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Kayak Footrest and Rail for Rudder System

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    Typically for a Sit In kayak to allow you to connect up a rudder system, so you have foot controlled manoeuvrability of your kayak.

    - Foot control system designed base rod and rotating top pedal.
    - Steering system designed rudder blade and connecting support.
    - Use foot control to achieve the increased efficiency to change direction.
    - Using rudder system along with these foot controls will enhance your manoeuvrability and efficiency turning the kayak.

    Note: there is a Left (L) and a Right (R) version for our Expedition Models and Hug Mini, and a Front and Rear version for our Hug model. The Angler Model and Nero is the same for both sides. Ensure you order the correct model and side. If you want to purchase a pair, add 1 x Left and 1 x Right to your cart, or for the Angler Model and Nero, add two of the same item to your cart.

    You will need nylon cable and screws to connect these up to your rudder system, available from your local hardware store or online retailer, as these are not included.


    Material: Nylon


    • Black for the HUG,NERO and ANGLER models
    • Grey/Blue is for the EXPEDITION models
    • Black and Red is for the Hug Mini


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