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Air Glide 385 - 3.85M Single Inflatable Kayak

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    NEW 2024 AIR GLIDE 385



    • NEW! Foot controlled rudder system for better manoeuvrability (make sure to add the Air Glide Rudder Kit to your cart along with your kayak)
    • Improved high quality 1680D All-Terrain bag (with rugged wheels)
    • Improved comfort footrest
    • Improved paddle quality with stronger blades and lighter weight.
    • Improved bow drainage system
    • Certified to ISO 6185-1 Type III standards



    Welcome to the brand new Air Glide 385 by Bay Sports, a 100% drop stitch kayak designed here in Manly, Australia. The Air Glide 385 is a brilliant lightweight kayak with excellent tracking, build quality and is Certified to ISO 6185-1 Type III standards. But what makes this inflatable kayak so much more better than the rest? Read on...


    Forget the rest – Air Glide 385 is the superior choice. It is the only inflatable kayak that comes standard with hi-back kayak seats with a booster cushion for superior comfort and support, middle carry handles for convenience, heat-welded seams for optimal build quality, and an optional rudder system for optimum manoeuvrability.

    Designed by kayakers here in Sydney, Australia and backed by a 3 year warranty from Bay Sports, you can trust that Air Glide's quality will last.  Don’t risk it with pop-up inflatable kayak brands that disappear overnight, along with your warranty. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 12-year-strong, 100% Australian owned brand.


    Watch a HD walkthrough video of Air Glide 385

    PLEASE NOTE: This is the older model shown. The new 2024 model is out, with the key improvements:

    • NEW! Foot controlled rudder system for effortless manoeuvrability (optional)
    • Improved high quality 1680D All-Terrain bag (with rugged 3-wheels)
    • Improved comfort footrests
    • Improved paddle quality with stronger blades and shaft.
    • Improved bow drainage system
    • Removed dual-drain valves from in the floor and moved to single drain plug at nose.

    What makes the Air Glide series superior?
    • Advancements in inflatable water sport technologies, in particular drop-stitch manufacturing techniques, have developed in recent times, we are experiencing a fast transition into more practical, lightweight, yet sturdy watercraft.
    • This inflatable Drop Stitch kayak is faster, stiffer and stronger than any conventional air kayak. It can be easily transported in a compact bag. At just 19.9kgs, the material is much lighter than any polyethylene double kayak on the market, whilst the boat shape is narrower and nevertheless provides more space. And with up to 10 psi air pressure, so it is as stable and solid as a hard shell kayak. 
    • The side chambers and bottom floor are made of high-denier (drop stitch) fabric for superior strength, high-pressure inflation, durability, and abrasion resistance in this patent-pending kayak construction. 
    • Moulded V-shaped shape underneath bow and stern made of rigid, durable material for better tracking, easier paddling, and greater speed. 
    • Up to 50% lighter than their traditional counterparts plastic kayak, making for easy transportation to and from the water.
    • Folds up into a compact bag, making great for those living in apartments, or those with little room to store a plastic kayak - you can leave it in the boot of your car or store it away in your cupboard.
    • Remarkably tough and durable, being made from an abrasion resistant material, inflatable kayaks won't ding or scratch like a traditional plastic kayak.
    • Great performance and tracking capability, with huge advancements in the rigid V-hull, including a clever slide-in skeg, makes for a fast kayak that holds a straight line.
    Drop-Stitch vs Normal Inflatable Kayaks?

    You're not alone if you hear inflatable kayak and think the inside is just filled with air. Whilst your average camping air mattress is just that, Drop-Stitch inflatables like our Air Glide range (and also our inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards), contain millions of tough polyester threads that connect the top-to-bottom, and side walls of the kayak. This allows them to be inflated to high-pressures whilst giving them rock-hard rigidity and form.

    The result? Hard shell kayak feel and performance, with easy transportation and storage of an inflatable.

    Drop Stitch Construction Core

    Are inflatable kayaks any good? Are they as good as normal kayaks? Being inflatable, do they bend like pool toys?

    These are questions we have been asked from beginners and expert kayakers alike, as they inquisitively ask about this advancement in kayaking. And for good reason.

    How for so many years did most of us deal with lugging around heavy, polyethylene kayaks, straining our backs and having to worry about: 

    • Where am I going to store my kayak?
    • How light a kayak can I get?
    • What is the easiest way to transport my kayak?

