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Best lightweight Inflatable kayaks

Best lightweight Inflatable kayaks

The best inflatable kayaks are the gateway to an epic day trip or weekend outing. Whether you're a solo adventurer, a couple, a family, or even a group of watersports enthusiasts, the right inflatable kayak will add whole new advanced elements to your trip.

It's no secret that numerous places are hiring out kayaks these days, but with the rising popularity of the kayaking sport, those hiring costs increase. However, if you own one of the top inflatable kayaks, you can go kayaking on your own schedule without worrying about your finances. What's more, you will worry less about returning it within the allocated time frame.

In short, having your own inflatable kayak delights of happiness, freedom, and adventure. Who wouldn't like that?

Why an Inflatable Kayak?

So, we've determined that the best way to experience your Kayaking days is by buying an inflatable kayak over hiring one every time you need to go out. But why shop for inflatable kayaks? Why not look at hard shell kayaks for sale? After all, they're made from tough material, are hard to tear, and perform best.

when most people hear of inflatable kayaks, they think of inflatable outdoor toys or inflatable pools. The idea of switching from hardshell kayaks to inflatable may sound ridiculous initially, but inflatable kayaks are worth it in the end.

An inflatable pool

"Not an inflatable kayak, but an inflatable something!"

First, transporting a hardshell kayak from storage to water and back is an absolute nightmare, Especially if you're a frequent kayaker. I mean, you would enjoy it immensely once it is floating in the water, but is the hassle of dragging it out of storage, into a car, chaining it down, and repeating the process once again later at the beach worth it? Chances are, it is highly not. And here is why:

Inflatable Kayaks vs Solid Kayaks

Different kayaks are designed to meet the various consumers' needs. The two main categories are the inflatable and hard shell types.

The first type is inflated by the user before use and deflated for storage. They carry a maximum weight specified on the device to minimize the occurrence of accidents due to overloading.

Most inflatable kayaks can carry one or two people, although others are wide enough to accommodate more than two people in a ride. Moreover, they are stable since they are built with wide floors and side tubes that enhance their steadiness. The kayak seats are designed to ensure the user's comfort by providing good seats for easy paddling. In most cases, the inflatable variety is made from durable material.

Benefits of Inflatable kayaks

One of the advantages of having an inflatable over a solid kayak is the ease of operation in terms of its lightweight and durable material. You can carry it easily since it can be folded and stored in a backpack when deflated. It is also easier for the user to identify issues while packing and unpacking.

Moreover, You can also assemble and remove parts, making you more familiar with the equipment. They are well-designed for both beginners and advanced sailors, with their material being able to withstand collisions with rocks.

However, checking personal preferences against the equipment's specifications is always advisable before making a purchase. The wide base in inflatable models increases stability and allows the user to have an ample space to control the ride. The availability of technology has facilitated the construction of more durable materials in the inflatable variety. PVC is made to withstand harsh weather and provide control of the stability levels to the user.

Hardshell kayak

A hard-shell kayak

On the other hand, solid kayaks, also known as traditional kayaks, take the traditional form and are mostly made of wood or plastic. The rider lacks the freedom to carry their ride around easily since they are rigid and more difficult to move.

It is more difficult to identify problems, especially when one is not experienced. On the upside, they have a simple structure and straightforward use. The rider does not have to check for the viability of the various parts in the water since they already have pre-established user guidelines.

Hard shell kayaks are more convenient for more than one rider since they are much heavier. Carrying it around also requires more manpower, making them more suitable for more than one person to use per ride. They were the first kayaks to step into the market and have dominated the market for a long time, at least until the design of the inflatable variety.

Choosing between an inflatable and hard shell kayak

While each type has its advantages and disadvantages, it is essential for the user to make a selection based on their preferences.

The choice of a ride should largely depend on your preferences and the circumstances under which you are on your cruise.

Several factors determine the viability of a ride, such as whether the waves are rocky or calm.

Other factors include your kayaking experience. Professional riders will take a much shorter time selecting a ride because of their past experiences with various devices. They know the specifications to go for and how to check on the efficiency of the object's principal parts. This lets them tell the best material from knock-offs and improper service parts. A person's experience with a ride will likely determine their choice the next time.

