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Best Places to Kayak in Sydney

Best Places to Kayak in Sydney

Are you looking for the best spots to go kayaking in Sydney? Sidney is known for its broad open harbors and secluded waterways in abundance. Thus, there is no shortage of sweet places to grab an oar and start your paddle tour.

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in the world. And the many beaches, lush forests, and the sydney harbor offer the perfect picture-square views of the glittering metropolis. 

Ready to hit the open seas? Whether you are a kayaking novice or a pro, here are the most beautiful places to start your Sydney kayaking adventure this summer. Before you head out, check out the kayaking safety guidelines and weather and waterways alerts.  

Explore Rose Bay to Shark Island

A group of people kayaking

Did you know that some of Sydney's best beaches are in the Eastern Suburbs? 

Kayaking from Rosebay and circumnavigating Shark Island takes approximately 1-2 hours.  From Rose bay, you have two options to enjoy your day on the water. On the one hand, you can embrace the shallow and calm waters near the shore, traveling west towards Point Piper or northeast towards Vaucluse. 

On the other hand, you can clench your teeth and move across the deep blue waters to the Island. If you go on weekdays, you'll most likely have the island all to yourself, as tourist numbers are low.

Launching your kayak from Rose bay offers you vintage and fantastic scenery. From private beaches to tiny islands in Sydney harbor, you’ll surely get the best kayaking experience. 

The island is about 3 kilometers from Rose bay and has exceptional facilities for the perfect picnic location. If you wish to explore the island, you'll need to pay the landing fee in advance. 

The views of the Sydney Opera House, Fort Dension, and  Sydney Harbour Bridge are breathtaking from this area of Sydney. 

Discover the Hawkesbury River and Dangar island

bennet's bayI

Have a fantastic full day of adventure from the mighty Hawkesbury river, which flows for 120 km. As you explore the waters of Hawkesbury river, look out for the amazing wildlife that inhabits it while discovering its nocturnal sounds. Grab a single or double kayak and spend a few hours paddling around the Dangar island. 

If you are a Kayak pro, you can explore the beautiful Jerusalem bay, picnic on one of the stunning beaches, and have lunch at the picture square Cottage Point in two hours! Furthermore, you can paddle upstream and camp at a secret beach. 

Paddle out to see the famous penguins in Manly


Manly and Manly Wharf is home to the only mainland breeding colony- the little fairy penguins. 

Paddling in Manly means meeting fairy penguins, exploring the stunning secret beaches of Manly Cove, and admiring the underwater through a transparent kayak. 

Little penguins scavenge for food throughout Sydney’s North Harbour but return to Manly to breed between May and February.  

Transverse the stunning waters of Sydney's North Harbour, take some coffee or snacks and enjoy the calm waters. 

If you are brave enough, swim on one of the unfrequented beaches before heading back home. 

Kayak around the beautiful Pittwater & Scotland Island

Pittwater has the beauty of its counterpart, Sydney's Northern harbor. Located approximately 40 kilometers north of Sydney CBD, Pittwater is known by locals as a natural beauty. It offers a vast stretch of waterways to explore. 

You can begin kayaking at Bayview, Palm Beach to your East, or the Ku-Ring-Gai National park to your west. 

Go kayaking across the dazzling blue waters of Pittwater while learning about the history of the local area. You can also bush walk on the western side, in Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, or swim at the beautiful secluded fascinating beach with calm and crystal clear waters. 

As you paddle to the secret beaches, don't be surprised to see dolphins crossing your way.

Don't forget to shop for the right kayak to paddle around Scotland island and discovering the hidden beaches accessible only by kayak or boat. 

Kayak in the world's oldest national park: Royal National Park

At Bundeena, on the coastline, Sydney paves the way to the Royal national park.  

Want to get away from the bustle and smoke of the city and experience some fresh air? Grab a double kayak and explore the impressive natural wonderland of the National Park. Bordered by striking stretches of sandy swimming beaches, this park is perfectly located for a kayaking adventure. 

Explore the treasures of the magnificent waterway at your own pace, and while at it, get out and go bushwalking or swimming. Discover the fresh-waterholes, eucalypt forests, and overhanging rocks.

