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Going Travelling and Want A Lightweight Kayak That Packs Away Into A Bag? Read on..

KXone Slider 485 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Drop Stitch Kayak
Amongst the foliage lays a kayak. Not any normal kayak, that is our super lightweight, incredibly rigid inflatable kayak. Made 100% of Drop-Stitch fabric, for ultimate strength and rigidness, this fast kayak is designed for the traveller who demands the lightest of watercraft that packs away into the car neatly.

Paddle our KXone Slider 485 once and you'll wonder why you didn't buy one years ago.It's nimble. It's compact. And it's fast. See below the GPS showing this tandem inflatable kayak reaching over 6km/h! That is quick!

GPS Showing Speed of Slider 485 Inflatable Kayak

Discover the benefits of owning an inflatable kayak that uses advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques on our KXone Slider 485 product page.

Click here to read a Customer Review on the KXone and get your's today!

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