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GRI HP2 - Double Action Hand Pump for Inflatable SUP & Kayak

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    Introducing the Bay Sports GRI HP2: The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Inflation!

    Don't let the hassle of inflating your kayaks and inflatable stand-up paddle boards dampen your outdoor adventures. Say hello to the Bay Sports GRI HP2 – the ultimate single chamber, double action hand pump that takes your inflation experience to new heights!

    • Unparalleled Inflation Power: With the Bay Sports GRI HP2 in your hands, you'll inflate your kayak or inflatable SUP board up to an impressive 18psi. Its single chamber, dual-action design ensures efficient inflation by pumping air out with every push down and pull up. Experience the joy of rapid and hassle-free inflation, leaving you with more time to enjoy your water activities.
    • Affordable Convenience: Say goodbye to expensive and bulky inflation systems. The Bay Sports GRI HP2 offers an affordable solution without compromising on quality. Designed to meet your budget and needs, it's the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. You no longer have to rely on manual labor or break the bank for efficient inflation.
    • Effortless Inflation: Inflating your kayak or inflatable SUP board is now easier than ever. The Bay Sports GRI HP2 allows you to effortlessly reach up to approximately 5-8 psi, making it a breeze to inflate your equipment. However, for faster and less strenuous inflation above 8 psi, we recommend considering the Bay Sports Helios HP6 Triple-Action pump. Choose the right gear for your desired inflation speed and enjoy a seamless experience.
    • Quality You Can Trust: At Bay Sports, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. The Bay Sports GRI HP2 is engineered with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its robust construction and reliable mechanism guarantee that it will withstand the rigors of outdoor use, providing you with peace of mind during your adventures.
    • Experience the Bay Sports GRI HP2 Difference: Don't let tedious inflation processes hold you back. Upgrade your outdoor gear with the Bay Sports GRI HP2 and discover the ease and efficiency of inflating your kayaks and inflatable SUP boards. With its impressive power, affordability, and unmatched convenience, the Bay Sports GRI HP2 is the ultimate choice for all your inflation needs.

    Join the countless satisfied customers who have already embraced the Bay Sports GRI HP2 advantage. Order yours today and take your outdoor adventures to the next level. 


    Key Features 


    • High quality seals and anti-sand filter for long life of pump and SUP board.
    • High-airflow piston for an easier inflation.
    • Shockproof gauge meter
    • Aluminium shaft
    • Extra-resistant inflation hose
    • Equipped with bayonet adapter for the most common high pressure valves
    • Pressure gauge 0-1.8 bar (0-26 psi) 

    Tip: Start with toggle cap in, then remove toggle cap when it becomes hard to pump. This changes it from Double Action to Single Action, meaning it only pumps air through the hose on a downward pump.

    • Height: 55 cm
    • Width: 25 cm
    • Depth: 12 cm
    • Hose length: approx. 90 cm
    • Weight: 1.9 kg
    • Capacity: 2 x 1.8L chamber 


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