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How to hang lights in a camping tent?

How to hang lights in a camping tent?

So you are worried that it might get a little too dark at the night in the wilderness. That is completely normal to wonder, and there are quite a few things that you can actually do to light up your tent from the inside and outside. In fact, you can choose from a variety of things such as string lights, rope lights, special tent lighting such as pole lights and even christmas lights with solar units if you can not think of something else that you already have.

You can also choose from a variety of options available in the market such as light weight hanging lanterns, solar powered lantern options, all-nighter torches and USB powered options.

How To Hang Lights In A Camping Tent: Best Camping Lighting Ideas

You can light up your tent by adding a string light inside the tent and a few electric or battery operated items on the inside of the tent. For light outside keep a battery torch at hand to get a spot light when needed. A sturdy headlamp with a bottle or hung on a tent pole can also work.

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The Best Hanging Light Options For A Camping Tent

Here are some of the best hanging light options for a camping adventure you are about to embark on. These include interior and exterior options so let's get into it.

Exterior Campsite Lighting

You can use fire as a warm, photogenic light outside the tent but look out for the wind direction, season and whether a fire is allowed at your camp site if doing so. Other ways to add light around your tent is by adding small led candles or floating dinner candles in small fire proof containers if you have enough space for them. This will look good in the pictures and are perfect for a family trip or a romantic getaway. But, always look out for potential fire hazards as you will want to keep your loved ones safe on the trip and not under constant risk. Use candles or a small fire but in the open space, not inside the camp.

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You can use battery operated lights

Keep back up options for various types of light, a small portable emergency light, a twistable lantern and some solar powered lights to be safe.

USB lights and other options

You can use a USB light on a powerbank if you have spare power sources. If not, for a short time and especially for photos you can use an add-on selfie light on a mobile. But, if doing so make sure your mobile does not run out. Glow sticks also offer a light illumination and can be fun to add to your list of options. Although they might not be super bright to see the details in your area.

Solar powered string lights

Solar powered string lights have been all the hype the past couple of years. You can get one for your camp as well. But, if you are planning on a longer trip then make sure you have back up too. Because, many times you will face difficulties in recharging them due to weather or because you are busy having too much fun.

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How To Choose The Right String Light For Your Tent

It depends on what you want out of your string lights to begin with. You can choose string lights that come with small bulb like shapes if you want an artsy look. If you want to keep it simple then fairy lights are a good choice too. You can also add color to your camping experience with funky string lights. The kind you choose will depend on what do you want the whole look of the tent to be like. When choosing your string lights be sure to look out for the size and length. This means that you can simply choose to cover the entrance door or window or the whole tent.

How do you hang string lights when camping?

Use the tent poles to attach the battery operated lights on them. You can hang them using hooks or even safety pins. The easiest way to hang the lights without piercing your camps is using clips made to hang the lights on the tent poles. This will allow you to easily add and remove the lights as needed.

Ideas For Hanging Lights In Your Camp

Lanterns can be hung directly using the attachment they come with. If your lantern is too heavy though and your tent too light weight then avoid hanging the lantern on the tent poles. Rather place it inside the tent at a comfortable spot away from the area your usually lay on or stand on.

You can place a USB reading lamp on a powerbank and hang that on a mobile holder inside your camp as well. This will give you steady light until the powerbank runs out. If you are depending on a single power bank then this is not recommended.

You can place the lights on the floor as well this is very simple and straightforward. But, you will not want to do it on a marshy plain as the lights will get dirty.

You can also use tealights in mason jars to create a lighted pathway. This is helpful if your vehicle is parked nearby and you need to walk to that place over the night. Or if you have a nearby wash room that you may need to go to at night.

If you have a picnic table nearby then you can place the mason jars with water and tea lights on it. But, make sure no cloth or wood items are there that pose a fire hazard. Small precautions can save you from a lot of problems.

To get enough light for pictures, navigation around the tent and to provide light to the entire tent it is essential to have multiple light sources. Many of these will stay on all night or for a long portion of it. You may want to turn the lights in a camping tent off before you sleep. But, still keep a torch handy to use if need be.

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