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The Finer Points Of Camping: Bell Tents

The Finer Points Of Camping: Bell Tents

Here at Bay Sports, not only do we love being in the water, but we also enjoy relaxing and there's nothing more relaxing than a camping trip with good friends and family. But, we're not talking about lugging around a two man tent that feels like it's made out of an expensive carrier bag, we're talking about luxury Bell Tents that put the glamour in glamping. 

We are very excited to announce our Luxury Bell Tent, tried and tested by the team here at Bay Sports. This high quality 3, 4 & 5 meter canvas bell tent is perfect for all occasions. Camping, Festivals, Weddings, or for Hire businesses, or just some extra room for hanging out in the garden. 

High quality canvas bell tent glamping

What's So Good About A Bell Tent?

With the increasing popularity over the last few years, the Bell Tent has become a good alternative to going abroad for a vacation, the staycation has been made fun with a slightly different style of camping. 

Unlike the classic 2-3 man expedition tents, the circular style of a bell tent means there's a lot more space to create a more homely, comfortable environment.

3M Bell Tent is designed to sleep 2-3 people comfortably whilst still having space for extra items and belongings and then the bigger you go in size, the more you can add. Or if you're after a tent for your family of 4-5, you'll want to invest in the 5M Luxury Bell Tent, so you'll all sleep comfortably without waking up with the kids feet in your mouth. This means it's perfect for family trips and having everyone in one space or those weekend getaways with friends to cut off from the real world... lets just hope you don't have a friend who snores!!!


Luxury Canvas Bell Tent Glamping

One the greatest aspects of a Bell Tent is the space to be able to actually fit beds. How big you want to go with your beds is entirely up to you. Many people like to fit camp beds that increases comfort to just laying on the floor. The added extra space means these Bell Tens they feel a lot cooler compared to an expedient style tent. There's more space for air to move and with the outer fabric being made from canvas rather than nylon and polyester, it keeps the air feeling more cool throughout the day, creating a comfortable sleeping environment. 

Another reason Bell Tents are so light and airy is because the ground sheet is not attached to the walls of the tent. This means air flows freely but is still water tight just incase it rains. And, with a big opening at the front, it really does feel like you are going into something special. 

Pimp My Tent

Once you've purchased your Tent, you've then got the opportunity to kit it out and start thinking about how you are going to make it luxury? What do you want to add to the inside to make it a comfortable camping experience. The whole idea of this style of camping is to bring a bit more of a comfort and glamour to your stay... and having a bell tent is the perfect place to do this. Whether you are using your bell tent for weekend breaks, summer holidays, parties, festivals or weddings, you can get a whole host of essential accessories to create the perfect atmosphere.

Cushions, blankets, night lights, basically if you can think of it you can add it. It's not uncommon to see potted plants, fairy lights and other items you'd find in your home, in someone's tent. The main thing you do find a lot of if you have ever done this style of camping before is wood burning stoves with chimney extractors. The Bell tent is a perfect place to cook up some hearty food whilst being in the outdoors.  A lot of people do see their Bell Tent as an extension of their house or apartment. It gives that added extra space, but you can take it anywhere with you. 

Inside of luxury glamping tent pillows blankets

What Do You Get With Our Tent?

So, whats is included when you buy a tent from us? 

  • One Canvas Bell Tent with a waterproof PVC groundsheet connected to a heavy duty zipper system.

  • Integrated Mesh Fly Screen secondary entrance door (Both Canvas and Fly Screen). This comes in handy for keeping out the bugs but still keeping air circulating. 

  • Spring loaded metal tent poles. Super easy to put together and strong and sturdy so can withstand many different weather conditions. 

  • Tie ropes and lightweight metal adjusters and pegs. Apart from the tent itself, these are probably the most essential things you'll need for your camping trips. How would the tent stay up?

  • Matching canvas storage bag. Perfect for storage and transport. Need we say anymore?

  • Assembly guide & general instructions. It may be slightly different to any tent you have put up before, but after a few times assembling this, you'll be a pro.

  • Can be fitted with a wood burning stove with the flu exiting horizontally or vertically through a dedicated section in the tent. Perfect for cooking up a nice meal or just adding warmth to a cold night. 

  • Canvas Awning suitable for each size bell tent coz lets face it, we all like spending time outdoors and theres something nice about being sat under cover when the rain comes. Great for being protected from the heavy downpours. 

Luxury Glamping Tent with Awning - Canvas bell Tent

What are the Key Features of The Bell Tent?

So you've now been convinced camping is actually pretty awesome and that this comfortable style camping is for you, but what are the key features of these Bell Tents? Let's take a little look...

  • It has PVC zippable ground sheets, doors and windows, all with integrated mesh fly screen covers, and with durable double stitching, made from our high quality material.

  • Double-stitched seams make this one durable tent that'll provide years of enjoyment for you.

  • Packs into a small carry bag, and takes less than 10-15 mins to set up and pack down and can be done by one person. What more could you ask for! 

  • Our Luxury Canvas Bell Tents also combine features of a detached ground sheet and a sewn in groundsheet bell tent giving you the benefit of both unique designs. On hotter days, simply unzip the groundsheet and roll up the side walls to create a unique floating effect, meaning all the sides of the tent are removed allowing a complete flow of air and a unique look.

  • When fully assembled the Bell Tent provides a waterproof seal keeping you snug, warm and dry if you encounter undesirable weather conditions.

  • The integrated mesh fly screens throughout the tent can be tied or rolled away, as like the mesh and canvas doors, enabling great views from inside the tent, or complete privacy when zipped up. 

  • All our bell tents have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.  

 Luxury Bell Tent Canvas for Family Camping


"All we can say is that owning a bell tent gives you the freedom to holiday or take impromptu weekend breaks whenever and wherever you want to."

Not only can you discover new and exciting places to stay, it also gives you a great opportunity to meet and make new friends, spend time with your family and enjoy being outdoors. Fancy doing something different? Go get yourself a Bell Tent and experience a different style of camping! 

Check out our range of quality canvas bell tents here
Happy Glamping! xx

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