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AquaRacks Kayak Wall Storage Racks - Sea to Summit

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    AquaRacks Regular

    Aquaracks are the simplest, strongest and most versatile storage rack you can find. Aquaracks can accommodate virtually any paddle craft on the market and allow for storage or display at almost any angle without causing damage. They are a great way to display your kayaks in-store or store your boats in the garage at home.

    AquaRacks SM Compact

    The Aquaracks SM take up HALF the vertical wall space of the original Aquaracks. They are still packed with all the same great features and with a weight capacity of up to 50kg.

    Designed to store or display smaller boats the Aquaracks SMs are perfect for whitewater or play boats, lightweight composites, smaller touring kayaks and rowing shells.


    AquaRacks Regular

    • CAPACITY: 175 lbs / 80 kg

    • DEPTH: 24 in / 60 cm

    • HEIGHT: 26 in / 66 cm

    AquaRacks SM Compact

    • CAPACITY:  110 lbs / 50 kg

    • DEPTH: 20 in / 50 cm

    • HEIGHT: 13 in / 33 cm


    AquaRacks Regular

    • Specially designed padded arms help prevent damage and depressions to the hull and finish
    • Heavy duty closed-cell foam covered with a tough nylon sleeve protects the boat's finish
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
    • Stores large craft up to 175 lbs / 80 kg (for smaller craft, go for the Aquaracks SM)
    • Can be ganged together for storage of multiple craft
    • Allows craft to be stored at multiple angles
    • Complete mounting kit included
    • Lifetime guarantee

    AquaRacks SM Compact

    • Same great features as the Large
    • Use only half the vertical space of the standard Aquaracks
    • Can hold watercraft up to 50kg


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