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Water sports Christmas gift ideas

Water sports Christmas gift ideas

It is that time of the year again. You are probably smelling cinnamon, marshmallows, shortbread and making eggnogs. The city is looking brighter, every building is lighting up a little bit more and tree decorations are beginning. Secret Santa preps have started and you are wondering what you are gifting your loved ones. Well, here’s a detailed guide on water sports gift ideas that will have any enthusiast jumping in their Christmas socks. 

Christmas presents can be an intimate way to connect with your friends, family and acquaintances. All the following recommendations have the potential to make exciting Christmas gifts for water sports enthusiasts. So let's get into useful ideas that will last longer than the holidays.

Gift ideas for surfers

We know you want gift options that they can actually use and enjoy. This is why one sports enthusiast to another, we've got you covered. Surfing is a simple water sport. You do not need much to surf other than your surfboard, a wetsuit, reliable sunnies and high waves.

Here's a list of christmas gifts for surfers:


You should not purchase something that they can get the most use out of. So only get a wetsuit or clothing if you know their size and style preference.


Sunnies for the sea can change the look, the mood and the experience of the surfer. Find the kind that you like and gift away to see a cheer on their face. Just make sure they fit well and look good.

Christmas ideas for kayakers

Each kayaking experience is unique. But, some things such as your gear remain constant. This is why every kayaking enthusiast should own high-quality, reliable kayaking sports gear. Here are a few things that can make an excellent gift for kayakers.

Canoe, Kayak in the mountains

Great gifts for Kayak adventurers:

Mini coolers for beer and drinks

Whether it is a day at the beach or a longer adventure a cooler containing chilled drinks can be a great add-on to the trip. You can gift your loved ones a mini cooler that could fit their kayak for chilled lasting freshness. But, make sure they have enough room for it.

Fishing equipment for the sea

When at sea, fishing is a great option. Kayaks allow you to go deeper into the waters and catch great seafood. Fishing equipment such as a rod, storage box and fish bait can add to the list of things they can do with their kayak.

Tickets to their next adventure

It can be anywhere in the world. But, if you know a spot that they have been waiting to visit and if it is in your budget then it can make a great gift.

Bottle of Wine

Nature enthusiasts love to enjoy their time outdoors with delicacies on special occasions. One thing that is easy to carry on a kayak lasts as long as you need and demands less effort for the gift recipient to use is a bottle of wine. You can gift them their favorite one so that they can enjoy it with a serene ocean view.

Gift ideas for SUP fanatics

Stand Up Paddleboarding is just as exciting as it looks on social media. It is all the rave. But, when getting a gift for a SUP fan it can be hard to tell whether they already own the accessory or not. If you are not sure whether they already have enough gear you can always buy them an add-on or an upgrade to something useful for their next adventure.

Gifts For Stand-Up Paddle Board Fans:

Carry-on bags for their paddle board

A carry on bag can allow them to travel with their paddle board. This will also help them in keeping everything organized and in one place. Choose the best one from the top range of options at Baysports.

Paddle board Accessories

Another thing that can come in handy for paddle board lovers includes travel accessories depending on the type of their board, storage tools and items. There is a wide range of options available check it out here.

Water sports for Christmas

General water sport gift ideas for water sport enthusiasts:

Water proof Jackets

To keep them warm and comfy when at the sea. A water resistant option will help them stay warm and dry when not actively engaging in sports adventures as well. It can be used after a swim as well.

Water proof shoes

Water resistant shoes are great for kayaking, and although using slippers is just as fun, some people prefer shoes. There is a tonne of options to choose from, just go for a plastic mesh or the kind that says it is water proof.

Water resistant watches

You can find amazing water resistant watches in any price range. Just choose the one that matches their style and make sure this is something that will give them a lot of use value.

A Water Purifying bottle for long adventures

A water bottle will help them stay hydrated and purify as much water as they need without having to carry disposable water bottles. This can be a great gift for anyone that loves to stay outdoors.

Basket of goodies

A combination basket containing relevant goodies can be a great choice as well. You can add a Shower Kit, and a beach towel and make a personalised survivor kit for them. Sand does get in everywhere. So a compact cleaning kit can be a very useful gift to last them until next season.

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