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Helios HP6 - Triple Action Pump for Inflatable SUP & Kayak

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    Our team highly recommend this product to easily and quickly inflate your inflatable stand up paddle board and inflatable kayakThe pump, with its two compression tubes, is powerful and comfortable, getting your board inflated fast so you can hit the water sooner!


    • In our testing, the Helios triple action pump inflated a SUP board 30% faster than using the regular double-action pump. There was also noticeably less physical exertion, especially as the board got into the higher pressure range (10psi +).
    • 2 Pistons in 2 different diameters ( 70 and 60mm ) so that in the third stage of inflation, the force is 25% less than the old Helios HP5 pump. This means easier inflation, for example to 20 psi needs only needs an exertion of force theoretically of 39 kg, compared to to 53kg with the old Helios HP5.
    • The new improved body material is shock-resistant, and all points of gluing have been eliminated.
    • Seals and anti-sand filter installed for longevity of pump.

    For these good reasons, the Helios HP6 pump is included as standard equipment in all Bay Sports range of inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards (except BasiX Series).

    Key Features
    • Three progressive modes of operation for easier & faster inflation than regular double action hand pumps.
    • Robust design with a dual chamber & stable base.
    • Extra wide handles for a better grip.
    • Built-in 3-20 psi pressure gauge in the handle.
    • Robust hose and silent during inflation.
    This triple-action pump is perfectly suited to all types of Bay Sports inflatable SUP & kayaks.

    Inflation Tips
    1. Stand on level and solid ground
    2. Screw the hose onto the pump
    3. Connect the hose to the SUP (valve raised)
    4. Set to mode 1: double action on 2 chambers (this mode lets you quickly increase the volume to 1-5 psi)
    5. Set to mode 2: single action on 2 chambers (this intermediate mode lets you quickly increase the pressure to 10 psi)
    6. Set to mode 3: single action on 1 chamber (this mode lets you inflate to high pressure up to 20 psi).
    7. Inflate to the recommended pressure of the SUP (usually 15/16psi)
    • Height: 64 cm
    • Width: 34 cm
    • Depth: 11 cm
    • Hose length: approx. 120 cm
    • Weight: 1.9 kg
    • Pressure: Up to 30 PSI
    • Connection: H3
    • Mode 1: Volume in dual action: 7 L
    • Mode 2 Volume in single action 2 chambers: 3.5 L
    • Mode 3: Volume in single action 1 chamber: 1.75 L


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