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What is the most comfortable kayak seat to sit in

What is the most comfortable kayak seat to sit in

First things first: which one is better sit-in vs sitting on top kayaks? The answer to this is dependent on your needs and your kayaking expertise. If you are starting off then this small comparison will help.

Sit on top kayak

Sit-on-top kayaks are designed for stability in their width, and so are great for anglers and others who value stability over performance. The sit-on-top options are propped up and they are wider as compared to sit-in kayaks.

Sit in kayak

Sit-in kayaks have something called edge stability, which means you can roll them onto their edge and they'll stay there. Sit-in kayaks have been known to offer improved lumbar support, they also accommodate tall paddlers better and give you comfortable leg room. Beginners usually start with sit-in kayaks because they offer better performance and ease of use.

Types of Kayaks

The types of kayaks are also categorized by different features or different uses. Some kayaks are optimized for one type of adventure. The rest are more geared towards the comfort of the paddler. Some kayaks come with paddles, others offer pedal power, and some have motors that do the job for you. It all comes down to why you are choosing your kayak and where you plan to take it.

Inflatable Kayak Seats

Some kayaks come with inflatable seats that can be inflated and deflated within minutes. These seats are more comfortable as they puff up and give you the comfort of a seat pad or padded cushions. An ideal kayak will give you a wide range of motion and space to move around in it.

Inflatable kayaks

Although not as fast as traditional kayaks that have hard hulls, inflatable kayaks are a lot more portable and lightweight, making them ideal for holidays and travel. Most inflatable kayaks also perform exceptionally well in the water and are great for recreational kayaking. The better ones can also be used for touring. These are also lightweight kayaks that allow you to float on top of the water with ease.

Fishing Kayaks

They're generally more stable; many allow you to stand up in them, which is a nice feature when you're casting or reeling in big fish. Fishing kayaks have additional accessories such as rails or fishing rod holders, additional storage, space for fishing gear, bungee cords and compartments. The additional storage factor is super essential to help you store your fishing equipment, catch and even snacks for the kayak fishing trip.

Recreational kayak options

Recreational kayaks are built for adventures and fun. If you are into kayaking just for sightseeing and exploring then you can invest in one of these. They offer space for snacks, coolers and even jukeboxes or speakers. Although you can add these to any other spacious kayaks they are optimized for one thing only and that is kayaking. Just remember to choose a kayak based on its features and your instincts.

Ocean Kayak Options

If you like paddling along the bay or into the ocean then you will need a heavy-duty ocean kayak. These take the experience beyond lakes and shallow rivers, with these kayaks you get better stability, even when the tides roll in. You can paddle in the ocean surf with such a touring kayak as it will have a stronger hull and offer greater agility. Ocean kayak comfort has to match the long nature of the adventure. So when looking into these make sure to put comfort first.

Sea Kayaks

You need a stable kayak in deep water. Touring or sea kayaks are heavy-duty too, much like ocean kayaks. They offer comfort that allows you to enjoy them for longer trips. A good sea kayak will allow you to navigate the deep water with ease, the kayak's hull is stronger and optimized for use on deeper seas. Other kayaks such as recreational ones may not offer the same strength and resistance in the water.

Best Kayak Seat Reviews

To avoid a wastage of time we have put together a list of four different types of kayak seat construction options. These are also the only best ones that you need to count on for your kayaking adventures, long or short. Here are some of the most comfortable kayak seats:

Basic Kayak Backrest

This seat comes with durable, adjustable and corrosion-resistant brass buckles that will keep your backrest in place. It offers a universal fit, this kayak seat will fit any sit-on-top kayak, so you can switch and swap between the different kayaks you may own.

The seat has thermo-formed padding so the pressure is taken off your body. It also has corrosion resistance brass swivel buckles paired with 4-way adjustable straps for additional grip. This is suitable for all sit-on-top kayaks and weighs only 600 grams.

Deluxe Kayak Comfort Seat

This deluxe kayak seat features high-quality, thermo-formed padding and an ergonomic design that fits the shape of your back, giving you the most relaxing kayak seat on the market. It has durable, adjustable and corrosion-resistant brass buckles that will keep your seat firmly in place, whilst avoiding the seat from slipping around on the kayak.

You can lean back, and take in the scenery, knowing this high quality kayak seat will support you even under tension. The seat offers a universal fit, this kayak seat will fit any sit-on-top kayak, so you can switch and swap between the different kayaks you or your friends may own. 

Stadium Kayak Seat

The support and comfort that our Stadium seat will give your back, will allow you to paddle for longer without causing back pain and discomfort. 