Even as such, the design of a yak and its categorization into a solid or an inflatable ride makes up for most users' choices.

Solid kayaks are more expensive in terms of their maintenance and transport costs. The parts cannot be disassembled, unlike ones made from foldable material. However, an inflatable is also not that cheap to maintain. After use, it has to be cleaned and dried to avoid destabilizing the frame since it might develop mildew.

A cleaned inflatable put outside to dry

Improper storage also weakens its frame, unlike a solid ride that is ready for use. From its name, a solid kayak has a pre-designed body and is ready for use. The parts are not changed to suit the different weather patterns.

On the other hand, in an inflatable, the user can change the amount of air pumped into their ride depending on the weather conditions. Pumping in more air makes the frame more rigid and allows it to withstand more harsh weather. It is also more convenient in rocky places since it protects the user from physical harm and damage to parts.

How To Choose an Inflatable Kayak

All inflatable kayaks are not the same. And with the rapidly growing world of watersports, there are numerous inflatable kayaks in the market, making it even more challenging to shop for a quality inflatable kayak.

When it comes to purchasing an inflatable kayak, a lot of factors come to play. Your perfect choice of equipment will highly depend on numerous things, including what you want to use your kayak for and many others.

Single Kayak or Tandem inflatable kayak?

The first question your kayak dealer will probably ask is, "do you want a tandem kayak or a single kayak?" If you're a solo adventure or perhaps unmarried, single, unwed, call it whatever you like, it would be easy to decide.

Experienced kayakers tend to enjoy the freedom of exploration. While some people love bonding and companionship, others prefer to explore their own style with a little more freedom by paddling in a single inflatable kayak.

If you will be kayaking with a spouse or a close friend, in that case, a double kayak will allow you to share the kayaking experience together.

A tandem Inflatable kayak

The main difference between a single and tandem kayak is pretty much evident since a tandem kayak features two seats and the other one seat. However, tandem kayaks tend to be a bit heavier than single kayaks.

In addition, while both inflatable kayaks share the same paddling technique, a tandem kayak will require both paddlers to synchronize their movement to fully control the boat.

"Before buying your tandem inflatable kayak, it would be best to look at the weight capacity. It will be pointless to buy the best inflatable kayaks with two-person options only to find out it won't carry the combined weight of the intended users."

The purpose of Your Kayak

What do you intend to use your inflatable kayak for? Do you want to use it only when you're near a waterbody or regularly? You may want to get the best inflatable kayak for a one-day trip or even a weekend camping trip. Perhaps you're into fishing and go on your fisherman escapades often. Or maybe you'll be paddling in flat water or a wave-filled river and therefore need a durable inflatable kayak for your rocky rides.

Your type of water activities will significantly determine the major factors to consider when purchasing an inflatable kayak. For instance, whether calm or turbulent, your choice of water body will determine your kayak's durability. Therefore, you might want to keep this in mind before shopping for the best single-inflatable kayak.

Kayak Build Material/ Durability

When considering quality when purchasing anything, it doesn't have to be a boat. It really comes down to the material the item is made from.

There're numerous choices of fabric that could potentially be used when building inflatable kayaks. A cheap inflatable kayak made from a single layer of material will not offer the same durability as best rated inflatable kayaks with double or more layers of fabric.

In short, the more layers of fabric an inflatable kayak has, the higher its ability to withstand wear and tear.

Two people paddling a tandem kayak

what materials are used to make Inflatable Kayaks?

The most common fabric used to make inflatable kayaks is Hypalon and PVC. However, recently, manufacturers have been using Nitrylon fabric.

  • PVC

PVC is the most used material in making blow up kayaks. Inflatable kayaks made from this material come with many benefits. For starters, they are durable. If you are looking for a top quality inflatable kayak for your boundless expeditions, one made from PVC is what you're searching for.

Most importantly, PVC kayaks are lightweight. The worst nightmare for any watersports lover is transporting a heavy boat from storage to the water. But what if I told you there is an inflatable boat that costs significantly less than a hard shell kayak and weighs much less?

You easily carry PVC kayaks to your recreational paddling destination, making trips to the water a walk in the park.

