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Where to Buy Inflatable Paddleboards

Where to Buy Inflatable Paddleboards

When looking to invest in a stand up paddleboard (SUP), there are two key considerations – quality and value for money. If you’re unsure where to buy your inflatable paddleboard, let us take you through the benefits of buying quality online.

Looking for how to choose a stand up paddleboard? Check out our dedicated SUP Buying Guide here

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Where is the best place to buy your SUP?

Quality – avoiding ‘deflationary’ value

There are a lot of cheap SUPs out there on the market, and it can be tempting to choose one of these options. But a year or two down the line, you’ll be grateful that you spent more for quality.

Buy cheap, buy twice

Even if you don’t spend much money on your SUP, you still expect it to last longer than a season or two. Some cheap alternatives will not even last that long and could become dangerous if they fail while you’re out on the water.

Once a cheap inflatable SUP starts to fall apart, it isn’t easy to repair 

Once a cheap inflatable SUP starts to fall apart, it also isn’t as easy to repair as a higher-quality board. This is because it either doesn’t make financial sense to do so, or the structure of the board means that it isn’t possible to repair.

Spending more on your board means it will likely maintain its value far better than a cheaper option. With a cheap board comes lower levels of durability, making it harder to sell when you do decide it’s time to upgrade.

If you can afford a new SUP, then buy a new one. You are more likely to make the right choice for you by buying from a specialist, like us.

iSup on the beach

Make the right choice for you by buying from a specialist

Consider your dropstitch

Buyer beware, most SUPs at the lower end of the market use either single or double layer ‘dropstitch’. This refers to how the material forming the top and bottom of your board is connected – creating the shape and structure of the board.

Single-layer dropstitch is light and easy to handle, but produces a flimsy board. The reduced stiffness is the result of being unable to inflate to high enough pressures.

While double-layer dropstitch is more durable and stiffer, it comes with the disadvantage of being much heavier, harder to roll up, and prone to cosmetic marks.

A closer look at the drop-stitch construction

Stick with it

The quality of glue is also important. Many cheaper boards use a double-layered PVC that is hand glued together.

The effects of cheap glue are extensive – as soon as it starts to fail, your SUP won’t stay inflated. Cheap glue tends to peel back in various locations over time – the most common being around the air valve. When your board starts to leak air, there is not an easy fix. 

Additional extras

If you buy a cheap board, it’s likely that the accessories will also be of low quality – if they’re even included in the first place. Like the board, the bag or pump won’t go the distance and you will need to find a replacement, likely sooner rather than later.

Many cheap boards will only come with a pump with a single wide chamber, which doesn’t allow your board to be inflated to high pressure. Bay Sports Helios Triple Action Pump is included as standard equipment in all Bay Sports range of inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (except BasiX Series which still includes the GRI HP2 Double-Action pump). These high-quality pumps are powerful and comfortable, getting your board inflated fast and firm so you can hit the water sooner! 

Bay Sports paddleboards come with all the accessories required to take you to the water, even including a repair kit if disaster does strike!

Bay Sports bundle

High-quality accessories are included with Bay Sports' SUPs

How do we do it differently?

How does Bay Sports make quality paddleboards?

Bay Sports' iSUPs are built using premium PVC and drop-stitch materials, then assembled using Fusion-Tec™ construction. This means that the stiffness of the board isn’t compromised to make them lightweight. The board is then heat-pressed by machine, eliminating human error and ensuring completely water and airtight seams.

The construction ensures that your board will stay in good shape for years to come.

Another important aspect is the glue used to hold the board together. Premium high-grade glue from South Korea is used in Bay Sports boards. This is not only the strongest available but also environmentally friendly. The construction ensures that your board will stay in good shape for years to come.

A peak inside a Bay Sports inflatable SUP

Go online

We understand that it can be a little daunting buying a product without being able to see it first. However, there are several advantages to buying your new SUP online.


Established in 2012 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bay Sports is family owned and run, and a 100% Australian business.

The team are watersports enthusiasts

The team are watersports enthusiasts, obsessed with finding, trying and supplying the best paddleboards in the market.

Each product in our range has been tested on the water and approved by us. This means that we can use our hands-on knowledge to help you find the right board for you.

No intermediaries

By having direct relationships with our manufacturers, we cut out the middleman. This means that we operate with minimal overhead costs – a saving that we pass directly onto you, our customers.

It also allows us direct oversight on the quality of our products.

We cut out the middleman to supply high-quality SUPs without the additional overheads

Convenience and selection

You can’t deny the convenience of browsing and researching your purchase from the comfort of your own home.

While you dream of your next adventure, you can make it a reality by finding the right SUP for you.

You can also read reviews from verified customers

For peace of mind, we have a 30-day Money Back Policy so you can paddle as much as you like to get a good feel for your new SUP. If you’re not 100% in love, you’re entitled to a refund. 

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