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Best Camping Near Brisbane

Best Camping Near Brisbane

So, you are ready to enjoy fall in full swing with another memorable adventure? Luckily, for you we decided to compile a diverse list of best of the best camping spots near Brisbane. Whether you are in the mood for camping sites near an ocean beach, national parks, secluded camping spots, or extensive walking tracks we've got you covered in this guide.

Collect your camping gear, prepare your getaway bags and call your friends, let's lodge into another adventure to remember!

Cedar Creek Camping at Amamoor Creek

Amamoor State Forest is a hot choice for campers looking for a camping spot that is vehicle accessible, and surrounded by lush greenery and waterfalls. You would love the fact that this park is simple with creeks to swim in, but no rough terrain that makes it dangerous for children or beginner campers.

The ride to the park from Brisbane will be a scenic one as well. You can make several stops on the way to grab quick bites, coffee or snacks for the trip it self. If you make the ride to the park fun and a part of your whole experience then it will be worth it.

Definitely a top choice if you want the added layer of road trip fun in your adventure. Plus, if you are looking for a place to stay for a longer period of time say, more than 48 hours, then this plan gives you enough time to rest, soak in the views and enjoy camping to it's fullest.


  • The camp spots are vehicle-accessible so you can park super close to your camping location

  • Waterfalls in the park add to the itinerary and make up for excellent photo points for your social media


  • It is a 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane CBD whereas there are some parks and campgrounds that are closer.

Amamoor Creek camping area | Amamoor State Forest | Parks and forests |  Department of Environment and Science, Queensland

Lake Moogerah Caravan Park

If you are into Lakeside camping then the Lake Moogerah Caravan Park is an ideal location. You can find several secluded camping spots around here, but it does tend to fill up on holidays and festive occasions. It is an hour drive from Brisbane, so if you are not looking add extensive driving into your itinerary then this is a good fit.

You can swim, fish and boat in the lake. The options are unlimited and totally depend on your company. So if you are going to camp with family and they are not into fishing you can still have a picnic on the shore or BBQ at the fire pits. If you are going with friends who don't mind swimming and fishing then that are definitely fun activities that make the trip all the more thrilling.


  • Camper-van and RV friendly

  • Boating and walking facilities are available

  • It is an apx. 1 hour short drive from Brisbane


  • Likely to fill up during school holidays as people have more family time to spend.

  • They have a minimum night stay requirement of 2 nights, so if you just want a day plan of going and coming back, this park is not a good fit for you.

Home - Lake Moogerah Caravan Park

Lake Wivenhoe Campgrounds

Lake Wvivenhoe Campgrounds are just a short hour's drive from Brisbane CBD and offer quite the serenity you would enjoy after spending several days in the city's hustle and bustle. From top-notch amenities, well-kept campgrounds and impressive facilities these grounds offer every type of comfort you need for your camping adventure to go smoothly.

But, remember, you should have a floor sheet for your camp because it will get dirty from the wet clay near the water bodies and the muddy floors. You can check out a diverse range of durable ground sheets here.


  • Limited camper spots to maintain exclusivity and avoid overcrowding.

  • Just a short hour's drive from Brisbane main city

  • Well-kept, clean and tidy at all times


  • You may need to book in advance for busier weekends and public holidays

Home - Camping Wivenhoe

Bigriggen Park

If you are looking for spots that offer the most for best camping (Brisbane) experiences for family trips, then this is a good fit. Brigiggen park is a quiet and comfy spot suitable for young children and their parents alike. The campsite division allows all campers to have privacy and not feel overcrowded. You can bring your bikes, take your children for a swim and have picnics in the lush green surroundings.

Even if it gets cold at night you can cuddle around the fire with your family and friends. It gives you a great opportunity to soak in nature and enjoy intimate time with people you love and care about. There are several river-front access point for swimming and dipping at night and day. The park is a safe place, protected from pests and predators.


  • Pet-friendly park

  • Each site has a fireplace that can be used for s'mores and campfire conversations

  • Bathroom and hygiene amenities are available

  • Friendly and accommodating staff


  • You will have to pay for hot water showers

  • Might need to wait for washrooms to be cleaned up in between guests as they can be slightly less maintained at times

Queensland 4x4 Club Inc

Brisbane Holiday Village

The Brisbane Holiday Village is an impressive family-friendly campsite as well. It offers a children's lagoon, bike riding, wildlife and a complete resort vibe. If you have been meaning to take your family out for a nice getaway but you can't take out the time to travel far away then this is an ideal option.

