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How to make sleeping in a tent more comfortable?

How to make sleeping in a tent more comfortable?

So your camping trip is close by and you want to make sure that the experience is as smooth as possible. If so, then here is how to make sleeping in a tent more comfortable with simple tips and tricks. So let's get into it one by one.

Choosing the Right Campsite

The campsite will influence your experience. This means if your campsite is poorly kept or not clean enough you will have trouble sleeping. Poor cleaning or maintainence practices will result in more blugs, uncomfortable smell, foul overgrowth of fungi or other live parasites and a whole lot of trash around you to distract you from the beauty of nature itself.

A clean and well kept campsite will allow you to enjoy without worrying about hygiene or bugs. Pests can be avoided by following safety precautions as well, but choosing the right location according to the season is a great idea. A 3+ season tent will help you as well throughout seasons with company or without.

Pro Tip: Plan for the Weather

You will get a restful night's sleep if you plan according to the weather. This means you will need a comforter or a sheet for sleeping in a tent in summers. For a restful night's sleep in winter you will need a blanket to cover yourself when it's cool.

A hot water bottle or having hot drinks around you to sip on can keep you warm until you fall asleep. Similarly a cool or frozen icy water bottle can keep you cold at night during the hot summer.

You should also choose a cool place nearby the ocean or the sea for summer camping and a warm or cosy spot where there are no open fire restrictions for the winters. Also, look out for the weather forecast and make sure you don't skip any rain, snow or storm warnings.

How To Sleep Comfortably In A Tent

You should prepare everything in advance. Spray the tent with an insecticide before opening your sleeping bag or laying out your sleep set up. Let the spray air out and kill any pesky bugs before getting in. Once that is done, let the fresh air clear any remaining smell, leave a bug shield on if you have it. You can get in when you do not smell the spray anymore.

Prepare your bed, keep an emergency light, adequate sleeping supplies, a book or your phone nearby and get everything you need from your for sleeping outdoors should be at hand. This also includes anything you may need during the night such as a snack, a drink in thermos, toilet paper or water. If these things are inside your tent they will keep the distractions at bay and minimize the time spent on going out to get them. Especially if your vehicle or storage area is far away. Make sure everything fits from your sleeping pad to the sheets you are using and put on comfortable clothes for a good night's sleep.

Best Things To Sleep On When Camping?

You will need the basics. This means you will need a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, a camp floor liner or sleeping bag liner or sheet and a pillow. The right sleeping pad will be different for everybody. This means that you can sleep on a thin pad and still love it or a thick pad and still hate it. Choose something like this to keep yourself comfy. It all depends on the kind of surface you are used to sleeping on and you should aim to replicate it for your camping adventure.

Air mattress or inflatable sleeping pads are good options for light sleepers who like to have a comfortable night's sleep. There are insulated weather-friendly sleeping pad options too that you can invest in. You can also get ear plugs if the noises from nearby campers or the animals in the wilderness are likely to bother you. It will also protect you from snoring tent mates.

Not all sleeping bags are made equal so be sure to invest in the kind that is right for your body type and preferences. Also, it is a good idea to invest in something more luxurious in terms of sleeping bags because they alone have a lot of influence on your adventure.

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Simple Steps To Stay Warm During Camping In Winters

In order to preserve precious body heat in the winter having a spare layer of clothing such as a onesie made out of a down feathers or a puffer jacket can be helpful as well. You can also practice hot tent camping if you have the right tent for it.

If you do not want to wake up in the middle of the night because you are freezing or sweating then select the layers carefully. You will want the air to be breathable, yet body and head covered. Breathing inside the sleeping bag can cause condensation and if the temprature outside the tent is in negative then you will feel even more cold as the sweat droplets cool down in the sleeping bag around your body and face.

Wear woolen socks to keep your feet warm. A lot of people also use foot heating pads. You can drink a hot tea before bed to keep your body warm. Also make sure you have enough food to keep the body hot from the inside as you lay down. Low food intake will keep your blood pressure low and you will feel more cold as compared to what you will with a fuller stomach.

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Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Sleeping on a cold ground is a good idea if you have a floor cloth or sheet. The camping location is one of the most essential factors that will influence your body temprature. Areas near the water are slightly cooler, having the ocean breeze and placing your tent in its direction will keep it cooler for sure. Make sure to have cotton clothing and a canvas tent to help you stay cool during a summer camping trip.

Find A Comfortable Spot To Set Up Your Tent

You can test shaded spots and open spots. The temperatures will vary in both at many places. The ideal spot will be flat, facing the sun in winters, facing the wind in summers and dry in all seasons. If you camp often then invest in a three season tent, if not then buy a canvas tent to suit your needs. You can also buy a hot tent if it is only a winter thing for you. The right gear helps a lot. The spot should be nearby a bathroom spot and all your other supplies as well.

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Picking the Proper Tent Size

A tent that goes higher up will allow you to keep cool in summers. Room for extra clothing will allow you to add layers as needed inside the camp in winters. A tent suitable for more people will allow you to take your family or friends with you without compromising your sleeping area. Know what you need and pick a proper size. Do not over stuff your camp with a lot of people or more people then it is meant for as this will cramp up the space and make the air stuffier. Nobody likes to lay awake in a camp full of sweaty stench or humidity.

Keep Bugs Off Your Tent​

Grab a mosquito killer or a mesh net to keep the bugs away. If you do not want that then you should slather some mosquito repellent lotion on your body and also the bodies of those accompanying you.

How to Make Your Tent More Comfortable

Your tent should be on a flat ground, if you feel like there is a slope then the chances of sliding downhill are high. That can feel absurdly scary and slippery at night. For a good sleep get a good sleep set up. This includes a sheet or a cover, a pillow, a mattress topper, or an air mattress, a sleeping bag or a mix of everything you find fit. Helpful tips also include that in order to stay warm but not sweat excessively have spare clothes on board. This allows you to remove a layer or replace clothing items at night if needed. Keep a torch at hand so you don't feel alien in your camp, you can also keep a lantern on to lightly lit the whole camp.

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