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Pedal Power!

Pedal Power!

Fishing, photography, hands free living your kinda thing?

If so, have you ever considered a pedal powered kayak?

Whats the 411?

The original purpose for pedal kayaks being for fishing and hands free enjoyment, they have seen two main manufacturers both from the US- Hobie and Native Watercraft.

Both of these brands have been on the market in Australia for a while but now there are new brands (hello!) with newer improved designs for a fraction of the cost!

Sounds good right?


Pedal Vs Paddle!

  • Speed! It goes faster than paddle powered kayaks
  • The speed gives force that easily surpasses wind and waves
  • Hands free use means you can multi task. Sip a coffee, snap a selfie, cast a line! Do all three at once if you want, because you can! Youre only using your legs!
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats for shorties and tallies
  • A clutter free cockpit also means more room for those catches of the day!!
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Reduced splashing and noise
  • Less physical exertion 

Like most things, with some pro’s theres gotta be some cons. Heres what we think.


  • Foot propulsion maintenance required
  • Not suited for shallow waters
  • Less storage
  • Heavier than paddle kayaks

The key ingredient to the pedal kayak is obviously the pedal system! So whats there to know about them? Our pedal kayaks boast a carefully engineered system that weighs only 7kg and offers both forward and reverse functions!


For a Hobie branded pedal kayak you can look at forking out close to $5000!!  kayaks here have one of the most competitive price points on the market at under $1500 

Do you live rural? REALLY rural? TASMANIA!!? We have you covered with shipping all over Australia from just $129.


Pedal on people! 






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