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Pedal Pro Fish - 3.6m Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak MaxDrive 360

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Pedal Drive System

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    3.6m Pedal Pro Fish with MaxDrive 360

    With Dual Drive: Flap or Propeller. 

    Introducing our new range of dual-drive pedal powered kayaks.

    The Pedal Pro Fish 3.6m is our brand new dual drive pedal-powered kayak. Feedback from customers asked for a pedal powered kayak that is unwaveringly stable, decked out with tonnes of useful storage compartments, arms reach access lure and tackle stashes, as well as generous storage areas for all day & overnight adventures. Using your legs to propel your kayak along is far more efficient than using your arms and shoulders, and with many customers having some old injuries or simply age wearing out their arms, shoulders and lower backs, using a pedal drive system to power you on the water becomes the obvious choice.

    Best of both worlds. The hardest decision many keen anglers make is "Do I choose flap or propeller drive?". Well, this brand new pedal kayak has the option to switch between the two! Shallow water fishing? Slot in your flap drive system, with the ability to feather up the flaps near parallel to the hull to protect them. Want the ability to go in forward and reverse? Slot in your propeller drive system, and be in control to hold or manoeuvre to a tight spot, even with a current pulling beneath you.

    Pedal Pro Fish 3.6m pedal kayak Bay Sports apple green camo

    This is the fastest pedal kayak of the entire range. Not only does it pick up speed seriously quick, it absolutely hooks along like nothing else. This is all due to its tapered bow and stern design, similar to that of the Hobie Pro Angler 12, which means less resistance and thus faster pedalling speeds.

    This 3.6m Pedal Pro Fish delivers the best of both worlds. This next generation pedal powered kayak will be sure to impress, backed by Bay Sports 5-year hull warranty. 

    Key Features 
    Pedal Pro Fish - 3.6m Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak MaxDrive 360

    More and more customers are wanting pedal-powered kayaks. Why? Because your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body, so you can cover more distance with less effort compared to paddle power alone. Plus as we age, your lower back, shoulders and neck become sore and problematic, making a paddle kayak alone less desirable for many. 

    This 3.6m Pedal Pro Fish is a beast, the third largest pedal kayak in our range, and was designed to be used for all day fishing kayak or great for just taking out for exploring and exercise. Generous deck space with clever storage compartments from bow to stern, as well as class-leading stability to stand and fish whilst feeling firm on your feet. You can load it up with enough gear for multi-day adventures, and still experience excellent glide on the water thanks to its buoyancy and high load carrying capacity.

    Our pedal drive system is lightweight (just 3.8kgs), sturdy and efficient, allowing you to pedal all day and let your legs do all the work!

     Pedal Pro Fish - 3.6m Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak MaxDrive 360


    Made using UV10 HDPE, the Pedal Pro Fish 3.6m demonstrates our commitment to producing beautiful watercraft that are designed to last, with an nice sheen finish. 

    • Propel yourself effortlessly through the water, with this incredibly quiet flap pedal drive system, that weighs just 3.8kgs!
    • At 88cm wide, it is in the class of ultra stable kayaks, enabling you to cast a line from a standing position and maintain a stable platform when you snag a big one.
    • Generous & roomy cockpit, topped off with our comfortable first-class Stadium seat, this is an anglers dream come true. It even doubles as your comfy camping chair!
    • Flat "V" shaped hull with rugged contour lines, a stunning new design that delivers excellent primary and secondary stability - perfect for all water conditions including offshore.
    • Compared to the other pedal-powered watercraft on the market, this high-quality and well designed pedal kayak from Bay Sports is one the best value pedal kayak on the market.
    • Note: The flap drive is forward direction only (not reverse also). The propeller drive can go in forward and reverse.
    Design & Construction

