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What is an Air Lounge?

What is an Air Lounge?

What if you could own an inflatable you can use lounging on water or the poolside? Relaxation has never been any easier since generation alpha. Air lounges are the best way to spend a day of relaxation on the water accompanied by your favourite book, drink, or even a group of friends. The best air loungers allow you to decompress, unwind and chill comfortably both indoors and outdoors.

Inflatable Air Loungers are lightweight and bed-like furniture, thus making them ideal for picnics, camping, and water lounging. They are a must-have water sports equipment for people who love beach outings, water camping, and picnics. Due to its lightweight nature, the inflatable Air Lounge can serve many purposes. Unwind in the comfort of your home, at your favourite beach, by your pool, or out on the patio. You can even float them in your inflatable pool.

The Benefits of Air Loungers

Air loungers is one of the fastest growing modern concepts these days. That’s because they come with a mirage of benefits:

They are Portable

Air Lounges are very portable. They are easy to deflate, fold up, and carry around on your trip or a one-day at the beach. Even when inflated, these inflatables are light and can be carried around.

They are Versatile

Because of their lightweight nature, inflatable Air Lounges can serve many purposes. Take your Air Lounge to the water, be it a lake, reservoir, or ocean. It can make the best floatation device for a relaxation date or flotilla party in the water.

They are easy to clean and maintain

Generally, Air loungers require less effort to maintain. They are so easy to clean cause they dry fast and don't require waxing or polishing. Besides easy cleaning, they also cost less to maintain.

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Air Lounge?

With so much inflatable water equipment in the market today, it’s hard to shop for the right one for your need. Here’s a guide to help you make a wise choice:

  • Size
  • Your choice of inflatable Air Lounge should be large enough to fit you and a couple of your friends while still compact enough to fit in your camping spot, tent, or pool. Typically, most inflatable loungers will be no smaller than a two-seater, but what you need should easily fit at least two adults. Air Lounge by Bay Sports has a floor dimension of 300cm W x 250cm D x 50cm H, enough to fit up to six people.

  • Material

    The best Air Lounge must be practical and made from a strong material that will help prevent punctures and abrasions. Inflatables made from high-grade PVC are strong and puncture-resistant. Some models feature a 2-ply bottom panel that helps prevent abrasions. Our Air Lounges are made from 100% drop-stitch and can be inflated to rock-hard rigidity.

  • Weight Capacity
  • The size of the Air lounge isn’t the only measurement you need to consider when deciding how many people it can accommodate. Weight capacity is a huge consideration too. This measurement specifies how much weight the inflatable can handle before it collapses and is determined by the manufacturer. The Bay Sports Air Lounge has a weight capacity of 550kg, just enough to comfortably seat about six adults.

  • Portability
  • One of the primary reasons for buying inflatables is because they are compact and easy to move around. When shopping, look out for the folded size and the weight of the Air Lounge. If it can fit in your carry-on or backpack, you can easily transport it from place to place. Some models, like the Bay Sports Air Lounge, come with a carry bag that allows convenient transportation.

    Bay Sports Air Lounge and its features

  • Air Lounge By Bay Sports
  • The Air Lounge by Bay Sports is a transformative inflatable on-the-water relaxation lounge. Made from 100% drop stitch, it allows you to inflate to a much higher pressure and makes its structure more rigid than the standard inflatable. Moreover, its drop stitch construction keeps the bottom of the Air Lounge flat during inflation making the inflatable's floor more stable and rigid.

    Weighing 20kg, the Bay Sports Air Lounge is lightweight and easy to manipulate oneself. It’s easy to inflate and pack down. It has a maximum weight capacity of 550kg, enough to accommodate up to 6 adults comfortably.

    With an inflatable tube backrest, this superior Air Lounge provides the perfect lounging experience. Reduce the tension and load on your lower back on the PVC backrest while immersing yourself in the sunshine.

    Finally, the Air Lounge by Bay Sports is a versatile inflatable. It can be used by anyone, from kids to adults. You can take this Air Lounger to a pool, dam, river, lake, harbour, or the beach for a friend or family fun day out. Dangle your feet in the water while enjoying a cold drink you carried in your Bay Sports 25L cooler.

    Accessories to Match Your Bay Sports Air Lounge

  • Bay Sports Air Pontoons
  •  people on an air pontoon floating on water

    One of the best things about Bay Sports Air Lounger is that it is compatible with our air pontoons. It is a lovely addition to your air pontoon since it can be connected to any Bay Sports pontoons for the ultimate on-water experience.

    An air lounge connected to an air pontoon

  • Titan Electric Pump with Battery
  • The Titan Electric pump is a unique must-have piece of equipment for your water sports adventure. Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, this electric air pump allows you to inflate your inflatables, SUP, air pontoons, and kayaks, all whenever and wherever. It takes off the stress of manually inflating your Air Lounge, which usually takes time and effort.

    The 7500mAh model can inflate up to inflatable sups to 15psi or two inflatable kayaks to 8psi, depending on pressure, size, and conditions. Its 15000mAH version can inflate any Bay Sports pontoons or Air Loungers.


    Buy Here

    What’s more, this pump comes with a cigarette aux adaptor so you can enjoy your day out to the fullest. It also comes with nozzles for SUPs and three extra nozzles for other types of inflatables. In short, this is one-for-all equipment for all your inflatables.

    The Takeaway

    Working and taking care of yourself and others can sometimes be daunting. It's crucial to spare time to unwind. For this reason, we’ve brought you the Bay Sports Air Lounge to help you relax and de-stress. This guide is curated to help you make the most out of your day out or camping anytime, anywhere. Find the right product and enjoy a fun lazy day in the water! 

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