Other points to keep in mind about PVC inflatable kayaks include the following:

  • They are easy to inflate

  • They are relatively cheap

  • They are resistant to UV Rays and will take a lot to deteriorate in the sunshine

  • Hypalon

If you ask someone what inflatable kayaks are made of, they'll most likely say "rubber." Despite being a great guess, not all inflatable water sports vessels are made from rubber. Even those made from rubber use a particular type of rubber, Hypalon.

Hypalon is the trademark name for a synthetic fibre known as DuPont's chlorosulfonated polyethylene. It is popularly known for its UV resistance and its chemical temperature.

Here is what you need to know about Hypalon inflatable kayaks:

  • They are relatively more expensive than PVC

  • They are solid and durable but not much bendable or flexible and will therefore not pack down compactly like PVC.

  • They offer more UV resistance than PVC

  • They are far heavier than PVC

  • They are much more abrasion resistant than Nitrylon or PVC


Nitrylon is a recent player in inflatable kayak manufacturing. The fabric has mainly been welcomed into the industry following the discovery of PVC's negative environmental impact.

Kayaks made from nitrylon feature the following:

  • Tend to be stronger and more durable than PVC

  • Far heavier than PVC

  • Abrasion resistant


Performance refers to how your kayak paddles depending on how you paddle it. If you're shopping for an inflatable kayak for light use or rather for occasional recreation, then performance might not be a critical factor for you.

However, if you plan to carry take your inflatable kayak for long escapades, you'll definitely need to consider the tracking of the kayak.

How well your inflatable kayak tracks refers to how well your boat steers straight when paddling correctly. The most critical factor in tracking is whether your vessel features a tracking fin of a skeg.

The best inflatable kayaks will come with a detachable solid or inflatable skeg. To improve tracking, you'll attach the removable skeg to the bottom of the kayak to help it maneuver cross currents and crosswinds.


The law of stability in inflatable kayaks is simple; the larger and wider the boat, the more stable it is. However, remember that you compromise speed if you go for much stability. If you want to easily and quickly glide through the water, long and narrow is the way to go.

When thinking about stability in choosing your kayak, consider your purpose for the yak and your level of experience.

For a beginner, stability should be a huge consideration than speed. More importantly, speed is not really important if you purpose your inflatable kayak for light recreation.

Inflation/ deflation

The best quality inflatable kayak makes it easy to inflate and deflate. Most top-quality yaks will feature an airtight valve, ensuring it won't leak out once air goes in.

Moreover, ensure your kayak has multiple inflation air chambers so that if one part of the kayak gets a puncture, the rest will remain inflated. This will also ensure that you stay afloat until you're back at the shore for repair. But as we know, all good things must have a downside. Having multiple air chambers also means you'll have numerous chambers you'll need to inflate before setting out into the water.

Most inflatable kayaks will come with a hand pump. However, if you plan to use your boat regularly, you may want to invest in an electric pump for fast and easy inflation. Otherwise, use the hand or foot pump that came with your kayak if you feel it is sufficient.

A hand pump

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Weight and portability

The main reason the inflatable kayak was invented was due to portability. Hardshell kayaks, as much as they served us a long time and well, were so strenuous to transport, not to mention you had to think of storage.

An inflatable kayak is much easier to transport. However, one inflatable kayak can be more portable than the other because of a few factors:

  • Weight

    The best rated inflatable kayak tends to be heavier than the cheap ones. So when shopping around for a yak, don't necessarily opt for the lightest one. Choose one depending on its weight capacity and your needs.

  • How compact can the kayak pack down to?

    High-quality inflatable kayaks are heavier and, tend to be much bulkier than cheap light ones.

Carry Bag

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You'll want to invest in the best inflatable kayak with a great carry bag with quality handles. Check the quality of the bag's zippers to ensure it doesn't break apart after short use. Additionally, ensure your bag is big enough to carry your deflated kayak, paddle, and adjustable seats. If your kayak doesn't come with a quality carry bag, you can always get yourself one of those high-quality bags.


