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Aquanauta XL - 4.2m Single Sit In Kayak

Product image 14.2m-AquanautaXL-Red-(Front-Side-Angle)
Product image 2Aquanauta XL 4.2m sit in kayak infographic side view red
Product image 3Aquanauta XL 4.2m sit in kayak infographic side view
Product image 4Aquanauta XL - 4.2m Single Sit In Kayak
Product image 5BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_redfrontsideview
Product image 6BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_redrearsideview
Product image 7BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_redsideview
Product image 8BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_redtopview
Product image 9BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_whitefrontsideview
Product image 10BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_whiterearsideview
Product image 11BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_whitesideview
Product image 12BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_whitetopview
Product image 13BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_white_bluefrontsideview
Product image 14BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_white_bluerearsideview
Product image 15BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_white_bluesideview
Product image 16BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_white_bluetopview
Product image 17BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellowfrontsideview_
Product image 18BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellowrearsideview_
Product image 19BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellowsideview
Product image 20BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellowtopview_
Product image 21BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellow_redfrontsideview
Product image 22BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellow_redrearsideview
Product image 23BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellow_redsideview
Product image 24BaySportsAquanautaXL4.2mSitinKayak_yellow_redtopview

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Discover a stable sit in kayak that is impressively fast.


Key Features

The Aquanauta XL is the longer version of our best selling Aquanauta 3.3m Sit In kayak. Customer feedback told us people loved the compact nature of the Aquanauta but wanted extra length for an even speedier, flat water kayak that accelerated quickly, could maintain a nice fast glide, is stable but without being enormous and lengthy, typically associated with Sit In type kayaks.

  • Easily capable of 15km+ adventures, our 4.2m Aquanauta XL can reach speeds up to 14 km/h and will be sure to impress you.
  • Beautiful glide and pace on water to give you that true touring kayak speed and feel, thanks to it's V-shaped bow and sleek waterline.
  • Light compact touring kayak for those who desire speed on the water, but prefer a lighter weight kayak body.
  • Perfect for those who seek a balance between speed and stability, thanks to its 4.2 metre length, flat hull design & a low seated centre of gravity
  • With a long waterline and increased rocker, you will be seriously surprised at it's increased efficiency at higher paddling speeds whilst making it capable in an array of water conditions, including coastal kayaking.
Design & Construction
  • It's lightweight and compact design makes it possible for one person to lift up onto their car roof, easy to carry to and from the waters edge.
  • Foot-Controlled rudder system to assist with tracking in a straight line, with pull cord to pull up and let down the rudder in shallow waters.
  • Made from high-grade UV stabilised HDPE material for the Australian conditions.
  • A V-shaped hull with hard chine, and little rocker, easily cuts through water whilst paired with the rudder system provide for excellent tracking.
Build Quality

The build quality is the best in class, with no traces of air bubbles inside the UV stabilised plastic walls, meaning your kayak is superior in durability and won't crack like brittle plastic kayaks prone to air bubbles, due to poor quality control.

Tested to ensure 3.5mm thickness, drop tested to ensure perfect plastic bond, balance tested for optimal stability, and water tested to ensure perfect seals. So rest assured your kayak will last for years to come. 

What's Included 
  • 1 x Lightweight 2-piece paddle
  • 2 x Bow & Stern carrying handles 
  • 1 x Rear Elliptical hatch storage
  • 1 x Front Round hatch storage
  • 1 x In-Built Touring Seat
  • 1 x Foot Controlled Rudder system with footrests
  • Front and Rear bungee cord for attaching dry bags and gear
  • Mould with copper inserts to install compass or swivel fishing rod holder.
Kayak Model Comparison Guide

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5 Year Warranty
5 Year Kayak WarrantyBay Sports are a trusted kayak brand with years of research and development, so assurance of quality is of absolute importance. We are so confident in the build quality that all our kayaks come with a full 5 year warranty & 5 year UV resistance rating. 



 30 Day Money Back Policy 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee on KayaksThere are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our kayaks. Therefore at Bay Sports we paddle what we preach; We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks so long as its returned in ‘as new’ condition.



Length: 4.2m 
Width: 0.67m 
Height: 0.39m
Weight: 29kgs  
Maximum weight capacity: 200kg
Storage Capacity: Rear 80 Litres (47.5 x 26cm), Front 105 Litres (20cm diameter)
Cockpit dimension (lip to lip): 84cm long x 45cm wide

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User Guide

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