Do Bay Sports products came with a warranty ?

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The following Bay Sports products come with a Warranty. Each item is subject to it's own timeframe and terms and conditions. Please see each product below for Warranty duration:

- Hard Plastic Kayaks - 5 years

- Inflatable Kayaks - 2 years (except 3 years on Air Glide range)

- Inflatable SUPs - 3 years (except 2 years for BasiX Series)

- Canvas Bell Tents - 12 months

- Accessories - 12 months

- You can read the warranty details for all our products here.

How do I make a warranty claim ?

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Please review the Bay Sports Warranty. If you believe that your product is defective within the terms of the Bay Sports Warranty, and you are the original purchaser, please send a detailed description and accompanying photographs/videos where appropriate through to support.baysports.com.au. Once we have received your claim we will be in touch within 2-3 business days with an outcome to your warranty request.

I purchased my Bay Sports gear second hand, is it still covered by warranty ?

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No, unfortunately our Warranty is provided to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Are lost sup fins covered by warranty ?

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A lost fin is not covered by the Warranty.

It is only possible for the fin to become dislodged when coming into contact with a sandbank or similar in reverse. Going into an obstruction when paddling forward causes the fin to be pushed more securely into the fin box.

Straight out of the box, the FCS fin comes with some extra padding strips that can be used for extra security. These generally don't need to be used but are included as an extra precaution.

Are my kayak fixtures and fitting covered by warranty ?

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Bolts and screws and any attachments secured with them are the responsibility of the customer to maintain after purchase. These fittings should be checked regularly as part of an equipment care and maintenance regimen.

Are my canvas bell tent zips covered under warranty ?

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The Warranty does not cover zips after the tent has been pitched for the first time. Please check the zips are functioning correctly prior to your first pitch.

Are my canvas bell tent poles covered under warranty ?

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The Warranty does not cover the poles after the tent has been pitched for the first time. Please check the poles are functioning correctly prior to your first pitch.


What does pre order mean ?

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Pre-order means that we do not currently have your chosen item in stock. We take a limited number of pre-orders for all Bay Sports goods based on upcoming shipments. Due to the high demand for our Kayaks, SUPs and Canvas Bell Tents, they are often sold out before the shipment arrives. If you want to lock in your chosen colour at the current advertised price be sure to pre-order.

When will I receive my pre-order item ?

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The expected due date for all pre-ordered stock is shown on the product page.

Once your pre-ordered item lands in our warehouse we will ship it out to you right away. You will receive tracking information to the email or mobile number you provided during purchase. 

You can review our Shipping Overview for expected delivery times once your gear has been shipped.

Pick Up

How do I pick up my order?

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You can find out how to pick up your Bay Sports order by reviewing our Contact Us Page


Estimated delivery times

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Due our large range of products, delivery times vary. Please see our dedicated Shipping Overview for detailed delivery times to your shipping address

How do I update my delivery address?

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When you have to update your delivery address, please contact us. You can submit a ticket via our support portal: support.baysports.com.au or reply to your order confirmation e-mail. We will confirm with you once we have updated your address. 

What does 'outside of metro' mean ?

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Metro is considered within 75 kms of the major city's CBD. This is worked out using Google Maps. To find out if your address falls within a metro area, type your area's CBD and then your delivery address to calculate the kilometres. 76 kms and further is considered outside of the metro area.

How do I know if my address is 'outisde of metro' ?

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Metro is considered within 75 kms of the capital city's CBD (e.g. Sydney for NSW). This is worked out using Google Maps. To find out if your address falls within a metro area, type your area's CBD and then your delivery address to calculate the kilometres. 76 kms and further is considered outside of the metro area.

What is authority to leave (ATL) ?

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Authority to Leave (ATL) gives the delivery driver permission to leave the parcel at the delivery address without a signature when the parcel is delivered (as long as it’s safe to do so). All orders are ATL unless specified to Bay Sports upon placing your order.

What if I don't want to give authority to leave (ATL) ?