The fact is, there is no fun without comfort. How will you have fun when sitting in a kayak with lousy positioning? In a true sense, inflatable kayaks are much more comfortable than hard kayaks because of their reduced contact pressure. However, inflatable kayaks also come with levels of comfort. But how will you really know a kayak is comfy without taking it out for a spin?

Fortunately, there are certain things you can look out for to determine the comfortability of a kayak, including:

  • Space - your height will determine how much space you need in a kayak. The taller you are, the more space you need to stretch your legs in your kayak. You need enough room to get your legs in the most comfortable position and have some remaining space to stretch out whenever required. A top rated inflatable kayak might even have footrests.

  • Kayaks with inflatable seats - with hard shell kayaks, you're doomed if you forget to carry your seat. Luckily for inflatable kayaks, they're always packed up somewhere in the bag, so you'll hardly forget it. Ensure your inflatable seats are adjustable with a supportive backrest.


If you're a long-term kayaker going on expeditions regularly, you might want a kayak with enough storage space. Most kayaks come with cargo net-like storage at the front. The storage allows you to keep your personal items, gear, repair kit, fishing gear, or whatever you want to tag along with you during your kayaking trip

"Pro Tip: You can opt to secure your bags on hook points in strategic parts of the kayak to secure your gear to the boat through carabiners."

The Best Inflatable Kayak Overall #1 Editor's Choice: Air Glide Hybrid 285 Single Inflatable Kayak

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If you are looking for the best inflatable kayak brands in Australia, you'll regularly come across the Air Glide Hybrid series. The Air Glide Hybrid 285 single kayak is one of the most stable Air Glide brand inflatable kayaks allowing you to sit back and enjoy your adventure without worrying about tipping over. 

Made from the finest 100 % drop stitch material, these durable and ultra-lightweight kayaks are stiff and reliable. And the best part is that the Air Glide Hybrid brand carries an industry-leading warranty of 3 years!

Weighing just 11 kg, these portable all-round boards are 28.5 cm long and fit one person. They come packaged with one deluxe comfort seat, a double action hand pump, one four-piece kayak paddle, one form footrest, a repair kit, one-all terrain wheeled roller backpack, one double action hand pump and one foam footrest. Besides, they have a nine-inch removable skeg that makes them glide across water easily.

What is the lightest weight inflatable kayak?

The Speedy - 3.4M sit-on-top touring kayak is a light inflatable kayak that weighs just 23 kg. These kayaks have been designed as breathable inflatables. It is a single inflatable kayak with a single-seater seat on top. The inflatable kayak is ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers.

How to Shop for the Best Inflatable Kayak?

Ready to prepare for your kayaking adventure? Grab one of our beautiful collection of kayaks

Hardwearing, stable, and robust inflatable kayaks remain the future of outdoor adventures. Just like the inflatable paddle boards, they offer various travelling opportunities while making the sport more accessible for everyone.  

In the recent past, inflatable kayaks have become popular choices for paddlers thanks to their versatility and portability.

But, with different models in the market, how can you find the best inflatable kayak perfect for your needs? 

Whether you're looking for an inflatable kayak for touring, whitewater paddling, or fishing, there's undoubtedly a kayak that suits you. 

Before we take you through finding the best inflatable kayak, let's look at the two main kayak types available: singles or doubles.

Sit on top(SOT)

Simple to use and versatile! No worry about getting trapped in case your kayak capsizes! 

Sit-on-top inflatable kayaks are very popular. They are designed with a high centre of gravity with a closed cockpit, so your position is on the same as the water level or slightly below it. 

They offer exciting kayaking experiences for kayakers of all ages or levels and are perfect for kayakers looking to build up their skills or challenge their abilities. One significant advantage of this kayak design is comfort. 

Paddlers with limited flexibility, large body designs, or long legs feel confined when paddling on a sit-inside kayak. An open and sit-on-top inflatable kayak makes it easier to board and get off the kayak. Moreover, if you, unfortunately, flip over, there is no need to worry about sinking and filling up.

They are easy to paddle, stable, and fun, making them safe for nervous paddlers, kids, couples, families, and singles alike.  

The downside of sit-on-top kayaks is that you'll get wet while paddling, unlike sitting inside kayaks. 

