because they are lightweight, suitable for everyone and save you thousands. Inflatable options win over others when you are just starting off. You can compare prices all you want but at the end of the day its features and quality outweigh every other sell on the market.

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How hard is paddle boarding for beginners?

Anyone starting off their paddleboarding journey can learn it within a single trip. With proper instructions and passion, you can learn within hours if not minutes. Having a teacher that you can trust and who is experienced enough is always a plus. Buy a suitable option from top SUP boards. A BasiX inflatable SUP is a good place to start your paddle boarding adventures. You can always add accessories to store it, set it up and make your adventures more fun.

So get started! What are you waiting for?

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