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Outrigger Stabiliser/Balance Kit for Kayak

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    Universal fits most kayaks.
    Increased stability. Incredible value. 

    Introducing the Bay Sports Outrigger Balance Kit. Experience the ultimate stability on your kayak.

    Looking for extra stability on the water? The Bay Sports outrigger balance kit is the perfect solution. Designed to fit most kayaks, it offers incredible secondary stability to keep you upright and stable during your water adventures.

    Easy Installation and Enhanced Stability: Our outriggers can be easily installed on any type of vessel, providing significant improvements in stability. The alloy hardware and adjustable pole mounts ensure better freedom of movement and a secure fit. Adjustable width allows you to set the stabilisers to your desired width, for the ultimate stability no matter the conditions.

    Universal Fit and Incredible Value: With a universal design, the Bay Sports outrigger balance kit fits most kayaks, offering versatility and convenience. Experience enhanced stability at an incredible value.

    Join satisfied customers who appreciate the added stability of the Bay Sports outrigger balance kit. Explore with peace of mind, knowing you have the support you need for a stable and enjoyable journey!


    Kayak Inflatable Stabiliser
    Material: PVC inflatable stabilisers
    Length: Approx. 90 cm/35.4 inch
    Width: Approx. 28 cm/11 inch
    Colour: Light Grey
    Quantity: 2 Pieces

    Kayak Stabiliser Pole Mount
    Material: Alloy
    Total Length: Approx. 205 cm/80.7 inch
    Diameter: Approx. 32 mm/1.26 inch
    Quantity: 2 Pieces

    • These inflatable stabilisers with 2 kayak stabiliser pole mounts are heavy duty, durable and portable.
    • The outrigger stabilizer provides added stability to any kayak, making you feel safe and stable
    • Adjustable float width with simple twist and tighten mechanism
    • Inflatable stabilizer is quick & easy to inflate
    • Great for kayak, canoe, boat, paddling, fishing, standing and beginners
    Suitability for your kayak

    Please note you are purchasing an outrigger balance kit and that all kayaks vary in their design. Many kayaks will have the U-shaped grooves in their rear storage section just behind the seat, so that our outrigger kit or motor mount bar will fit nicely on your kayak. See below for illustration so you can identify if your kayak has the groove. 



    Groove for motor mount trolling bar or outrigger balance kit on fishing kayak

    This kit includes 2 x metal plates and 4 x screws to secure the outrigger kit in position to your kayak, as shown below. 

    Metal plate to secure outrigger balance kit to kayak

    Metal bracket for attaching outrigger balance kit or trolling motor mount bar


    If your kayak does not have this grooved mould, you can look to utilise any of the screw inserts already on your kayak. Many kayaks have these already installed so you can use them for accessories like outrigger kits or fishing rod holders.

    If your kayak does not have these spare screw inserts on it, you can always remove unused pieces like the D-ring shackles, which will free up some screw inserts for you to be able to fit this outrigger balance kit to your kayak.

     Brass screw inserts for fishing kayak


    What's Included
    • 2 Pieces PVC Inflatable Stabilisers (affixes to either ends of circular stabiliser poles)
    • 2 Pieces Aluminium Circular Stabiliser Poles (affixes to the square mounting bracket)
    • 1 Piece Aluminium Square Mounting Bracket (affixes stabiliser poles to the kayak)
    • 2 x Metal Securing plates
    • 4 x Screws 
    Assembly Guide Video


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