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Quest 336 ABS Superlite - 3.3m Single Sit-In Touring Kayak

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    The Quest 336 Superlite is a remarkably lightweight and stable kayak, boasting ample carrying capacity for your explorations along local waterways. Crafted from premium-grade Thermoformed ABS/Acrylic and Composite Materials, our ABS thermo kayaks guarantee exceptional quality.

    bay Sports 3.4m ABS superlite sit in touring kayak white

    Ideal for beginner through to intermediate paddlers, this kayak's stable multi-chine hull design ensures excellent stability, while its extended waterline enhances tracking, a remarkable feature for a boat of its size. The generously open cockpit facilitates easy entry and exit, making it particularly well-suited for individuals with limited mobility in their knees and hips.

    ABS thermoformed plastic kayaks exhibit a finish similar to fibreglass models and glide through the water with an unmatched smoothness. Typically weighing 20-30% less than standard polyethylene kayaks, these kayaks are engineered to tackle the rigours of the open ocean, serene lake and river paddling, as well as navigating choppy waters. Ultimately, it's the combination of superior construction and featherlight design that elevates the Quest range of ABS kayaks to highly sought-after status.

    Key Features
    • Recessed deck fittings reduce hang-ups.
    • Built-in keel-like bow and stern helps the Intrigue track well.
    • Wide hull and hard chines provide excellent stability.
    • Rear hatch and bulkhead provide safety and dry storage.
    • Outfitted with grab handles, bungees, flotation in the bow, watertight stern storage, locking foot pedals, moulded seat with adjustable backrest, recessed fittings, drainage slots on the deck, and a paddle-shaft holder to assist with entries and exits.
    • Rigid rear hatch cover with watertight neoprene inner cover
    What is ABS thermoformed plastic?
    • ABS thermoformed plastic kayaks are better than regular polyethylene as the acrylic surface of a thermoformed kayak is harder and more scratch-resistant than polyethylene.
    • These type of kayaks are typically 20-30% lighter than regular polyethylene kayaks.
    • These types of kayaks are easier to repair, lightweight, easy on the eye and are UV resistant.
    • ABS thermoformed are associated with having more "glide" in water making it ideal for longer distance paddlers. 
    Design & Construction
    • Built-in keel-like bow and stern helps the Intrigue track well.
    • Front airbag.
    • Front deck bungee storage.
    • These ABS thermoformed plastic kayaks are lighter than regular polyethylene kayaks making them super popular thanks to their lightweight form. 
    • Wide hull and hard chines provide excellent stability.
    What's Included
    • 1 x Bungee rigging bow and stern 
    • 2 x Retractable handles carry bow and stern
    • 1 x Flex seating system 
    Recommended Accessories 
    5 Year Kayak Warranty

    Bay Sports are a trusted kayak brand with years of research and development, so assurance of quality is of absolute importance. We are so confident in the build quality that all our kayaks come with a full 5 year warranty & 5 year UV resistance rating. 


    30 Day Money Back Policy 
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Kayaks
    There are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our kayaks. Therefore at Bay Sports, we paddle what we preach; We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks so long as its returned in ‘as new’ condition.


    Construction Material: ABS Thermoformed (Cross-Lite)
    Length: 3.36m / 11'
    Width: 0.67m / 26"
    Height (Hull to Front of Cockpit): 0.31m / 12.2”

    Weight: 19 kg / 42 lbs
    Maximum weight capacity: 125 kg / 276 lbs
    Colours available: See above.
    Inner cockpit length: Length 0.85m / 33.5"  X Width 0.43m / 17" 
    Outer cockpit length:  Length 0.94m / 37"  X Width 0.52m / 20.5"
    Leg length from seat backrest to footrest range: 79-113cm

    User Guide


    Click here to download the Bay Sports Kayak User Guide


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