It is only a 15-minute ride out of the city and gives you the stunning tropical views you want to soak in before freezing cold winters arrive. This park is a delight for caravans, camps, cabins and any other sort of outdoor living experience you would like for your family.

Plus, if you are not planning to cook during your trip or you are looking for at least an option to dine out while still enjoying the great outdoors then you can utilize the site's exceptional restaurant.


  • A short 15-minute drive from the city

  • Offers a unique sub-tropical vibe

  • Suitable for an escape from the daily life


  • Pets are not allowed in the vicinity

Brisbane Holiday Village Eight Mile Plains | Must Do Brisbane

Mount Barney National Park

Mount Barney National Park offers rare birds, mountains to climb, wildlife and comfortable camping, all in a subtropical rainforest-filled atmosphere. If you are looking for an energetic, nature-centric camping adventure then this place is your spot. It offers excellent hiking tracks, trekking options and some rugged landscapes for additional rush. You can hang out near Lake Maroon. There are several scenic spots within the park to have a picnic on a hilltop. Or you can enjoy the simplicity of the great outdoors with walks around the park. Just pack enough water and food supplies and this trip will be a success.

Shop some of the best camping cooking supplies here:


  • Multiple hiking trails to choose from

  • The park offers hand-illustrated maps to navigate with ease

  • Rock-climbing options are also available


  • Dogs are not allowed in the park

  • You will have to carry a lot of water for the hike

Lower Portals Walk, Mount Barney - Brisbane

Cylinder Beach Camping Ground

If you are planning on camping with your children then this spot is a great option. It offers great beachside camping spots and no vehicle is allowed to move inside the actual camping areas. So this really makes the place safe for your children to play and move about. The camping ground is all about sandy beaches where children can build their sand castles, enjoy warm glowy sunsets and chill around with their friends and family members.


  • Hot showers, bathroom amenities and laundry facilities are available at the campground

  • It is also an iconic surfing point, you can enjoy the surf followed by a hefty dinner in the kitchen later

  • The site has a sun facing beach front with plenty of shaded camping spots to get the best of both worlds


  • The site does not allow vehicles to be parked right next to the camps, so you will have to carry all your equipment with you

CYLINDER BEACH CAMPING GROUND: Reviews (North Stradbroke Island) - Photos  of Campground - Tripadvisor

Charlie Moreland Camping Area

If you are a fan of crystal clear creeks then you will love this site. The Charlie Moreland Camping Areas offer you nature's diversity and beautiful landscapes. The park keeps the environment organic with a true escape from the modern living concept.

You will not find any extra-ordinary luxury when going to the toilets, or fancy restaurants at the location. In fact, this park will offer you a close-to-nature experience. You get shady trees, several picturesque trails, hiking options and the gift of time. By eroding the complications of the daily life this park will bring you to peace with everything simple.


  • Tall rainforest trees, well-shaded and well-trimmed natural beauty

  • A full creek will await you for a refreshing dip with its clear water

  • Not too crowded most days, and even when it has a higher volume of visitors there is enough space to maintain the privacy and comfort of your family.


  • No showers at the campsite

  • Pets are not allowed

  • If you plan to carry your generator on your trip, this site does not permit that.

The Sunshine Coast is teeming with coastal and hinterland wilderness areas,  within which are some of the best camping spots in South East Queensland.  Read more. – Hema Maps Online Shop

Flanagan's Reserve Bush Camping

If you are planning on taking your pets with you and you can not compromise on the quality of natural sightseeing then the Flanagan's Reserve Bush Camping trip will be bliss for you. This park does not disappoint in terms of facilities either. It gives you an escape from our concrete jungles and lets us live in a more organic habitat.

Plus, the toilets, hot and cold running water, nearby food kiosks and resting spots throughout this park offer you the comfort you need when away from home. After all, you want the trip to give you relaxation and not any further stress.


