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How fast is a pedal kayak

How fast is a pedal kayak

For starters, why pedal kayaks? If you're a beginner kayaker or even a professional paddler, you may ask this question. Pedal kayaks offer great benefits over traditional paddle kayaks. First, they offer more stability and hands-free kayaking, not to mention the ability to relish the convenience of both paddle and leg propulsion from the same kayak.

Pedal kayaks have grown in popularity, especially among kayak anglers. The ability to control the movement of a yak without using your hands allows you to focus on other activities that require your hands, such as casting nets. Some pedal kayaks even allow you to hold position, reverse, move forward, turn, or propel diagonally or sideways without a paddle.

Moreover, the exploding efficiency of pedaling has allowed watersports equipment manufacturers to design bigger and more stable fishing kayaks. These water vessels are much heavier than paddle kayaks with a strong pedal drive that allows their users to easily propel in the water despite the weight.

What is a pedal kayak

The pedal kayak, one of the best latest inventions in kayaking, is a boat with a bicycle style mechanism. It allows you to pedal like a bicycle to cut through the water. The pedals allow for hands-free propulsion, and now you can enjoy fishing with both hands. With innovations in kayak technology, there are numerous models of pedal kayaks to choose from.

If you're an angler or kayaker looking for the best pedal kayak, you'll be amazed once you realize the innovation and advancements behind the pedal drive kayak options. As if the pedal propulsion system wasn't enough, the pedal powered kayaks have forward/reverse capabilities, and some even with a complete 360-degree drive.

Additionally, some pedal kayaks incorporate non-slip pedals, motor mounts, rod protection, hatches that open in either direction, and so much more. These yaks offer the greatest innovation, versatility, and kayak fishing experience you can get.

Different Kinds Of Pedal Kayaks

  1. Push pedal system kayak

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You'll have to paddle to propel your boat continually for this type of kayak, or it will completely halt once you stop pulling the pedals. The technique requires repeatedly moving the lower half of your foot rather than using your entire leg muscles.

Remember that you'll need to repeatedly move your foot in the same direction to use this technique.

  1. Rotational pedal kayaks


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You pedal as you would on a bicycle and come to a far slower halt than the push pedal method. It’s good for beginners since most of us already know how to ride a bike, even though it uses the whole lower body and demands more effort.

Kayaking in this style of boat is quite straightforward and quicker than using push pedals.

Rotational pedal kayaks demand that you pedal the same as on a bicycle. This technique gives you a much slower halt than the push pedal. These Kayaks are best for beginners since most people already know how to ride a bike and will require less effort.

As opposed to the push pedal kayak, this technique requires more effort and involves the whole lower body. However, kayaking in this style is quite straightforward and quicker using this style than using push pedals.


Benefits of a Pedal Kayak

When thinking of a kayak, most people picture paddles. However, pedal kayaks are becoming a thing and offer many more benefits than paddle kayaks. They are the best choice for both a fishing kayak and recreational paddling.

  • Hands-Free Kayaking

the best pedal kayaks

The most obvious advantage of a pedal kayak over a paddle kayak is that it offers hands-free kayaking. You don't need to strain your arms paddling on the water. Instead, you can propel your vessel with your legs. The pedal mechanism lets you control your yak's position using your legs and the rudder steering handle while focusing fully on your fishing rod.

  • Speed

Generally, pedal kayaks are faster than traditional kayaks. Not only do they offer more speed, but they also offer efficiency in transferring you to your fishing spot. With a pedal kayak, you can cover large water bodies easier than if you were paddling while maintaining a higher speed.

  • The best Fishing Kayaks

A man on a yak holding a fish

Pedal kayaks are the best choice for fishing since they allow you to stop in one spot while fishing. Fishing pedal kayaks have increased power, allowing you to reach your destination much quicker and barely disturbing the water and fish below. A pedal kayak also allows you to troll while manipulating a fishing rod. Moreover, they come with fishing gear.

Is a pedal kayak good exercise?

If you want a full leg workout, then pedal kayaking is a great option. This watersport is ideal for cyclists and other sportspeople seeking alternative workouts.

Like water resistance benefits your arms in a paddle kayak, so does it work your legs. Pedal kayaks will get your quads, calf muscles, and hamstrings in shape.


What Is The Speed Of A Pedal Kayak?

Most people's legs are stronger than their arms, so pedal kayaks are faster than traditional ones. According to research, the fastest record by a pedal kayak for a -meter sprint is an average of 34 Kilometres per hour

So, how fast is a pedal kayak? The average speed of a regular pedal kayaker is approximately 18 Kilometres per hour. A regular kayaker's speed will be significantly lower, about 3 kilometres per hour.

This means a pedal kayak is about three times as fast as a traditional kayak!!

What Influences The Speed Of A Pedal Kayak?

  • Kayak Design

a fisher man on shallow water fishing

The speed of a kayak varies depending on the type of kayak. Racing pedal kayaks are much faster as they have thin beams. Sea kayaks are made specifically for sea kayaking and are often made of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Their beams are around 15 ft and 23 -24 ft wide.

  • Length, Weight, and Speed

The size and length of the kayak will determine its speed. Longer and narrower kayaks are faster than shorter and wider ones. Longer and narrower pedal kayaks are designed of composite materials allowing them to slice through the water and produce acceleration easily.

Moreover, longer and lighter kayaks have better weight distribution and, therefore, experience less resistance in the water.

  • Weather

ocean kayak on less wavy day

The weather is one of the most crucial elements affecting the speed of a yak. Wind can increase the speed of a kayak by 10mph headwind, but a 20mph wind may also slow it down. To reduce the impact of weather during kayaking, it's best to invest in weather-resistant kayaks as they are heavier and larger. Otherwise, side breezes may move your pedal kayak off course.

  • Peddling Mechanism

feet strapped on pedals

When pedaling, you strap your feet to the kayak pedals, and they push and pull back against them. This motion propels the boat forwards and produces acceleration. Kayaks with rotational pedals are easy to operate and accelerate quickly because they use bicycle-style mechanism.

  • Purpose

Different pedal kayaks are built for different purposes, therefore, different yaks will have different speed. For instance, racing pedal kayaks are built for performance as they feature better acceleration and are therefore fast.

Fishing Kayaks tend to be slower than other pedal yaks because they are shorter and wider to improve stability hence compromising speed.

picture of the sea

Are Pedal Kayaks Faster Than Traditional Kayaks?

Pedal kayaks are way faster than paddle kayaks. In fact they are approximately twice as fast as paddling yaks. The rotating and push pedals provide more power than a paddling. Additionally, pedal kayaking is a much easier skill to acquire than paddle kayaking, especially if you know how to ride a bicycle; therefore, you'll gain speed with time.

How Can A Pedal Kayak Be Made Faster?

Add a rudder or change the propeller if you're looking for a fast pedal kayak. A rudder will help you steer the yak and may also help increase speed by lowering drag.

You can also improve your kayaking equipment. Choosing a narrow-hulled yak can help it truck faster.

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