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The best inflatable pontoons you can buy in Australia

The best inflatable pontoons you can buy in Australia

Pontoons are awesome. In fact, they're, without a doubt, incredibly fun. They are easily portable, relatively inexpensive, super versatile, and much more durable than basic inflatables. Air pontoon is a must-have accessory for waterway explorers, avid anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. While there are numerous options for water sports accessories, the air pontoon makes the cut, thanks to its innovation and variety. But which one should you buy?

As with anything, it's recommended to go about shopping with your eyes wide open. Numerous air pontoons are offered on the market today, with distinct features and characteristics to suit specific tasks. However, most of these inflatables are designed for fishing; with comfy seats for comfortable long sitting hours, rod holders, and large storage space. Some air pontoons can even accommodate outboard motors or come with oars. So which could be the suitable air pontoon for your needs? We've curated top-rated air pontoons in Australia  you can purchase in 2023.

What is an Air Pontoon?

An air pontoon is a large hollow cylinder, or flat-bottomed structure, filled with air. It adds buoyancy to structures( such as boats, bridges, and other watercraft) and keeps them floating on top of the water.  

At Bay Sports, we've created and innovated our air pontoons to make them unique and make you feel like you're walking on water. Designed in Australia for Australian water lovers, we've designed our air pontoons to withstand high air pressures, making them rigid, solid, and incredibly stable on the water. 

Our air pontoons are super stable, comfortable, and easy to set up and inflate into a floating platform, allowing you to get ready for your recreational adventure. Built to withstand the Australian conditions, Bay Sports air pontoons make an incredible boating platform, an extension of the lounging area, or the perfect spot to relax and indulge in the summer sun.  

Carry them to holiday homes, use them as yoga platforms, float them off the beach, or move a few together to create on-water real estate! The possible uses of our air pontoons are endless at the lakes, local beaches, rivers, or dams. 

Best Air Pontoons by Bay Sports in 2023

  • Bay Sports Air Pontoon 3*2 m

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The 3*2 m Bay Sports air pontoon is a super soft yet durable and stable inflatable weighing 15kg. With a maximum weight capacity of 300kg, this versatile platform can accommodate up to four people. Moreover, it features a volume of 675 liters and a rolled-up size of 200 cm long and 90 cm in diameter.

  • Bay sports Air Pontoon 4*2 M


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The 4*2 m air pontoon features a maximum weight capacity of 1050 kg and a rolled-up size of 1m long and 60 cm in diameter. Furthermore, it weighs 33 kg and holds up to 3200 liters. 

  • Bay Sports Air pontoon 2*2 m

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Bay Sports air pontoon 2*2m can comfortably carry up to 350 kg and supports a volume of 800 liters. It's the smallest in this collection of air pontoons and features a roll-up size of 200 cm long and 90 cm in diameter. Besides, its 15 kg weight makes it easily portable. 

  • Bay Sports Air Pontoon 3*3 M

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Set up your fishing or swimming game with our 3*3 m air pontoon, a 1200 kg maximum weight capacity inflatable, enough to fit up to 15 people. Its comfortable non-slip EVA deck pad allows for comfortable long hours of relaxation. Moreover, It weighs 38 kg, making it convenient for travel.

  • Bay Sports Air Pontoon 4*4

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When rolled up, Bay Sports air pontoon 4*4 m  measures 150cm in length and 55 meters in diameter. And when assembled, it is pretty spacious to attract fly fishers. It weighs 68 kg, can support up to 1500 kg without sacrificing its integrity, and offers several advantages over other standard air pontoons. Its volume capacity of 3200 liters and tensile strength make it perfect for water parties, sunbathing, docking, and swimming.  

  • Wood look Air Pontoon

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Like its name, wood look air pontoon is a super stable water platform made of wood material. It comes in sizes ranging from 2*2 m to 4*4m and can comfortably fit up to 12 individuals. Want to go to a water party with friends and families? Our wood-look air pontoon should be your go-to choice.

Common Top Features for Bay Sports Air Pontoons

  • Bay Sports air pontoons feature a non-slip Eva mat for maximum grip and comfort for hours of adventure and relaxation.

  • They are designed from 100 % high tensile drop stitch technology, making them sturdy and rigid. 

  • Each pontoon offers 4 X heavy-duty stainless steel D-rings on each side so you can attach anything you want to float.  

  • They have high-quality safety air pressure valves for easy deflation and fitted release valves to prevent over inflation. 

  • They feature a 20 cm double wall thickness for maximum stability and durability. 

Accessories to Accompany your Bay Sports Air Pontoons

  • Umbrella

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Bay Sports air pontoon umbrellas suit all air pontoon sizes protecting you from the scorching sun. Our umbrellas weigh 5 or 10 kg and are made from polyester or nylon fabric, respectively. 

  • Stainless steel ladder

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Made from 316 stainless steel material, our 4-step ladders help you board and exit your air pontoon seamlessly. It conforms to the contours of your air pontoon and features non-slip treads for easy boarding. Moreover, it weighs 6.1 kg and has a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg. 

  • Inflatable pillow

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Make yourself more comfortable with the Bay Sports inflatable pillow designed to perfectly fit our Wood Look air pontoons. It's made from PVC and measures 50 cm long and 20 cm wide. This inflatable pillow is ideal for sunbathers looking to stay out on the water for hours.

  • Fender

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Bay Sports air pontoon fenders are made of durable PVC material to offer maximum protection to your vessel. They protect your air pontoon from damage when it collides with other pontoons or boats. They are equipped with an inflation pump and can quickly inflate and deflate to your preferred pressure for different scenarios and needs.

The Takeaway

Air pontoons are perfect waterways accessories for long-haul excursions. Their maneuverability, stability, and power make them ideal for fishing enthusiasts and waterway lovers. These air pontoon models can help you fish comfortably while keeping you safe.  

If you're looking for the best air pontoons you can buy in Australia in 2023, check out our collection. Become the envy of other water enthusiasts on the shore with one of these ultimate water accessories. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the best ride of your life.

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