  • Pet-friendly

  • Shaded campsites across the local river

  • A good spot for a river-bend bush camping trip


  • 1.5 hour drive from Brisbane CBD, however, it will be worth it if you are looking for a proper secluded campsite that is safe for guests and friends

Flanagan Reserve (CG) - Full Range Camping Directory

Comboyuro Point camping area

The Comboyuro Point Camping Area offers 49 vast shaded campsites, soft golden sandy beaches, restaurants within walking distance and everything else you need to make your trip comfortable. This includes shops, drop toilets, cold shower areas and fire pits.

The water is a bright blue lagoon perfect for a relaxing swim and you can enjoy driving on their lush 4WD track as well. It is a perfect spot to hang out with your friends or folks. The campsite has well-divided camp spots to maintain the privacy and seclusion of each group. You can get there on a barge or ferry, the ferry is the shorter route though.


  • You can book a passenger ferry to take you there, it will take about an hour and a half to get to the location

  • Perfect for a weekend getaway, a night out with friends, or a solo camping trip

  • Serene views that come supported with amenities and facilities


  • You will have to book your travels before leaving, as there is a limited number of ferries and barges on a daily basis

Complete Guide for Moreton Island Camping (Mulgumpin)

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Another pet-friendly option on our go-to list for camping sites near Brisbane CBD is the Neurum Creek Bush Retreat. The location offers large camping sites, that are distanced away from each other such that no neighbors will be peaking into your business. You can enjoy a peaceful getaway there with all amenities already present.

It is an excellent spot for bringing out the fanciest of your tents. You can try some of the best Australian canvas tents here. The site gives you a chance to explore the running creek with fire pits, shaded areas and access to clean water. One of the best things about this site is that it is only an hour and a half drive from Brisbane and yet has so much to offer.


  • Diverse bird-filled forest within the vicinity

  • Campfire rings are already there at each site

  • It is highly suitable for caravans, camper vans, and larger camping tents

  • Family and Pet-friendly


  • You can not take your pet to the nearby national park though

Neurum Creek Bush Retreat and Campground | Families Magazine

Lamington National Park

So, as you probably already know the Lamington national park is all about ancient trees, waterfalls, lush rainforests and thick shaded areas. If you want serenity to take over then this is your place to find zen. The park has multiple trekking tracks, that range between 1-5 hours of trekking each. You will find river crossings, bushwalking destinations and beautifully kept walking routes, each leading to a spectacular view.

There is a lot to do here, so if you are looking at a longer trip, say 3-4 days then trust us, you will not be disappointed. It does take between 1.5-2 hours to get there when driving from Brisbane, but the park is worth the wait. You can enjoy sunsets from the rugged cliffs, views from uphill and a star-studded sky at night time. This is what you get when you muster up enough time to actually step out of city life. Isn't that why we chase the outdoors anyway, right?

You can also enjoy paragliding and other adventure sports near the location. The park is also filled with bird life and a diverse ecosystem of animals and flora. You will find a lot of protected species within the park thriving on its volcanic history.


  • Spectacular 360-degree views

  • Lots of adventure possibilities

  • Perfect for longer trips


  • Can be a 2-hour drive and that does not give you enough time to explore the area properly within a single day.

Lamington National Park - Holiday Insider

Thunderbird Park Camping

Thunderbird Park is a good spot for caravans and camping. It offers powered and unpowered bush camping spots near Brisbane, that you can visit in any season and you will love them. It is a vast property with huge subtropical rainforest plantations, palm groves and cedar bank creeks. You would love the fire pits because they really balance out the chilly gusts of cold wind and set the mood for a warm, cozy camping adventure.

However remember two things: One, you should have the floor sheets and a extra sleeping mat to keep you comfortable on the hard ground. You can check the best sleeping pads in Australia here. Second, you should invest in plenty of light gadgets for the night, as the fire alone is not enough to light up the whole camping area. If you are looking to make your trip extra romantic, and party-oriented, or even if you want the perfect family hideout check out this guide on lighting your campsite.

Also, while there is a communal camp kitchen but if you do want to take your own cooking pots and pans, or even gadgets to make your coffee and tea without walking the extra mile you really should. You can indulge in portable kitchen supplies of your own without breaking the bank here. Plus, they will last you for all times to come.


  • Diverse ecosystem, scenic walking tracks surrounded by thick forests

  • Ideal for a date night or a romantic getaway

  • Adventure tree top challenges for children and families are also available


Thunderbird Park - WEEKENDER

Darlington & Burgess Parks Camping Grounds

Another suitable family campground option for small groups of people is the Darlington & Burgess Parks, camping grounds. These are super affordable and yet offer a lot of facilities such as fire pits, resting areas, walking trails and pet-friendly services.


