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Lightweight Kayaks: Introducing Bay Sports ABS Range

Lightweight Kayaks: Introducing Bay Sports ABS Range

Our new thermoformed ABS kayaks combine the affordability and durability of plastic kayaks with the lighter weight traditionally only found in pricey composite models. 

Up to 30% lighter than regular polyethylene plastic kayaks, our new Quest ABS Thermoformed Kayaks are a must for those who desire a lightweight kayak without forking out for a composite. 

So what is ABS?

Now for the science-y part! 

The science behind ABS Thermoformed Kayaks

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is an impact-resistant engineering thermoplastic. The impact-resistant nature of ABS makes it the ideal material of choice for creating lightweight kayaks, thanks to physical properties such as:

  • High rigidity
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good weldability
  • Good abrasion and strain resistance
  • High stability
  • High surface brightness 

All of this means that our new range of ABS Thermoformed kayaks are lightweight, durable and super shiny. 


Why invest in an ABS kayak?

So now that you are sold on the awesome properties of ABS, how do you know if an ABS Kayak is right for you?

To put it simply, an ABS kayak will give you all the durability of a plastic kayak AND the lightweight, superior performance qualities of a composite.

Whether you are new to kayaking, or a long time paddler you may have heard that composite kayaks are the way to go if you want a kayak that is high-performance and lightweight. So you take that information and hit the market only to find out that composite kayaks come with a whopping price tag. 

Affordable lightweight kayaks
Why invest in an ABS kayak

Then, on top of the thousands of dollars you will fork out for a composite, you discover that these kayaks are fragile and expensive, if not impossible in some circumstances, to repair.

So you revisit the old faithful plastic kayaks only to despair at how heavy they can be, how easily they scratch and how they succumb to UV damage if left in the sun for too long. 

Enter ABS. This material is the ideal solution if you are looking for a kayak with the lightweight and high paddle performance qualities of a composite with the durability of plastic. The acrylic surface of a thermoformed kayak is harder and more scratch-resistant than it’s polyethylene counterpart. 

To put it simply, an ABS kayak will give you all the durability of a plastic kayak AND the lightweight, superior performance qualities of a composite.


Meet the Range

Our new range of super lightweight, ABS Thermoformed Kayaks includes three epic boats to suit any style of paddler.

Whether you are an weekend kayaker, kayak fishing aficionado or a long-distance touring paddler, there is an ABS kayak for you. 


  • Perfect for: Smaller to Medium sized paddlers (5'1 to 6'1")
  • Kayak style: Touring
  • Length: 3.36m / 11'
  • Width: 0.67m / 26"
  • Height (Hull to Front of Cockpit): 0.31m / 12.2”
  • Weight: 19 kg / 42 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 125 kg / 276 lbs



Quest 336 Lightweight Kayak


The Quest 336 Superlite is a super lightweight kayak that's hits the perfect balance between stability and speed. Think stability typically associated with a Sit on Top kayak, but speed expected from a Sit In kayak. For those starting out through to intermediate paddlers, the Quest 336 is not only extremely light, but makes you feel comfortable thanks to its flat and 67cm wide hull. 

Popular with older paddlers due to its compact and ultra lightweight size, loading and unloading this kayak is possible thanks to its ABS thermoformed construction, and impressive 19 kgs weight. Being shorter in length, it is much easier to manage both loading onto a vehicle, and carrying distances to the water.

The Quest 336 is fantastic for beginners and intermediate paddlers. Its stable multi-chine hull design gives great stability and the long waterline provides great tracking despite its shorter length, further assisted by a top-of-the-line SmartTrack Hybrid Foil rudder system. There's good reason it's a bestseller.


  • Perfect for: Smaller to Medium sized paddlers (5'1 to 6'4")
  • Kayak style: Touring
  • Length: 4.85m / 15'9"
  • Width: 0.56m / 22"
  • Height: 0.30m / 11.8"
  • Weight: 20.5 kgs / 45 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 168 kg / 370 lbs
    Quest 485 ABS thermoformed touring kayak
    Quest 485 Lightweight Kayak

    Designed with small to medium sized paddlers in mind, the Quest 485 Superlite features a narrow beam, low deck height, and a featherlight build. The ABS material creates an exceptionally lightweight kayak, perfect for easy transport for paddlers of small to mid-sized stature.

