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Is This The Ultimate Fishing Kayak?

Is This The Ultimate Fishing Kayak?

What is the number one problem with the seating position on a kayak? Well there's actually many depending on who you speak to, but you may have guessed right: the awkwardness of accessing the rear storage compartments. Wriggling around in your seat, turning your upper body 180 degrees, as you lean back and reach over to grab your gear. Can you feel the pain in your back already? Well, read on..

Introducing The Kingfish. Designed and built with your fishing experience in mind, this kayak provides high performance, excellent tracking and outstanding stability on the water. With an market-leading weight capacity of 350kgs, this kayak is made for the heavier man, or the angler with all the gear for an all-day outing. This is the best fishing kayak of 2017 in our range... Read on and see if you agree..

The 360° Swivel Seat is an anglers dream come true. Feedback from our customers highlighted the lack of swivel chair fishing kayaks on the market, enabling them to rotate to the perfect position to fish. Made from durable mesh fabric, the seat offers support for your back whilst the padding gives much needed comfort to keep you happy on your adventures. The multifunctional seat & trolley (2-in-1) serves it's purpose well, alleviating the weight when transporting your kayak. Pretty cool huh? Well it get's better..

The Kingfish Ultimate Best Fishing Kayak 2017 Bay Kayaks


At almost 90cm wide, the Kingfish has been designed for the angler who enjoys to stand up and fish. The flat, spacious cockpit gives you the ability to comfortably stand up, throw out your lines and wait for your first catch. The increased stability due to the kayaks width also allows you to go on longer adventures and spend all day fishing without having the fatigue associated with a less stable kayak. But wait, could it get any better? (Of course, that was a rhetorical question.. read on)

With a stainless steel concealed stern rudder system, 4 metres in length and a proven hull design, this is the 'beez neez' of fishing kayaks with outstanding tracking capabilities. At just 36kgs in weight, a 89cm wide cockpit, and boasting an enormous 350kg weight capacity, our Kingfish fishing kayak is the ideal choice for anglers who want the best of everything. 

Kingfish Ultimate Fishing Kayak Concealed Stern Rudder System

The build quality is the best in class, with no traces of air bubbles inside the UV stabilised polyethylene walls, meaning your kayak is superior in durability and won't crack like brittle plastic kayaks prone to air bubbles subjected to poor quality control. Every single Kingfish kayak is tested to ensure 3.5mm thickness, drop tested to ensure perfect plastic bond, balance tested for optimal stability, and water tested to ensure perfect seals. So rest assured your kayak will last for years to come. 

The Kingfish Ultimate Fishing Kayak

For a limited time, you can score yourself a ripper deal on this fishing kayak, and take advantage of our pre-sale order price. For all pre-orders up until 8th July 2017, you will receive a free upgrade to the 360° deluxe swivel chair + free upgrade to premium paddle.

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