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Titan Electric Pump for Inflatable Kayak/SUP with Built-In Battery

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    Lithium Battery-Powered Electric Pump

    • The Titan Electric SUP pump with its built-in rechargeable lithium battery is unlike other products on the market because you can inflate your SUP board anywhere making it fully portable and it takes the stress out of inflating your board either manually or beside your car in a car park.

    • In addition, the car aux adaptor allows you to inflate your board like the conventional electric pumps if you run the battery down whilst out.  

    • To charge the battery use the mains power (AUS 3 pin plug) at home (takes 2-3 hrs). Presets of 12/16/20psi on the LCD display and you can also select any psi from 2-20 psi to auto inflate your board. With auto shut off so no risk of over inflation.  

    How many products will this pump inflate?

    On a full battery charge, the 7500mAh model can can inflate 2 inflatable paddle board to 15 psi (approx 8-10 minutes each) or 2 inflatable kayaks to 8 psi depending on size, pressure, and conditions. The 15000mAh will do twice these numbers. The 15000mAh version is also capable of inflating all of Bay Sports Air Pontoons. 

    Comes with a mains charger and cigarette aux adaptor, two interchangeable washers, and nozzles for SUP boards, and 3 more nozzles for other inflatables (kayaks, airbeds, tents, water toys etc). Weighs 1.5kg.

    For use with Bay Sports Air Glide kayaks, we recommend you use the included red o-ring for the most secure connection to your kayaks valves. 

    Notice: Maximum usage time is 30 minutes. Please do not have the Titan pump plugged into AC power whilst inflating the product. If the battery runs out, you can plug into the cigarette charger port to continue operation.

    • Measuring range: 12PSI/16PSI/20PSI
    • Airflow: 350L/min for high volume, then 70L/min for high pressure
    • Pressure gauge: ±0.5PSI
    • Voltage 12v
    • Power: Voltage 240w
    • Power type: Li-polymer LiPo
    • Battery capacity: 7500mAh or 15000mAh
    • Power supply: Built-In Lithium-Ion battery + 12v Car power + 240V Mains power adaptor
    • Cylinder type: 35mm
    • Noise:85dB
    • Working Temperature: -20~+60°C
    • Included Accessories: Car cigarette charger cable(1m), Hose, Multiple Nozzles for Kayaks & SUP boards (including all Bay Sports models), Airbeds, Tents, Water toys etc, Spare hose washer.
    • Pump size: 9.45" long X 5.9" wide X 3.54" high

    Click here to view the Titan Electric Pump for Inflatable Kayak/SUP with Built-In Battery

    How to set PSI on Titan Electric Pump
    There are presets for 12, 16 and 20 psi, however if you wish to set to any individual value, you can do so by:
    1) Turn on the pump by pressing the power button
    2) Push & hold the + or - button until the display starts blinking
    3) Press the + or - button to increase or decrease the PSI
    4) Once the desired pressure is shown on the screen, wait 3 seconds for the display to stop blinking
    5) Push the power button again and the pump will start automatically inflating until this pressure is reached, and automatically turn off
    Frequently asked questions

    How do I reset/ recalibrate my Titan pump? 

    In order to make the recalibration, make sure the Titan Pump is turned on then press and hold three buttons at the same time (enter factory setting mode) to make it 0 psi.

    Does the pump need to be charged before first use?

    Yes. It comes with a little charge but cannot be charged full due to restrictions for shipping items containing lithium batteries. The cigarette lighter port can power the pump, but will not charge the battery so make sure to charge the pump via AC mains power fully before using it for the first time. 


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