It comes with a mesh padded seat cushion paired with sturdy aluminum construction and adjustable straps. The mesh body will help you stay upright without sinking into the padding. As compared to both harder and softer seats, this one is a winner. It is suited for most sit-on-top options to get you a great deal of compatibility and comfort. 

The seat itself has a high rise seat pad, this helps in keeping the pressure on the hips at bay. The design alleviates body weight and tension on hips making you as comfortable as possible. The high seat pad will also keep you above water rather than getting wet nonstop.

Hi Back Kayak Seat With Booster

This deluxe comfort seat has a hi-back, and a booster seat, for increased comfort and back support. It allows you to be on the water for hours of kayaking. Now this one is a super luxurious seat that gives you longer-support and the comfort you need to be out on the waters for as long as you want.

The seat is adjustable in terms of the angle, all you need to do is tilt the chair as per your liking to be in the kind of fishing mood you want to be in. You can set it out to be upright or laid back for a relaxing, lounging experience. It is compatible with all sit-on-top options including Bay Sports Inflatable Paddle Boards & Kayaks.

How to Choose one of the Best Kayaks Australia Offers

If you want the best then you should know this: the best kayak will be the one that is the most comfortable to drive. This does not only refer to the stability, balance and ride quality of the kayak, the comfort is also directly linked to having the most comfort.

The age-old debate about whether sit in kayaks are more comfortable or sit-on-top options is slightly redundant when comparing the seats.

Most kayak seats are hard to sit on and will leave you with a sore back or numb legs. Yes, the legroom does affect how comfortable you are in your kayak but, the seat itself plays a big role.

A new kayak seat may not be as discomforting as an old one, but if you are in the game for the long run opt for an option that comes with a padded kayak seat or a stadium seat that has a soft center to relax and sit back. Back support is essential as well. Because a lot of times you will want to plan longer trips and for that, you must have a supportive back of reclining or leaning against.

If you are not a fan of foam kayak seats then choose the stadium option, it is a hybrid between a soft seat and a durable construction to give you the support you need when out on adventures. A seat cushion can also ease out some of the seat pains if you already own a kayak with a tough center.

Buying the Best Kayak: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The Size of Your Kayak Seat

This comes down to two things, the weight capacity of the kayak and two the back support it offers. The seat size has to be able to fit you or a guest if you want a tandem kayak.

Kayak Maneuverability

This is essential especially if you are a beginner or you have a preference. The maneuverability will depend on the construction and how the kayak is powered. Some kayaks offer complete motor control, others can be a bit wobbly. A reliable company will not compromise on the integrity and performance of the kayak even at lower price points.

Seat Style

This again comes down to what you want. You can choose a plastic seat if the quality of the seat does not bother you. You can choose an inflatable kayak seat as well if you think that will work for you.

Bay Sports offers stadium seats in luxury kayaks which are the best kayak seats that the market has to offer. A lot of these are adjustable, you can set their angle for lounging or upright down-to-business fishing moods. If you do not like the seat the seat of you current kayak you can always invest in a deluxe kayak seat to swap out your current seat and turn it into a seat you actually enjoy during longer adventures.

Padding Type

The padding varies from gel to inflatable pads, to cushion inserts that you can carry to the water and even waterproof fibre-based pads that are designed to enhance lumbar support.

Size and Style

The size of the kayak is usually connected to its price of it. If you want greater leg room then look for a more open kayak. The style depends on your needs, whether you want to use it primarily for fishing, touring, or various recreational activities.

Number of Seats

The number of seats will depend on whether you plan to take out the kayak solo or with a partner or a group of people. There are several tandem kayaks, family kayaks and so on.

Extra Storage

Fishing and recreational kayaks should have additional storage. It helps in making your experience seamless and allows you to bring extra things on board such as snacks, backpacks and equipment that you may want to use, such as tents or fishing gear.


Things like fishing rod holders, mobile phone holders, rails for the camera, or other gear help out as well. You can always add on these things given that there is enough room for them and that the installation does not compromise the construction and durability of the kayak in the water.

Why You Need a Comfortable Kayak Seat?

If your kayak seat construction is not up to the mark or it is uncomfortable then you are stuck. This means you are bound to the seat for all upcoming adventures, not just one. Even if you want to replace it or add pads to it to make it more comfortable the results may be unimpressive.

It is thus essential to get the seat right if you plan to use your kayak enough to get full value out of the investment and get the most out of your upcoming kayaking experiences. A great kayak is a useful kayak and therefore it all comes down to the seat and the space.

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