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Air Glide Advance 385 - 3.85M Single Inflatable Kayak Blue/Yellow

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    Air Glide Advance 385 

    Your 2-in-1 inflatable kayak and SUP.

    (Note: This video shows the Advance 426 tandem, the Air Glide Advance 385 is the same in every way, just the one person version).

    The Air Glide Advance 385 from Bay Sports is a brand new 100% drop-stitch inflatable kayak and SUP, providing you with the versatility to sit down and kayak, or stand up and paddle. This beautiful new design has a tapered V-shaped bow which improves tracking and speed by slicing through the water, further assisted by a deep 9" skeg/fin. It boasts an open and spacious cockpit, giving you the freedom to move around as well as easy entry and exiting of the kayak.

    This clutter-free design also means your four-legged-friend can come along for your water adventures, with the tough PVC floor being resistant to your dogs claws.

    air glide advance single 100% drop stitch inflatable kayak


    Forget the rest – Air Glide Advance Inflatable Kayak is the superior choice. It is the only inflatable kayak that comes standard with hi-back kayak seats with a booster cushion for superior comfort and support, middle carry handles for convenience, heat-welded seams for optimal build quality, and an optional rudder system for optimum manoeuvrability.

    Designed by kayakers here in Sydney, Australia and backed by a 3 year warranty from Bay Sports, you can trust that Air Glide's quality will last.  Don’t risk it with pop-up inflatable kayak brands that disappear overnight, along with your warranty. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 12-year-strong, 100% Australian owned brand.

    Key Features
    • 100% Drop-Stitch Construction - Super rigid floor and side walls makes for a more hard-shell kayak feel whilst providing all the benefits of benefits of being inflatable.
    • Military Grade PVC - Tough, durable construction can withstand time after time inflation, deflation and all-round adventures.
    • Ultra lightweight - Just 15 kgs makes transportation a breeze for all.
    • Super compact & portable - Fits in your vehicles boot, boat or caravan, taking up minimal space when you're not using it.
    • The most stable of kayaks - Sit back, relax and enjoy your paddling without worrying about tipping over.
    • All-Round & Versatile - Perfect for lake, bays, inland waterways and coastal kayaking, this all-round inflatable kayak is an all-in-one kayak package for everyone!
    • Exceptional build quality - High grade PVC combined with experienced manufacturing results in a well made inflatable kayak designed to last.
    • Industry-leading warranty - 3-Years from Bay Sports.

     Air Glide Advance Single Seater drop stitch inflatable kayak

    Who is this kayak suitable for?

    Virtually anyone: At 76 cm wide and a flat hull makes it relatively stable, so great for beginners through to experienced paddlers. It can handle a paddlers weight of up to 130 kgs and still feel stable whilst paddling, thanks to it's flat hull design and straight edge side walls. 

    Does the kayak track in a straight line well?

    Yes: The V-shaped bow combined with the included 9" skeg provides the kayak with excellent ability to track in a straight line. 

    What speeds could you expect in this kayak 

    Up to 8 km/h depending on conditions. The low profile design combined with the V-shaped bow allows this kayak to cut through the water and with two paddlers paddling in sync, you could reach up to 8 km/h in calm conditions. Upgrading to 4-piece full fibreglass kayak paddles will further increase your paddle power, as there is no flex in the blades which translates to increased paddle power with every stroke.

    Tell me more about using it both as a kayak and a stand up paddle board

    Use it normally as you would any sit on top style kayak, or remove the clip on seats and you've got a stand up paddle board. Tried and tested by our staff at Bay Sports, the width of this kayak is as wide as most SUP boards. Further, the side channels on either side of the kayak inner wall are slanted, providing a nice foot rest area to wedge your feet in when you want to power along. The stability of it being used as a kayak is greater than that of a stand up paddle board, however many beginners will still find this suitable to paddle when standing in the middle of the kayak and taking nice long paddle strokes. Note, included is a kayak paddle as standard equipment, so you will need to purchase a SUP paddle if you do not already have one.

    How long does it take to set up?

    Approximately 5 minutes: Using the included hand pump, you can inflate the floor in approx 2.5 minutes, and the top side in about the same time again. Attaching the seats and skeg only takes 30 seconds, and you're set to go! An electric pump will take roughly the same time to inflate, allowing you to free your hands and use this time to attach the seats and the skeg. The built-in battery means you can leave it charged in the roller bag so you can inflate your kayak anywhere and not rely on using 12v power from your car.

    What about deflating and packing it away?

    Deflating it is even faster. Simply open the valves which automatically releases a lot of air. You can then use the hand pump or electric pumps deflate valve to suck the remaining air out of the kayak. Getting all the air out of the kayak makes for much easier packing away, so you can fold the kayak up to its smallest footprint to fit neatly away in the bag (a buckle strap is included to prevent the folded kayak from unravelling)

    Will my dogs claws damage the kayak?

    No: The strength in this kayak being made out of high denier PVC material means your dog can come along for the ride and it's claws won't puncture the floor. And that's great news as dogs LOVE the water.

    Does everything fit easily into the roller bag?

    Yes: The bag was designed to fit the kayak and all accessories without needing to squeeze it in and burst the zip. It is slightly oversized so you can neatly pack each item back into the bag, and zip it up. It'll even fit our Titan Electric pump so you have battery powered inflation no matter where you take your kayak.

    Is this kayak suitable for seniors?

    Yes: It is stable being 76 cm wide so you won't be constantly worrying about maintaining your stability. The open cockpit makes it easy for you getting in and out, and being inflatable there are no hard plastics to hurt yourself on. In terms of weight, it is manageable by oneself, however if you are after the lightest drop-stitch inflatable option, you should checkout the Air Glide Hybrid range

    Whats Included
      • 1 x Deluxe Comfort Kayak Seat
      • 1 x 4-Piece Kayak Paddle
      • 1 x 9" Skeg (fin)
      • 1 x All-Terrain 2-Wheeled Roller Backpack
      • 1 x Repair Kit (PVC patches, adhesive glue and valve replacement tool)
      • 1 x GRI HP2 Double-Valve Hand Pump
    Inflatable Kayaks Comparison Chart

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    Recommended Accessories

    Kayak Dimensions: 385 cm long x 76 cm wide x 35 cm high.

    Maximum Weight Capacity: 140kgs (310 lbs) 

    Max. Paddler Height: 6'2"

    Carton Size: 95 cm x 55 cm x 44 cm

    Kayak Weight: 15 kgs / 33 lbs

    Kayak Material: 100% drop-stitch construction (floor and side walls)

    Deflated and Packed Dimensions: 86cm x 48cm x 28cm

    Total Boxed Weight (including all accessories): 27kgs

    Required PSI to inflate is 8 PSI for the floor and side walls

    Self-Bailing: No (it has a screw drain plug in floor for drainage on land)

    Compatible with Rudder Kit: No

    Total Setup / Inflation time: 5 minutes

    Warranty: 3 Years


    Important Note: The kayaks design is digitally printed onto the PVC material. Please ensure you rinse with fresh water after use, and do not use any cleaning products or rub the kayak dry, as this could lead to fading or altering of the digital print and is not covered under our Returns or Warranty Policy.


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