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If you know you will be available to accept your parcel you can specify "Signature on Delivery" at the checkout. If the driver is not able to successfully deliver your parcel, you may incur a "Re-Delivery Fee"

Why am I being charged a re-delivery free ?

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Additional charges known as a "Re-Delivery Fee" may occur if we are not able to deliver your parcel. "Re-Delivery Fees" will be passed on to the customer if a re-delivery or a re-direction is required, or if a depot pick-up is requested after the item has shipped.

How do I track my order ?

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Boxed Items
Once your order has been shipped you will receive tracking information via email and SMS so you can trace your parcel as it makes it's way to you.

Once your order has been dispatched, a member of our delivery team will contact you via email with tracking details for your order. Delivery will be made by our network of Private Couriers. They will be given your contact details so they can give you advanced notice of your imminent delivery (usually the day before), to arrange for a successful delivery. 

Many of our private couriers also have GPS tracking, and a tracking link will be provided in the tracking email if it is available, so you can see as they make their way to you.

Do you ship internationally ?

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We offer worldwide shipping for kayaks. Contact us for further details and a quote (Minimum Order Quantity apply). For inflatable products such as pontoons, inflatable kayaks, and inflatable sups no minimum order quantity applies and we regularly ship these products all over the world. You can also find our SUP's on amazon.com for USA based orders. Any import duties or local taxes are payable by the receiver for goods shipped into another country. Its the purchasers responsibility to check any country duties or taxes that may be payable for the importation of products shipped prior to purchasing. 

Can you ship to a PO BOX ?

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We do not ship to PO Boxes

Are my items insured during transit ?

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All our shipments include insurance for items that are possibly damaged or lost in transit.

Please review our Damaged Items Policy for full Terms and Conditions.

My order status says delivered but I haven't received my goods

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All orders are Authority to Leave (ATL) unless specified to Bay Sports prior to shipment of your order. If the tracking or Proof of Delivery (POD) shows your item has been delivered, your package is no longer covered for loss by the Transit Insurance.

Please review our Non-Delivery Policy for full Terms and Conditions.

My item was damaged on delivery

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It is the receiver's responsibility to check the condition of the package prior to signing the Proof of Delivery (POD). Do not sign the POD if there are visible signs of damage or you think there is a possibility of damage to the item. Alternatively, mark down on the POD that the item has been received damaged, take photos and the drivers/couriers contact details, and contact Bay Sports as soon as possible.

Please review our Damaged Items Policy for full Terms and Conditions.


What does commitment to quality mean ?

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Once the kayak is manufactured, we have quality control procedures in place to ensure we’re 100% satisfied with the final product.

Every single kayak undergoes an 8-point check to ensure an optimal 3.5-4mm wall thickness, a cut off drop tested ensuring durability and no air bubbles, is water balance tested and undergoes a final visual check prior to leaving our warehouse.

If you would like more information on our quality control procedures head to our dedicated Committed to Quality page.

Where are Bay Sports products manufactured ?

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Our manufacturing facilities are located in China. Our facilities are audited onsite by SGS - a professional inspection and verification company. This means they must pass a strict due diligence process including an onsite assessment of the company, review of company documentation and product verification such as certifications.

If you would like more information on our quality control procedures head to our dedicated Committed to Quality page.

Purchasing & Billing

Are your prices inclusive of GST ?

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All prices on our website are inclusive GST and we are able to provide you with an invoice with our company details etc for your tax purposes. Overseas purchases do not need to pay the GST.

Can I pay with EFT ?

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Yes you can. Simply select BANK DEPOSIT on the payment options screen at checkout, which will reveal our Commonwealth Bank of Australia bank details for you to make payment to. You can use your order number or full name as the reference.

Alternatively, if you wish to make payment by Bank Transfer/EFT please email support@baysports.com.au with the following information:

Full Name
Contact Telephone Number
Email Address
Chosen Product
Billing Address
Shipping Address

Can I try before I buy ?

