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Rubber Kayak Hatch Cover

Product image 1Oval-Hatch-Cover-(43cm-X-23cm-black)
Product image 2Oval-Hatch-Cover-(43cm-X-23cm-black side)
Product image 3Oval-Hatch-Cover-(43cm-X-23cm-black-bottom)
Product image 4Round-Hatch-Cover for Kayak(25cm-black)
Product image 5Oval-Hatch-Cover-(43cm-X-23cm-grey)
Product image 6Oval-Hatch-Cover-Inner(43cm-X-23cm-grey)
Product image 7Round-Hatch-Cover for Kayak (25cm-black)
Product image 8Oval-Hatch-Cover-Kayak(51cm-X-29cm-black-top)
Product image 9Oval-Hatch-Cover-Kayak(51cm-X-29cm-black-bottom)
Product image 10Oval-Hatch-Cover-Kayak(51cm-X-29cm-black-side)

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Bay Sports range of kayak hatch covers are made from real rubber. These 100% watertight hatch cover solution is created for the most demanding “expedition” use, when the cover is used in aberrant conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential. Its material is extremely durable and long-lived. It is also fully UV-protected. 

These hatch covers fit most Sit In type of kayaks as well as Bay Sports range of Sit In and Expedition Kayaks.

All measurements are taken from the inner lip on the underside of the cover, so measure your kayaks hatch opening from edge to edge to find the right size.

Available Sizes

Hatch 1 - Oval (Grey or Black)

Length: 43 cm (measured from inner lip)
Width: 23 cm (measured from inner lip)
Height: 2.5 cm 
Weight: 660 grams

Suits Models:

  • Dreamer
  • Expedition Zero
  • Expedition 1
  • Expedition 2
  • Hug


Hatch 2 - Round (Black)

Width: 25cm (measured from inner lip)
Height: 2.5cm
Weight: 300 grams

Suits Models:

  • Expedition Zero
  • Expedition 2
  • Hug Mini
  • Aquanauta


Hatch 3 - Large Oval (Black) hatch

Length: 51cm (measured from inner lip)
Width: 29cm (measured from inner lip)
Height: 3.5cm
Weight: 860 grams

Suits Models:

  • Aquanauta
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