      Key Features 
      • Up to 4x higher operating pressure (up to 10PSI) than regular inflatable kayaks.
      • 2 side carrying handles, allows kayak to be used and transported easily by one person. 
      • Adjustable 4-point high-back seat provides excellent back support and comfort.
      • Smart drainage system allows water to be drained via rear drain plug.
      • Detachable large skeg keeps kayak on a straight track while paddling.
      • The skeg is to be in even when using the optional rudder.
      • Tough, durable, compact, and lightweight, with great manoeuvrability and excellent stability.
      • Surpass the speed of a hard-shell kayak yet enjoy easy portability.
      • Multiple D-rings allow seat adjustments.
      • Replaceable high-pressure valves are reliable and airtight.
      • Unique ultralight, universal design for all ages
      • This Kayak can be transported on roof racks whilst inflated, saving you the time of  inflating and deflating especially if you will be using this regularly. 


        Inflatable Kayaks Comparison Chart

        Click the image below to view full screen

        <img alt="" src="">
        Key Differences Air Glide 385 vs. KXone Slider 375


        1. Whilst both are high build and construction quality, the Air Glide is a better value 100% Drop-Stitch inflatable kayak.
        2. Bay Sports have further developed on the KXone design, adding 4cm extra width, 4cm higher side walls, and 10cm more length to provide greater stability, tracking and better prevent water splashing into the boat.
        3. Option to add foot controlled rudder system for vastly improved manoeuvrability.
        4. We have also added 2 x side carry handles, for effortless carrying by one person. This is a huge benefit other inflatable kayaks lack.
        5. Removable wind deflector and water shield - diverts water to channel off the kayak and back into the water, not in your kayak. 
        6. 3 Year Warranty on Bay Sports Air Glide series, opposed to a 2 Year Warranty on the KXone Slider series.
        Equipment Included
        • 1 x Premium Quality Ballistic-weave nylon carry backpack with 2 x all-terrain wheels and padded shoulder straps.

        • 1  x Double-Valve Bravo

           Hand Pump
        • 1 x Slide-in 9” Skeg
        • 1 x Hi-Back kayak seat (with detachable 10 cm padded booster seat) + Large Velcro storage pouch. 
        • 1 x Premium Foam Footrest
        • 1 x Lightweight Aluminium Paddles (4-piece)
        • 1 x Removable plastic water deflector piece
        • 1 x 2m buckle strap to keep kayak from unravelling for easy packing away
          1 x Quick Repair Kit (with spare PVC patches, valve repair tool and adhesive glue)
        • Printed A5 Setup and User Guide Booklet

        Recommended Extras:

        1. Titan Electric Pump with Built-In Battery  - For quick and easy inflation wherever you go
        2. Add Foot Controlled Rudder System  - For improved tracking in a straight line and better manoeuvrability.

        Want to add an additional Hi-Back Kayak Seat with Booster Cushion?


                      The Air Glide is the ultimate inflatable kayak for use on rivers, light white-water, on lakes and for kayaking for those demanding more than just a traditional inflatable. 

                      Recommended Accessories


                      • L: 3.85mtrs W: 0.77mtrs H: 0.34mtrs
                      • Kayak Weight: 14kgs
                      • Maximum weight capacity: 200kg
                      • Capacity: 1 Adult
                      • Shipping Carton Size: 95 x 55 x 44 cm
                      • PSI for both floor and side walls is 10PSI
                      • Certified to ISO 6185-1 Type III standards


                      Delivery pricing and information 

                      Australia: Free shipping within Australia. Select this option at checkout. Includes tracking and insurance. 


                      Setup and assembly videos 

                      Unboxing the new Air Glide kayak

                      This video shows what's in the box, unpacking and setting up the kayak, inflating and deflating, packing away the kayak.

                      Rudder Kit Set Up and & Assembly Video

                      This video shows the setup and assembly of the Air Glide Rudder System Kit for Bay Sports Air Glide inflatable kayaks range (2021 model and newer).


                      How to use manual hand pump to inflate kayak

                      For easy, fast inflation & time saving - purchase our Hercules Electric Pump with auto-cut off. Inflates your kayak whilst you attach seats, put on sunscreen, park the car etc.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      How small does the kayak fold up?

                      900mm x 400mm x 600mm

                      What is the maximum number of persons who can use it?

                      - 1 adult + 1 child

                      How to attach the carabiner to the Air Glide rudder system?

                      When unrolling the Inflatable kayak, there were some very pronounced creases in the floor. Is this normal?

                      What are black triangle bits and how do I use them? (Air Glide rudder system)

                      How to tighten, repair & replace a valve on an inflatable kayak?

                      What are the two holes near the fin at the bottom of the Air Glide 385 for?

                      User Guide

                      Click here to download the Air Glide Inflatable Kayak User Guide (note not updated to reflect new spring loaded rudder system).


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