Sit inside(SIK)

Stay warm, dry and protected from sunlight by the sit inside kayaks

Sit-inside kayaks have an open cockpit, where the paddler sits inside the hull with their position below the water level. They have a lower centre of gravity than sit-on-top kayaks, giving them a higher degree of secondary stability. This enables the paddler to lean the kayak on its side when turning and remain upright when padding in rough environments. 

Moreover, the lower centre of gravity can be narrower, making them much faster and requiring less padding effort. Therefore, if you're planning for expedition paddling or long-range day paddling, the sit-inside kayaks are your best option. 

In addition, their lower profile makes them less affected by wind; the enclosed cockpit provides paddlers with protection from the sun and the waves while paddling. 

The major downside of sitting inside kayaks is that their open cockpit makes the paddler feel confined in the event of a capsize, and they're pretty challenging to reenter after capsizing. 

"Sit-on-top kayaks are best suited for novice paddlers, while sit-inside kayaks are best suited for advanced and intermediate paddlers."

So, how do you find the right inflatable kayak for your needs? Let's find out.

Finding the right kayak depends largely on your kayaking experience and preferences 

Your Budget

Your desire for comfort, quality, and features determines how much you'll pay for your inflatable kayak. 

As with any other item, the more you spend, the better the inflatable kayak you'll get. Regularly, this means a more rigid and solid construction and a durable kayak that performs well. 

While different kayaks work differently, no single kayak does all things better than others. 

You'll need to determine if you want a stable, efficient, or comfortable kayak. 

Body and cockpit size

One of the critical aspects of choosing the best inflatable kayak is the body and cockpit size. If you're short, the body and cockpit size doesn't matter much. However, if you're tall and your kayak size is small, you'll feel confined and uncomfortable.  

We recommend that if you're under 6 inches, use a one-person inflatable kayak. 

However, if you are more than 6 inches tall, choose a 2-person inflatable kayak(tandem). This ensures you have enough storage space for your legs in the cockpit. 

How Many People

Relax, meditate and enjoy the breeze of the sweet waters.

You can go kayaking on your own or with friends or family. You can choose kayaks for 1-3 people depending on your preferences. 


Several kayak manufacturers and designers have recently added exciting features to their kayaks. But do you really need them all?

When buying an inflatable kayak, you need to have a checklist of the key features to ensure you're happy with what you are getting. 

 Materials and Construction Technology

As discussed before, many kayaks are made from PVC. Some kayaks are wrapped in more robust poly-based material for extra protection and durability.

If you are looking for the best inflatable kayak, choose one that uses drop stitch technology. This keeps the weight down and makes the kayak rigid, helping save paddle power and save on storage space.  


You'll need reliable valves to inflate the air chambers efficiently and quickly. There are different valve types and sizes; hence it's essential to ensure you have a suitable pump adapter that perfectly fits the valves of your inflatable kayak.

Some of the most common valve types you may come across include:

  • Boston valves. This type of valve makes inflating and deflating a kayak easy and quick. They come with two ports, one for deflation and the other for inflation. Typically, they are a one-way valve with two caps. 

  • Military valves are spring-loaded push-pin style valves with two settings. In the open position(push pin is down), the air is pumped in and is released as soon as the adapter is released. In a closed position(the push pin is up), the air is pumped in but can not come out. 

  • Twist and pinch valves. As the name suggests, these valves are twisted to let air in and twist back to close off.


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Get yourself a comfortable kayak seat and protect your back

Ideally, you should ensure you choose inflatable kayaks with adjustable and comfortable seats. A comfortable kayak seat significantly impacts a long day of paddling. Adjustable seats allow you to move your lumbar region in a comfortable position. Good back support keeps you safe from back pains after a long day trip. Hard plastic and moulded kayak seats make you uncomfortable.  

Therefore, for pain-free paddling, ensure your seat design is appropriately padded and formed for comfortability.  

 Ergonomic Carrying Handles

Spare Kayak Handle (Hard Plastic)

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All inflatable kayaks need carrying handles to move them around. However, all kayak handles are not made the same. You, therefore, have to look for the handle padding and the design. 

The ergonomic handles should be easy and comfortable to carry and should be on both sides of the kayak. 