If you are lucky enough, you may spot some pelicans on your way. Find a shady and peaceful spot and enjoy your refreshment before you continue. Or, maybe stay in your kayak and adore the beautiful scenery. 

Kayaking in Royal National Park is a rewarding way to enjoy the beauty of Sydney's natural environment.  It's definitely one of the best places to kayak in Sydney. 

Paddle around Port Hacking from Bundeena

Port Hacking is one of Sydney's most beautiful places to go kayaking-it gives you clear and fantastic views of the Royal National Park. Spend all day kayaking around Port Hacking’s clear waters and lazing about on the lovely beaches, or get more daring and paddle up to South West Arm Creek.   

Get single and double kayaks and start discovering Sydney's iconic wilderness. 

As you kayak down Port Hacking, the trees on the banks offer fantastic views, making you forget the close bustling city.  Relax to the gentle splashes of water and the sounds of bellbirds as you kayak downstream.

Whether a beginner or experienced paddler, feel a thousand miles away from the busy world as you traverse the awe-inspiring and tranquil riverways

Paddle around Balmoral Beach

Kayaking at Balmoral Beach

Balmoral is a prime kayaking location thanks to the almost flat, super calm, and transparent waters. It's technically a harbor beach. Hence there are no winds and big waves to contend with. This gives you the perfect conditions for kayaking, whether you are a seasoned paddleboarder or a novice.

Hire a single or double kayak and glide at a leisurely pace on top of the water while gaining a new perspective of Sydney's clearest and calmest harbor beaches. 

With some of the finest white sandy beaches around Balmoral being secluded, they can only be accessed by a vessel and you on your paddleboard. 

Discover the hidden gem of the Woronora River

Woronora River

The Woronora River is a beautiful spot in Sutherland Shire, and you'll love its nature. Located south of Sydney, the 36-kilometer-long the river is essentially in the suburbs and gives incredible pristine natural beauty vibes. 

The  Boatshed Worornora makes a great starting point for your kayak journey.

Grab a Kayak and take in the tranquility of kayaking into the beautiful natural river in the southern highlands. Traverse the deep valleys and calm surroundings perfect for displaying your kayaking skills. 

Appreciate the stunning appearance of the river while you dine at the Boatshed.  As you go down the water's edge, you'll feel far away from home for a weekend getaway. 

Relax and grab your hot coffee from Boatshed as you appreciate the scenic surroundings. 


What makes kayaking in Sydney special?

Sydney is a magnificent city surrounded by water, and if swimming or surfing is not your thing, you can still enjoy your day out without getting wet on tide free waters. 

Moreover, it's blessed with wide open harbors and plenty of secluded waters; hence you can't miss a sweet spot to go kayaking. 

Rent or buy a Kayak, get a pair of oars, and discover the secluded beaches, the winding rivers, and the incredible scenic views the city has to offer.

Kayaking in Sydney is a wonderful way of exploring the scenic waterways and experiencing the most Australian adventure of all time. Sydney has plenty of spots to hit the water, from secluded beaches-which are only accessible by boat or kayak, to dense bushland, to wandering creeks, to deep valleys-you’re spoilt for choice.

Additionally, kayaking in Sydney gives an unforgettable adventure that gets your blood pumping, adrenaline running, and of course, getting to know a completely different side of Sydney. 

Can you kayak anywhere in Sydney?

You can kayak in any of the kayaking spots in Sydney. However, if you’re new to kayaking, you should learn some beginner tips and begin your adventure in more protected areas with calm waters . 

Besides, if you are uncomfortable, you can hire a kayaking guide to help you out. 

Where can I launch my kayak in Sydney Harbour?

The perfect place to launch your kayak in Sydney Harbour is from the many dotted beaches.  A popular spot is on the southside in Rosebay or on the northside in Edwards beach. 

Do you need a license to kayak in NSW?

No. You don't require a boat license to kayak in New South Wales. However, you are in charge of the kayak and are responsible for your safety and that of others on board. 

You'll need to know the general boating rules, navigation regulations, safety equipment, drugs, and alcohol. 

All kayakers must wear approved and correctly fitting lifejackets, keep a proper lookout and stay close to the shoreline.  Read more on the general safety rules of kayaking and boating from NSW’s transport website. 

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