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We understand it can be a little daunting buying online without first seeing it. So we have a 30 day Money Back Policy so you can paddle as much as you like to get a good feel for your new kayak or SUP, and if you’re not 100% in love you’re entitled to a refund. This way it allows you to really test paddle your new kayak or SUP, and if you don't completely love it you have the peace of mind knowing you can return it, no questions asked!

Not having retail outlets is what allows us to offer such low prices everyday, and we have hundreds of positive reviews to assure you we stand by our money back policy.

Please refer to our Returns and Refund Policy for full details

I'm not satisfied with my purchase, can I get a refund ?

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Yes absolutely, Please refer to our Returns and Refund Policy for full details

I'm not satisfied with my purchase, can exchange for something else ?

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Yes absolutely, Please refer to our Returns and Refund Policy for full details

Do you offer interest free finance ?

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Yes, Bay Sports offer interest free payment options with Afterpay, ZipPay and ZipMoney. For information on these payment options please click on the links below:




What is the maximun I can purchade using Afterpay or Zipppay ?

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Customers can spend up to the following with our two buy-now-pay-later providers

Afterpay is available for all purchases on our website up to $600 for new Afterpay customers, or $2,000 for existing Afterpay customers.

For more information please see our full Afterpay info page

ZipPay is available on purchases up to $1,000. For purchases over $1,000 you can use ZipMoney for an interest free period of up to six months

For more information please see our full ZipPay info page

Where can I find my order number ?

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Your order number can be found on your order confirmation, in the subject line and in the top right corner of the body email. Please have your order number to hand when contacting us to enquire about your purchase.

What if I cant find my order number ?

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Don't panic! If you can't find your order number we can look up your order using the details you provide during your purchase.

Im not sure which model to choose

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There are a lot of options out there, and it can be a little overwhelming. If you’re struggling to narrow down the choices, we have developed the perfect tool. Answer a few easy questions to find your ideal kayak or SUP.

Kayak Product Selector

SUP Product Selector

Do you offer wholesale pricing ?

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If you are looking to join the Bay Sports family as a distributor, agent, retailer or buy in bulk of our quality inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards or kayaks, we invite you to enquire your interest via email to sales@baysports.com.au

We open our doors to long-lasting, strong relationships with our resellers and provide you the benefit of accessing our network and buying power, and ability to offer quality kayaks at the most affordable prices in Australia. Please note that wholesale privileges are reserved distributors, wholesalers, agents and retailers, and are not available for private shoppers.

Assembly & Use

Air Glide Rudder System Assembly & Set Up

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This video shows the setup and assembly of the Air Glide Rudder System Kit for Bay Sports Air Glide inflatable kayaks range (2021 model and newer).

How do I inflate my inflatable kayak ?

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Download our Inflatable Kayak User Guide for inflation directions.

How do I deflate my inflatable kayak ?

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Download our Inflatable Kayak User Guide for deflation and packing directions.

Stainless Steel Ladder Assembly for Air Pontoon

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This video is a step-by-step walkthrough showing you how to assemble and attach the stainless steel ladder to an Air Pontoon.

How to attach kayak seat to a SUP board

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1. Start by placing the seat on your paddleboard in the right position.

2. You will see two sets of straps.

3. Two are meant to be attached on the back, two on the front.

4. Attach the back straps to the board.

5. Arrange the seat again and attach the front straps.

6. Adjust everything so you can comfortably sit in your newly fitted seat

How to attach kayak seat

How do I fit my kayak rudder ?

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Download our Kayak User Guide for fitting instructions

Click here to view a video how to setup your SmartTrack Hybrid Foil rudder.

This rudder is fitted to:
- Aquanauta Pro (insert & rotate to secure)
- Expedition Zero, 1, 2 & 3 (split pin to secure)

Which rudder is fitted to my kayak?

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For easy installation, please click here to view which rudder is fitted to your Bay Sports kayak and the method of securing it.

How to setup SmartTrack Hybrid Foil rudder

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Click here to view a video how to setup your SmartTrack Hybrid Foil rudder.

This rudder is fitted to:
- Aquanauta Pro (insert & rotate to secure)
- Expedition Zero, 1, 2 & 3 (split pin to secure)

How to install rudder on a Breeze and Downwind kayak?

