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3-Piece Fibreglass Shaft / Nylon Blade SUP Paddle

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    Want more paddle power and less flex in your SUP paddle? Experience the cloud-like comfort of our fibreglass/nylon blend lightweight SUP paddle from Bay Sports. With a full fibreglass shaft & nylon blade construction, this SUP paddle provides less flex than a cheapie SUP paddle often included with many Stand Up Paddle boards, giving you more paddle power with every stroke. 

    This paddle has a grippy T-handle and made by an experienced paddle manufacturer to meet Bay Sports high standards.

    Design and Construction
    • Made for those who want a better paddle than your stock standard SUP paddle, to reduce the fatigue on your arms and shoulders whilst out paddling.This Fibreglass Shaft / Nylon Blade SUP paddle has a premium feel and gives you increased pulling power through the water.
    • Unlike cheap plastic blade paddles, which lose paddle power via blade flex, these nylon blades have less flex, giving you that extra power with every stroke.
    • The adjustable length allows this paddle to extend 10cm, from 2.15m up to 2.25m.
    • One-Step moulding technology
    • Highly recommended for our inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards.
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    Blade material: Nylon 

    Blade Angle: 12 degrees

    Blade Size: 42.5cm (h) x 20cm (w)

    Shaft material: Fibreglass

    Paddle Weight: 980 grams +/-30g

    Surface Area: 56.4cm2


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