Effective Splash Guards

If you want to buy sit-on-top kayaks, it's essential to choose those with front and rear splash guards to minimize the amount of water that goes into the cockpit. Splash guards are effective when paddling on turbulent waters to keep the waves and water splashes from entering your kayak. 

If you want to stay completely dry, you'll need to get a sit-inside kayak with a spray skirt.   

"Paddle on rough waters or open waters with ease"

A spray skirt is a waterproof and flexible skirt that you can pull on your waist and attach to the cockpit opening to the sit-inside kayaks. Ideally, it can keep you 100% dry during winter kayaking or white water kayaking to keep you dry and keep the inside of your kayak relatively warm. 

 Sturdy Carry Bag

A sturdy carry bag makes it easy to transport your inflatable kayak. That's why you should choose an inflatable kayak with a proper carry bag to store a kayak. 

Ensure you choose one with excellent quality and comfortable carrying handles. You may also consider backpack-style straps when carrying them long distances. If the carry bag it's packed with isn't ideal, you can purchase one that suits your preferences and needs. 


Enhance your kayaking experience while adding extra glamour to every stroke you make

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Kayak paddles come in different forms and shapes. When choosing a kayak paddle, there are many factors to consider, including materials, length, shaft, how many pieces it comes in, blade types, and if it has feathering. 

Ideally, a lightweight paddle with large blades will make your paddling experience unforgettable. 

On the lower side, there are aluminum paddles. We, however, discourage paddlers from choosing plastic handles as they have inefficient shapes and don't offer enough rigidity in water. 

There are fibreglass paddles that are lightweight and offer decent rigidity. They are perfect for paddlers searching for solid paddles without breaking the bank. 

On the high end, there are carbon fibre paddles best suited for performance and recreational inflatable kayaks. They are rigid, super light, and comfortable. Once you use them, there's no going back!


While many inflatable kayaks come with pumps, others may not have them and require you to buy them separately.

Your car or bike's pump won't work on your kayak as they lack suitable connectors. Therefore, ensure you have a pump in your kit bag before setting out on your adventure. 

There are three types of pumps hand pumps, foot pumps, and electric pumps. We recommend an electric pump for an inflatable kayak since it's easier to use. 

 Drain Plugs

Drain water from the inner hull of your kayak and stay wet-free

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Drain plugs, also known as scupper holes, allow your kayak to drain water that enters inside the cockpit. Drain plugs are a must-have if you plan to paddle on white water or in ocean waves. Otherwise, you don't. 

 Comfortable Footrests

Footrests make kayaking comfortable on long trips. They support your legs and feet, which is crucial for proper paddling. Many high-quality inflatable kayaks have footrests. 

 Repair Kits

Like the pumps, many inflatable kayaks come with repair kits which include glue, a patch kit, and other repair tools.

While an inflatable kayak can last for more than ten years without repair, it depends on the material it's made of, how you look after it, how often, and where you use it. 

 Skeg Tracking Fin

Usually, inflatable kayaks lack the exact hull shape of the hard shells, so it's essential to attach a removable skeg tracking fin to it. A skeg is a plastic fin attached to the bottom of your kayak to help keep it in a straight line. This helps you control the kayak and increase your paddling efficiency. A removable skeg also helps you handle crosswinds and cross-currents more effectively, thus conserving energy and allowing you to paddle further and longer. 

 Personal Floatation Devices(PFDs)

"Wear a PFD and stay afloat on the water! You'll be glad you did"

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Personal floatation devices remain one of the primary devices needed for all water sports. 

If you have to take one crucial feature from this article, you must have a personal floatation device before going out paddling. 

You don't have to spend much on a PFD; it depends on your comfort, personal preference, and ensuring it's appropriately rated.  

With that said, there are great inflatable kayaking-specific personal floatation devices that won't limit your movement and have pockets for your drink bottles.

Compare Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks Australia 2022 

Get your pet ready for the waters and enjoy the outdoors together

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the perfect kayak that's best suited for you.  

Currently, there is a broad selection of inflatable kayaks available in Australia. They range from expensive models with lots of whistles and bells to cheap designs to fantastic ones for first-timers. 