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You need to prepare the following materials:

1. Smart Track Flow Kick Up Rudder - Smart Track Kick Up Rudder (including rudder fitting)

2. Rudder rope for Ski Kayak

3. Rudder tube for Ski Kayak

Follow the video guide on the link below.


BigGame Pro 10 Rudder & Stadium Seat Setup Video

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This video shows how to attach the rudder system as well as setting up the stadium seat on the BigGame Pro 10 fishing kayak

How do I assemble my pedal drive system ?

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Electric Pod Motor Installation Instructions (Pedal Pro Fish 3.2m)

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Click here to view the installation instructions for Bay Sports Pedal Pro Fish 3.2m pedal kayak.

How do I inflate my inflatable sup ?

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Download our Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard User Guide for inflation directions.

How do I deflate my inflatable sup ?

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Download our Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard User Guide for inflation directions.

How to replace or tighten valve on inflatable kayak & SUP

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This video shows how you can replace the valve on our inflatable kayaks, Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, and Air Pontoons.

It also shows how to tighten the valve, should there be any air escaping from around the valve, using the provided valve tool in your repair kit.

What gear do I need for kayaking ?

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Your absolute essential accessories are:


We also recommend:

A kayak trolleyBackrest/kayak seat (for sit inside models)Dry bags/other waterproofing accessories

If you are looking for more beginner tips check out Kayaking for Beginners: Top Tips Before you Go.

Can I learn to sup on a Bay Sports ISUP ?

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Absolutely! In fact, inflatable paddleboards are the perfect board for beginners as they are kinder on your body if you fall.

If you are looking for an ideal beginner SUP check out Best Beginner Stand Up Paddle Boards. If you want more paddling advice, we have compiled our top tips in Stand Up Paddle Boarding: the Beginners Guide.

I want to get into kayak fishing but i have never tried it before. How do I get started ?

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Read our dedicated article combining all our advice for kayak fishing beginners. 

Beginner Tips for Kayak Fishing.

Care & Maintenance Troubleshooting

Loose fixtures and fittings

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Bolts and screws and any attachments secured with them are the responsibility of the customer to maintain after purchase. These fittings should be checked before first use as they may have come loose during transport, then also checked regularly as part of an equipment care and maintenance regimen.

What is the maximun pressure I can inflate my inflatable kayak/sup to ?

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Our boards are designed to withstand a lot of pressure, capable of going up to 26psi. For general use you shouldn't need to put more than 16-17 psi into your board. Heavier riders may benefit from pressure closer to 18 psi.

The pressure gauge on my isup/inflatable kayak pump isn't working

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The pressure gauge will not display the pressure until it reaches around 6-7psi. The pin is not accurate, being a manual hand pump, but it gives you a good indication of the pressure once you're above that 6-7 psi mark.

My adjustable paddle won't lock in place

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It is not uncommon for screws to come slightly loose when the paddle is new. Simply tighten the screws and the paddle will lock in place securely.

My k-rack suction cups are coming away from the surface of my car during loading

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Each suction cup on the K-Rack is rated to 35 kg so, between the four cups, they can handle up to 140kgs. The weight of your load should not be causing the suction cups to pull off the vehicle if it is within the maximum load limit. The issue may be that the car and sections cups are not completely clean and dry. Any dirt, dust or debris will cause a breach in the seal and may be causing the suction cup to pull away from the vehicle. A simple alcohol cleansing wipe is a really effective way of making sure your window is fully clean.

My spray skirt is to tight

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New spray skirts can be a little tight or stiff. With a little stretching, you can get your skirt to fit. Firstly soak your skirt in water, being sure to thoroughly soak the entire deck, this will make it easier to get over the cockpit, but you can stretch it dry as well. Place your skirt over the cockpit, if possible, grab a mate to hold the skirt at the back while you pull it forward. If you don't have anyone to assist, step into your skirt as if you were getting ready to go for a paddle. Jump into your kayak and then lean back as you pull the skirt forward over the cockpit.