    Pedal Pro Fish - 3.6m Pedal-Powered Fishing Kayak MaxDrive 360

    • Tried and tested pedal-drive systems which allows for efficient acceleration from a standstill, and with less pedal effort.
    • V-shaped "sweeping flare" bow combined with a flat hull design makes for a stable yet dry ride even in choppy conditions.
    • Built-In transducer mount in the hull, so you can fit your fish finder in the optimal obstruction-free position.
    • An open, clutter-free cockpit as well as a bow-to-stern rail mount system allows you to customise your watercraft to just how you like it. 
    • Deep-grooved hull lines combined with our deep-blade rudder system provide great tracking on the water.
    • The build quality is the best in class, with no traces of air bubbles inside the UV stabilised plastic walls, meaning your kayak is superior in durability and won't crack like brittle plastic kayaks prone to air bubbles.
    • Every single Pedal Pro Fish kayak is tested to ensure 3.5mm thickness, drop tested to ensure perfect plastic bond, balance tested for optimal stability, and water tested to ensure perfect seals. So rest assured your kayak will last for years to come. 
    Luxury Stadium Seat
    • Our luxurious Stadium Seat is an anglers dream come true.
    • Designed with extra width and height so even larger anglers have the comfort and support for an entire day on the water.
    • The unique combination of solar screen mesh suspended over an aluminium frame cushions and supports the back and bottom, while drying quickly thanks to its breathable material.
    • Set on tracks, the luxury Stadium Seat can slide forward or backward allowing you to find the perfect seating position. In addition to offering a better angle for pedalling, the elevated seat gives a better view for sight casting, whilst also alleviating pressure on your lower back.
    Luxury Stadium Seat for Fishing Kayak

    What's Included
    • 1 x Lightweight paddle
    • 1 x Premium Stadium Seat (adjustable forward and back with tilt function)
    • 1 x Flap-Powered Pedal Drive System
    • 1 x Rudder System with Port Side Hand Controlled Operation
    • 4 x Track Rails for Mounting Mobile Phone, GoPro, Railblaza Mounts, Extra Fishing Rods
    • 4 x Trolling flush mounted rod holders
    • 2 x Tackle / Lure easy access compartments within arms reach
    • 1 x Pistol-grip Swivel Fishing Rod Holders (with track rail mounts)
    • 4 x Carry handles
    • 1 x Circular 8" Twist-Lock hatch with inner nylon bag
    • 1 x Trapezoidal front covered storage area for your gear  
    • 12 Litre Rear Storage Well with Bungee Cord for securing your Esky, Crate, Dry Bag, Trolley etc
    • Anti-slip EVA Deck Grip with comfort padding for when you stand up.
    Recommended Accessories
    How to Fit Fish Finder Transducer Kit

    This Flap Pedal Kayak has 4 x fixed rails installed, so you can easily and quickly install a fish finder using the sound and transducer mounts. There is a special recessed area built-in to the hull, made for your transducer to be installed. The transducer arm goes up through the scupper hole to the cockpit, where you can connect it to your fish finder.

    Watch the video below to learn how to install the fish finder yourself in a matter of minutes.

    Installing Garmin Striker fish finder on your fishing kayak:

     Or install it from the track rail on this kayak:

    Click here to buy this kit from RailBlaza

    5 Year Warranty

    5 Year Kayak WarrantyBay Sports are a trusted kayak brand with years of research and development, so assurance of quality is of absolute importance. We are so confident in the build quality that all our kayaks come with a full 5 year kayak hull warranty & 2 year pedal drive warranty. 

    30 Day Money Back Policy 

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee on KayaksThere are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our kayaks. Therefore at Bay Sports we paddle what we preach; We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks so long as it's returned in ‘as new’ condition.


    Length: 3.65m 
    Width: 0.88m 
    Height: 0.33m
    Kayak Weight: 41.8kgs total (38kgs kayak + 3.8kgs pedal drive)
    Maximum load capacity: 220 kgs
    Maximum recommended persons weight: 150kgs
    Suitable for person height: 5'3"-6'6"
    Storage Capacity: Rear storage well 14L 
    Storage Capacity: Front trapezoidal hatch 11.2L (45cm x 35cm x 12cm)
    Built-In Transducer Hull Mount: Outer width 16cm, Inner width 10cm, Outer length 35cm, Inner length 30cm, Depth 8.5 cm
    Flap shaft length: 34cm
    Drainage hole bung size: 40mm
    Legroom length of pedals  from closest to furthest back seating position: 73 - 120cm
    Colours available: See above. Please note: Colours and unique mix may vary due to the process of producing rotomolded kayaks, mixing the powder colours by hand into the cast iron mould.  

    Kayak comparison chart
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    2024 Pedal Fishing Kayaks Comparison Chart


    Assembly and Instruction Guides

    Click here to download the Bay Sports Kayak User Guide

    Click here to download the pedal drive assembly instructions 

    Click here to download the rudder replacement instructions

    Setup Videos

    How to install Stadium Seat

    How to Assemble Pedal Flap Drive 


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