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Replacement Rubber Kayak Hatch Cover

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    Experience ultimate reliability and protection with Bay Sports' kayak hatch covers. Our hatch covers are crafted from high-quality rubber, ensuring a watertight seal. Designed to withstand the most challenging expedition conditions, these hatch covers deliver unmatched performance and maximum reliability.

    The durable rubber material used in our hatch covers guarantees exceptional longevity, so you can rely on them for countless adventures. Additionally, these covers are fully UV-protected, safeguarding them against sun damage and preserving their integrity over time.

    Perfectly engineered to fit the Bay Sports range of kayaks, our hatch covers provide a secure and snug fit, keeping your gear and belongings safe and dry during your kayaking excursions. With their superior quality and precise design, our hatch covers offer peace of mind and enable you to focus on enjoying your paddling experience.

    Invest in the best protection for your kayak with Bay Sports' premium rubber hatch covers. Don't compromise on reliability when it comes to safeguarding your gear. Choose Bay Sports for top-notch hatch covers that deliver unbeatable performance every time.

    Available Sizes
    • Sealed oval hatch cover Expedition, Dreamer, Angler Pro 4m, Aquanauta & Pro 43x24.5cm

    • Sealed round hatch cover Expedition, Dreamer, Angler Pro 4m, Aquanauta & Pro 25x25cm

    • Sealed oval hatch cover Angler Pro XL 4.3m, Breeze 46.5x27cm

    • Sealed oval hatch cover Dreamer XL 42.3x25cm

    • Sealed oval hatch cover (VK-13) Hug 43x23cm

    • Sealed round hatch cover Aquanauta 2021 Front Hatch 27x27cm

    • Sealed oval hatch cover Aquanauta 2021 Rear Hatch, Aquanauta XL Front and Rear Hatch 53.5x31.8cm

    Measurements are from the inside lip, not the outer.


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