If you're a novice paddler who wants to test the waters or a seasoned paddling enthusiast looking for a newer model, there's undoubtedly something for you in this list. Here are our best inflatable kayaks reviews in Australia. Be sure to read them all to find the best that suits your needs. Let's go!

  1. Air Glide Hybrid 385 Tandem Inflatable Kayak

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The Air Glide Hybrid 385 tandem inflatable is a vivid inflatable lightweight kayak with outstanding tracking and build quality. Its operating pressure of up to 10PS makes it solid and stable like a hard shell kayak. Made from 100% drop stitch technology and military-grade PVC construction, it has an improved comfort footrest and foot-controlled rudder design for easy maneuverability. 

Moreover, two-side carrying handles allow easier transport by one person. Weighing just 15 kg(33 lbs), this tandem kayak also comes with an adjustable four-point high backseat which offers excellent back support and comfort. 

Its smart and improved bow drainage system allows water drainage through the rear drain plug. When paddling, the detachable 9" skeg keeps the kayak on a straight line.  

The Air glide Hybrid 385 has a molded V Shape underneath its bow and stern made of durable and rigid material for easy paddling, better tracking and incredible speed.

Overall, this inflatable kayak is compact, tough, durable, and lightweight, with excellent stability and incredible maneuverability. Surprisingly, you can transport it on roof racks while still inflated, saving you inflating and deflating time.

  1. Air Glide Advance 385 Inflatable Kayak 

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If you love the Air glide brand but want a more robust kayak, then the Air Glide Advance 385 kayak is worth considering. This brand new 2 in 1 inflatable kayak and SUP is one of the best advancements in water sports technologies thanks to its open and spacious cockpit and clutter-free design. Sounds interesting right?

With several unique features, this durable inflatable kayak gives the perfect kayaking experience of all time. Its bottom floor and side chambers are made of 100 % drop-stitch fabric for excellent strength, abrasion resistance, durability and high-pressure inflation. Moreover, it's remarkably tough and won't scratch or ding like traditional plastic kayaks. 

Because of its excellent performance and capability design, the Air Glide advance 385 is a versatile kayak suitable for lakes, bays, and coastal and inland waterways kayaking! Moreover, it comes in two different color varieties, blue/yellow and black/yellow, each with a maximum weight capacity of 140 kg (310 lbs) and 176 kg(375 lbs), respectively. 

Although it's designed for one person, you can tag your friend along and appreciate the quality of this recreational inflatable kayak and SUP. 

  1. Air Glide Advance 426 Double Inflatable Kayak

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Experience the most rigid, efficient, lightweight drop-stitch inflatable technology with Air Glide Advance 426 double inflatable kayak.  

Besides the drop stick technology used for the sides and the floor, the ends are made of hard plastic moldings. 

Its bow and stern shape give it several essential benefits, including better tracking and efficient paddling. It's no wonder this babe is considered one of the best kayaks.

In addition, it has a unique molded V-shaped form below the bow and stern made of durable and rigid material. Its beautiful design also includes a deep 9" skeg to help slice through waters effortlessly. 

Weighing just 18.8 kg(42 lbs), these ultra-lightweight kayaks boast a maximum carrying capacity of up to 249 kg (550 lbs). If you're planning to buy this kayak, keep in mind that they are suitable for all-round adventures.

  1. Air Glide 385 Single Inflatable Kayak

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Are you looking for an ultra-lightweight kayak designed for all ages? The Air Glide 385 inflatable kayak is one of the most durable and compact kayaks, 50% lighter than its counterpart. It comes as a single-person kayak with a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg.

Featuring a higher operating pressure of up to 10 PSI for floor and side walls, the Air Glide 385 can withstand higher pressures than regular inflatable kayaks. 

Its 94 cm width makes it highly roomy, stable, and perfect for novice kayakers and those who like fishing. Besides, its weight capacity of 200 kg makes it ideal for heavier individuals. 

Air Glide 385 kayak comes with an adjustable 4-point high back seat for comfort, making it a good option for kayakers who want to embark on a kayaking journey while gliding across the ocean or river or lake. 