    The Quest 485 Superlite excels in both durability and comfort, offering flexibility tailored to your needs. The premium ComfortFlex seat provides excellent back support for all-day paddling, is adjustable (forward and back), and elevates up and down at the front, so you can find your perfect seating position. 

    This kayak offers stability, generous storage space, and is well-suited for various water conditions, making it an excellent choice for both extended day trips and quick jaunts around the bay, ocean, river or lake. It's poised to become your go-to kayak for years to come.

    Looking for tips on how to transport a kayak? Read our dedicated post.

    The Quest 485 Superlite ticks all the boxes from performance to portability. Featuring a multi-chine hull, it excels in a variety of water conditions, and thrives not only in flat water, but ocean conditions. Pair it with a good fibreglass kayak paddle or carbon fibre paddle and it'll be sure to impress you with its speed and glass-like glide.


    • Perfect for: Small, Medium & Larger sized paddlers (5'2 to 6'7")
    • Kayak style: Touring
    • Length: 5.20m / 17'1"

    • Width: 0.59m / 23.2"

    • Height (Hull to Front of Cockpit): 0.36m / 14"
    • Hull Weight: 21.9 kgs / 50 lbs
    • Maximum weight capacity: 170 kg / 375 lbs


      Quest 520 ABS thermoformed sit in touring kayak
      Quest 520 Lightweight Kayak

       The Quest 520 is the largest single kayak in the ABS range. With an generous width of 0.59m, along with a flat-hull in the mid-section, this will provide good stability for mid-sized paddlers & a guaranteed fit for superior hip control and secure bracing. 

      The cockpit is wide and spacious, making getting in and out of the kayak easy and comfortable, a big benefit any kayaker appreciates. Once seated in the ComfortFlex seat, you'll experience the thick supportive padding for hours out on the water in comfort. The front section of the seat can be adjusted to raise up on an angle, to suit your paddling style and leg angle - a really nice feature.

      A foot-controlled rudder system makes this kayak track well while giving you excellent maneuverability. Bungee rigging bow and stern will keep gear secure above deck, while EPDM hatches (also bow and stern) provide watertight storage for your more delicate gear.

      We recommend a dedicated sit-in kayak trolley to allow you to transport your kayak to the water's edge with ease.

      A dedicated kayak trolley will keep your kayak in tip top shape


      • Perfect for: All-Rounder
      • Kayak style: Fishing and Leisure
      • Length: 3.15m / 10'5"
      • Width: 0.89m / 35"
      • Weight: 23 kg / 50 lbs hull weight or 28 kg / 61 lbs with seat and pedal drive  
      • Maximum weight capacity: 211 kg / 465 lbs 
      Pedal Pro 315 Superlite Kayak
      Pedal Pro 315 Superlite Kayak

      The Pedal Pro 315 Superlite with Impulse Drive is one of the lightest and most affordable propelling kayaks on the market today. The Pedal Pro 315 Superlite propelling system allows for hands free kayaking with the Impulse Pedal Drive System, this is great for when your arms need a break or you need your hands free for fishing. 

      You can switch between forward and backward movement effortlessly. No complicated maintenance needed and it's fully serviceable by the user. The pilot rudder system provides excellent tracking and is easily managed with the side-mounted hand steering lever.

      Whether you're fishing, swimming/snorkelling, or just going for a paddle it can handle almost any activity on the water. Paddlers with longer legs, large body types or paddlers with limited flexibility sometimes feel more comfortable paddling a sit-on-top kayak. The kayak is loaded with features that you'll love. 


      • Perfect for: All-rounder
      • Kayak style: Fishing and Leisure
      • Length: 3.76m / 12'4"
      • Width: 0.87m / 34"
      • Weight: 31 kg / 68 lbs
      • Maximum weight capacity: 220 kg / 485 lbs 
      Pedal Pro 376 Superlite Kayak
      Pedal Pro 376 Superlite Kayak

      If you are looking for a lightweight sit-on-top kayak with a huge capacity, the Pedal Pro 376 is the ideal boat. There is no compromise on capacity with the lighter construction, in fact the opposite is true! The ABS construction provides increased primary and secondary stability meaning you can carry your gear with confidence.


      How to choose your new ABS kayak

      We have created a Kayak Finder to help you choose the perfect kayak for you. Now featuring our ABS Range, our Kayak Finder will help you decide in just a few clicks.

      Kayak selector



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