Once your skirt is stretched over the cockpit, leave it overnight to stretch. You want the skirt to fit snuggly but not be so tight that it would be difficult to remove during a wet exit. You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you reach the desired fit.

My canvas bell tent is leaking

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Cotton can, when new, let some air through and leak around the seams. After the canvas has been wet once this will no longer happen because of the cotton expanding. You don’t have to wait until you’re camping in a downpour to seal these leaks! You can achieve this through a process called seasoning. Seasoning involves thoroughly soaking the tent to allow the thread to expand and seal any small holes created when all the components of your tent were sewn together.

For full directions on seasoning your new tent download our Canvas Bell Tent User Guide-

Can I use my canvas bell tent as semi permanent structure ?

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Our bell tents have been designed for casual camping. If you wish to use your tent for long term glamping, commercial or other semi-peranent purposes be sure to follow a regular maintenance program and re-waterproofing schedule as recommended in our Canvas Bell Tent User Guide.

If the product is being used for professional and/or long term shelter, after 28 days of continuous use the product will no longer be covered by warranty. After 28 days, the tent is classified as a permanent structure and is not being used for its intended purpose (i.e a tent for recreational camping).

How to clean ClearView kayak panel

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As debris can get in between the clear panel and the kayak hull on the ClearView clear bottom kayaks, there is an easy way to clean it. Simply applying a hose nozzle to the perimeter of the panel (from above the kayak) and blasting water will push the debris back down. If there are larger debris, you can unscrew the clear panel by using an allen key, removing the 9 bolts, allowing you to properly rinse and wipe down both the kayak wall and the clear panel. Warm soapy water is best. This takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Transport & Storage

How do I transport a Kayak ?

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There are many things to consider before you navigate transporting your kayak on your car. We have compiled our advice including the type of racks you'll need, different accessories designed to make the process simple and loading directions into a dedicated article: How to Transport a Kayak.

How do I tie a kayak to a roof rack ?

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Before you start, it is always good to be prepared. That way you won’t have to leave your car or kayak unattended while you run off to grab that rope or strap that is still in your garage! Load your kayak evenly, distributing the weight of your kayak across the length of your vehicle. How you fasten your kayak will depend on the type of roof racks you are using. Read specific methods for every roof rack type in our article How to Tie a Kayak to a Roof Rack.

How do I use a kayak trolley ?

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A kayak trolley designed to support your style of kayak will drastically extend the lifespan of your vessel. How to use a trolley varies between models. At Bay Sports we carry kayak cart trolleys to compliment all the kayaks in our range:

Cone Support/Scupper Hole
A scupper hole or cone support style trolley is designed to fit sit-on-top kayaks by inserting arms into the kayak scupper holes. The kayak is held in place by tapered rubber grippers, so you do not need any additional straps to secure it to the trolley.

Cradle Support
A cradle support trolley holds your yak between two arms with the hull resting on a rubber cradle. Like the cone support style above, you do not need to further secure this style of trolley with a strap.

Platform Style
You will need a strap to fix your kayak to this style of trolley but the benefit of a platform-style over a cradle or cone is the ability to transport multiple vessels. You can also use this style of trolley to manoeuvre other craft such as stand up paddleboards, surfboards and small boats.

Read specific methods for every kayak trolley in our article How to Use a Kayak Trolley.

What is the best way to store my inflatable kayak/SUP ?

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The cupboard, the boot of your car, under the bed, your wardrobe…in fact you can literally store your inflatable gear anywhere when it’s deflated. The only thing you really need to consider is making sure it is dry when packing it away as this just ensures a longer lifespan, especially if you’ve been using it in salt water.

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Pre-Orders & Stock Availability

PLEASE NOTE there are extended delays within the Australian freight networks. Please expect delays in receiving your order. These delays are outside of Bay Sports control.

All product availability and pre-order delivery dates are shown on each product page.

PRE-ORDER NOW date is the arrival date to our Sydney warehouse and once your order has been dispatched.

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