  1. Air Glide 410 Double Inflatable Kayak


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The Air Glide 410 double inflatable kayak is an ultra-lightweight 2-person kayak with a maximum carrying weight capacity of up to 220 kg. And like the other Air glide inflatable kayak brands, it's tough and durable. It comes with a three-year warranty, unlike other kayak brands in the market.  

Featuring drop stitch technology and 10 PSI air pressure, they are rigid, stable, and abrasion resistant. So you don't have to worry about rubbing against sharp objects in the water.

Its drop-stitch sides give it a narrower design for fast and easy paddling. Besides, the V-shaped molded bow and stern allow it to cut through waves effortlessly, giving you outstanding performance and experience. 

The Air Glide 410 is designed for all ages, and you can use it on lakes, light white waters, and rivers. 

  1. Air Glide 473 Double  Inflatable Kayak

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A blend of tough, lightweight, compact, and excellent tracking!

The air glide 473 double inflatable kayak is a brilliant, recreational longer and heavier version of the Air Glide 410 double inflatable kayak with excellent stability and maneuverability. 

It uses 100% drop stitch technology combined with outer PVC to create a super durable design. The first thing you'll note with this design is that it's definitely an inflatable kayak weighing approximately 20 kg for a tandem boat! Moreover, you can transport it on roof racks while still inflated, saving you time for deflating and inflating, especially if you plan to use it regularly.

The air glide inflatable kayak performs like a hard shell. It's user-friendly and outperforms the traditional inflatable kayak by far. Nonetheless, their massive weight of 250 kgs capacity makes them ideal for two adults, one child of up to 13 years, and one smaller child of up to 7 years. 

  1. KXOne Slider 375 Superlite Single  Inflatable Kayak

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Bay Sports KXOne slider inflatable kayak series is the world's first kayak designed with SELYTECH DS (100% drop stitch) technology featuring Korean manufacturing and German design. 

The KXOne Slider 375 Superlite single inflatable kayak is a high-performance, ultra-lightweight kayak that weighs far less than many popular rigid kayaks. As a single-person kayak, it has a maximum weight capacity of up to 175 kg.

This kayak features high-pressure inflatable panels of up to 8 PSI, making it inherently stiffer. Furthermore, it has thin sides designed with drop-stitch fabric. These two features make it hydrodynamically efficient, allowing you to paddle thorugh water easily and fast. Hence, you go far with the same effort.     

  1. KXOne Slider 410 Superlite Double  Inflatable Kayak

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The KXOne Slider 410 Superlite double inflatable kayak is tough and durable, with excellent stability and maneuverability. It is the recreational shorter version of the KXOne Slider 485 double inflatable kayak. It features a unique V shape underneath the bow and stern, allowing you to maximize speed. They are narrow, and most of their length is submerged in water-this does not, however, mean they are less stable. 

KXOne Slider 410 double inflatable kayak features an open configuration allowing unlimited access to all spaces. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 210 kg, this kayak can comfortably carry two adults or one adult with one child and luggage.  

What's more, it comes with adjustable seats for back comfort, replaceable H3 high-pressure and air-tight valves, and a large detachable skeg to keep it on a straight track. It's universal for all ages, and you can use it on rivers, lakes, estuaries, and light whitewater.

  1. KXOne Slider 485 Superlite Double  Inflatable Kayak

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The KXOne Slider 485 Superlite double inflatable kayak is the longer touring version of the KXOne Slider 410 double inflatable kayak. At just 19.9 kilograms, this two-seater inflatable kayak is one of the lightest and most compact in these kayak reviews. 

Despite its lightweight design, just like its KXOne Slider counterparts, it's made from a durable SELYTECH drop stitch fabric and design, giving it distinctive features over traditional inflatable kayaks. It can accommodate an impressive weight capacity of up to 250 kilograms, comfortably fitting two adults and one child. 

Moreover, like all other Bay Sports inflatable kayaks discussed in this article, this inflatable kayak comes with a pump making it quick and easy to inflate. Its quick-release valves make it easy to deflate. How amazing!  

It comes with adjustable seats and a large detachable skeg. Therefore, you'll sit comfortably and paddle to your dream destination.

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