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Do you really know what to look for when buying sunscreen?

Do you really know what to look for when buying sunscreen?

If you're out on the water, you'll know the damaging effects of UV rays especially with the reflections of the water. That's why its important to slip, slop and slap with some quality sunscreen. 50+ or 30+? Usually we know that the higher SPF rating must be better in protecting our skin. What's important though, is not to only get a higher SPF rating, but also to ensure you look for sunscreens that state they are 'BROAD SPECTRUM' which protect you not only from UVB rays but more importantly, the skin-cancer causing UVA rays.

Furthermore, take the time to read the back of the bottle and have a look for the active ingredient. Men's Journal reports the common Oxybenzone ingredient "effectively protects against deep-penetrating UVA rays — the kind that cause melanoma and age your skin — (but) it may mess with hormones and has been shown in animal studies to hinder sperm production. Oxybenzone can also irritate skin and trigger allergic reactions, and because it's highly reactive when it comes in contact with UV, it churns up free radicals that can damage skin cells." So try looking for mineral-based ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide rather than chemical based active ingredients. 

We hope this help you to easily pick a good quality sunscreen to keep you and your family protected this scorcher of a summer. 

​Love Bay Kayaks.

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