Surf Skis

As Pullen's exclusive distributor of surf skis, Bay Sports is your one-shop destination for a new surf ski needs! 

Surf Skis, also known as wave skis, are a popular water activity for the young and old. A low-impact activity, paddling surf skis has excellent health benefits including cardiovascular fitness, core muscle strengthening, great upper body conditioning for arms, back and shoulders, and also great for mental health and clearing of the mind.

A study at Manchester Metropolitan University demonstrated superior heart strength in paddlers. The average mass of the left ventricle (one of the chambers of the heart) was more than 50 per cent greater in paddlers than in sedentary people, enabling them to pump blood around the body more efficiently.

Our entry level 3.0WS gives great manoeuvrability, whilst the MK2, MK3 at 3.8m, is made for competition or simply those wanting to tackle the bigger waves! Paddle sports such as surf skis, are a great way to keep active, enjoy the water and competition racing, whilst being able to surf waves and enjoy the Australian way of life!

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