  • You can take your pet with you

  • There are numerous waterfalls, water bodies and viewpoints within the park

  • The staff is amiable and supportive


  • It is cheaper as compared to many options hence mostly crowded

Darlington Park

Kenilworth Camping

The Kenilworth Campgrounds are all about stargazing, swimming and river views. If you want a serene park with limited people and yet an opportunity to swim in the Mary River then this park will be your go-to destination. It is a 2-hour drive from Brisbane, but, if you are looking for a home away from home, that escapes the torment of your day-to-day busy life then this is it. It allows you to soak in the beauty of nature, lush greenery and fresh air without really disconnecting. The camping ground is a spectacular staycation spot.

You can take your kayak with you on this trip and move around the water with ease. The water is not as cold so it can be a pleasant experience for beginners as well. Choose a well-built, sturdy kayak though. Such as these options right here, AKA Australia's best kayaks.

The camping park is also suitable for bush riding and canoeing. Or you can just take your time to relax and chill with family and friends. However, if you are taking more people with you, you should invest in a big and welcoming tent. We recommend this luxury canvas one that makes a bold statement. It really compliments the landscape and allows you the ease needed for a proper staycation.


  • Sandy river banks, several deep swimming holes and calm waters in many spots

  • It is a dog-friendly camping site

  • Lush green grass for picnics and sunbathing


  • There is no deep water swimming there, only shallow ponds

Camping - Kenilworth Homestead - Kenilworth - QLD

Coolum Beach Holiday Park

Pristine beach waterfronts are loaded with soft white sand and waves. The Coolum Beach Holiday Park is what sweet dreams are made of. It offers powered tents and caravan sites, ideal for longer stays. The park ensures that you will always have enough energy to run your devices. After all the views are breathtaking and of course, you will want to post that to your socials.


  • More than 160 caravan sites, more than 60 powered tent spots

  • Luxurious camping spot that comes equipped with all amenities

  • Relaxed atmosphere, noise-free and serene

  • Several nearby boardwalks, restaurants, golf courses and cafes to walk to along the Sunshine Coast


  • The locality is a high-risk floodplain during the summer months

at the lookout - Picture of Coolum Beach Holiday Park - Tripadvisor

Minjerribah Camping

So, at the Minjerribah camping spots you get to choose from 6 different regions within the camping park to camp in. Each one comes with its own designed toilet and communal area. You could also choose from a variety of private areas for your own company of friends and family. Whichever site you choose don't forget to carry your sunscreen and an awning sheet or a sun shade for your tent to keep you safe from direct sun if it gets too hot.

Camping here means you can enjoy a great deal of activities including the visit to different beach fronts, the lighthouse located on the Cylinder beach, the Blue Lake and the Brown Lake among other options.


  • There are several sightseeing opportunities within the park

  • There are glamping options too that you can check out for a night or two along with traditional camping

  • More than 500 campsites are located within the camping spots


  • Hazard burns will be carried out till the end of May 2023 in many areas, so check with the administration before planning your trip.

Minjerribah Camping | North Stradbroke Island

Cotton Tree Holiday Park

The Cotton Tree Holiday Park is surrounded by several waterways and water bodies that together offer you the opportunity to explore a lot of different sports in a short amount of time. The park has direct access to the Maroochy River. The campsites have concrete slabs. You can use thin floor pads, or mattress layers to make your bed even more comfortable. Check out some of the options here.

There are beautiful white silica beaches with blue water that adds a very soothing contrast to your stay. You can wake up to clear skies and fresh air every morning of your camping adventure. The park is covered in a wide range of rare flora and fauna that add to the experience. Also, it is only an hour and a half from Brisbane. You can easily plan a 2-3 day camping adventure here without getting bored.


  • BBQ pits, free wifi and on-call laundry service are available

  • Has a designated dump point so you do not need to carry the rubbish all the way home

  • Offers communal kitchens, shower spots and beach&sruf points


  • It is a very popular place so it can be more rushy during school holidays and public holidays.

Cotton Tree Holiday Park | Family Parks

Take a look at the camping essentials, to make sure you have everything you need for your camping trip. You are going there for fun and memories, not for stress after all. So pack well! Happy Camping!


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