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2-Piece Fibreglass Kayak Paddle (Adjustable)

Product image 12-Piece Adjustable Cheap Fibreglass Kayak Paddle
Product image 2Bay Sports Fibreglass 2-piece adjustable clip handle
Product image 3Bay Sports Fibreglass 2-piece adjustable offset blade

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Design and Construction

  • This fibreglass paddle is lightweight and strong, for maximum pulling power through the water.
  • Unlike plastic blade paddles, which lose paddle power from blade flex, these fibreglass blades have minimal flex, giving you that extra power with every stroke.
  • Our design includes a offset angle guide, allowing you to set the paddle to the perfect angle that suits your paddling style. The adjustable length allows this paddle to extend 10cm, from 2.15m up to 2.25m.
It comes in a padded, durable casing with carry handle, for protection and easy transportation.


Blade material: Fibreglass mix with Carbon

Shaft material: Fibreglass

Paddle Weight: 850 grams +/-50g

Offset Angles: 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°

Blade Size: 47.5 x 18 cm


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