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BigGame Pro 10 - 3.1m Fishing Kayak

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    Fully Rigged. Lightweight. Ultimate Comfort.

    (including kayak paddle and luxury stadium seat)


    The BigGame Pro 10 is our brand new 3.1m fishing kayak. This Next Generation design will please even the most demanding anglers. Imagine all-day comfort in our luxurious Stadium Seat with Hi-Lo seating positions. Several enclosed storage solutions. Built-in hull transducer mount. The BigGame Pro 10 is a game changer.

    We've released a 'good-sized' fishing kayak that weighs in at just 25kgs utilising high density polyethene, delivering a feature rich fishing kayak packed into an incredibly lightweight form.

    Feedback from anglers told us they wanted a medium sized kayak, capable of taking in most waters, that was light enough to lift up onto their vehicle roof. 

    Ample storage, cloud-like back support and comfort, track rails to install fish finders plus an inbuilt hull transducer mount makes the BigGame Pro 10 one very well equipped, stable and enjoyable fishing kayak.

    Key Features
    • Clever bait box storage conveniently located either side of your Stadium Seat.
    • At 85cm wide, it is in the class of extra stable kayak, enabling you to stand and cast.
    • Generous & roomy cockpit, topped off with our comfortable first-class
    • Stadium seat with high + low positions, this is an anglers dream come true. It has  two seat positions, high or low, provides extra comfort and stability for anglers all experience. Also holds two tackle boxes on both sides of the seat.
    • Built-in transducer mount in the hull, for unobstructed & easy installation of your transducer.
    • Rectangular storage hatch can be used to install battery (for trolling motor), or to store your gear at arms length.
    • Large 9 L front enclosed storage well allows you to take enough supplies for all day on the water, and keep your gear safe, secure & dry.
    • Wide and flat-hull shape delivers excellent primary stability - perfect for this style of fishing kayak.
    • At just 25 kgs in weight, it is light enough to lift up onto your car roof, and be at your secret fishing spot in no time.
    • Foot-controlled rudder system lets you manoeuvre into the ideal fishing spot with ease, even in narrow bodies of water.


    Made from our same high quality UV10 premium rotomolded plastic construction and backed by Bay Sports 5-year warranty, you'll be sure to enjoy years of fishing on the water.

    Design & Construction
    • An open, clutter-free cockpit as well as rail mount system allows you to customise your watercraft to just how you like it. 
    • Scupper hole in front storage hatch is perfect for mounting a transducer for your fish finder.
    • The build quality is the best in class, with no traces of air bubbles inside the UV10 stabilised plastic walls, meaning your kayak is superior in durability and won't crack like brittle plastic kayaks prone to air bubbles.
    • Every single kayak is tested to ensure 3.5mm thickness, drop tested to ensure perfect plastic bond, balance tested for optimal stability, and water tested to ensure perfect seals. So rest assured your kayak will last for years to come. 
    Luxury Stadium Seat
    • Our luxurious Stadium Seat is an anglers dream come true.
    • Designed with extra width and height so even larger anglers have the comfort and support for an entire day on the water.
    • Equipped with two seat positions, high or low, provides extra comfort and stability for anglers all experience. Also holds two tackle boxes on both sides of the seat.
    • The unique combination of solar screen mesh suspended over an aluminium frame cushions and supports the back and bottom, while drying quickly thanks to its breathable material.
    • In addition to offering a better angle for paddling, the elevated seat gives a better view for sight casting, whilst also alleviating pressure on your lower back.
    Stadium Aluminium Seat for Fishing Kayak 

    What's Included
    • 1 x Lightweight 2-piece paddle
    • 1 x Aluminum Stadium Seat
    • 1 x Smart Foot Controlled Rudder System
    • 2 x Track Rails for Mounting GoPro, Railblaza Mounts, Extra Fishing Rods
    • 2 x 360 degree pistol grip fishing rod holders 
    • 2 x Trolling Rod Holder inserts behind seat
    • 2 x Moulded-In Carry handles + 2 Side Carry Handles
    • 1 x Built in Bungee Cord Paddle-Saver
    • 1 x 12L Front storage hatch with Bungee Cord to stash extra gear.
    • 1 x 9.5L rectangular hatch console conveniently behind seat
      Recommended Accessories
      How to Fit Fish Finder Transducer Kit

      Our BigGame Pro 10 Kayak has an inbuilt transducer in the hull for you to install your fish finder. Simply remove the plastic cover, and install your fish finder via the scupper hole. Most fish finders will fit including Lowrance and Garmin units  

      Alternatively you can easily and quickly install a fish finder using the sound and transducer mounts via the 2 x track rails pre-installed on your kayak. Watch the video below to learn how to install the fish finder yourself in a matter of minutes.

      Click here to buy this kit from RailBlaza

      5 Year Warranty

      5 Year Kayak WarrantyBay Sports are a trusted kayak brand with years of research and development, so assurance of quality is of absolute importance. We are so confident in the build quality that all our kayaks come with a full 5 year kayak hull warranty. 

      30 Day Money Back Policy 

      30 Day Money Back Guarantee on KayaksThere are few kayaks on the market that can match the quality of our kayaks. Therefore at Bay Sports we paddle what we preach; We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our kayaks so long as it's returned in ‘as new’ condition.


      Length: 3.1m 
      Width: 0.85m 
      Height: 0.36m
      Kayak Weight: 25kgs
      Maximum weight capacity: 180kgs
      Storage Capacity: Front Storage Hatch: 12 L (34.3 x 40cm)
      Storage Capacity: Rear Storage Well Capacity: 19 L (50.5 x 49cm)
      Storage Capacity: Rectangular Storage Hatch Capacity: 9.5 L (31.5 x 21.3cm)
      Drainage hole bung size: 41mm
      Colours available: See above. Please note: Colours and unique mix may vary due to the process of producing rotomolded kayaks, mixing the powder colours by hand into the cast iron mould.
      Length from back of seat to further forward footrest position is 125 cm

      Fishing Kayak comparison chart
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      2024 Pedal Fishing Kayaks Comparison Chart
      Rudder and Stadium Seat Setup

      User Guide

      Click here to download the Bay Sports Kayak User Guide


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