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Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

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    Kayak Anchor Trolley Kits are a smart and easy to set up universal anchoring solution. Your anchoring position is made up of an anchor, anchor line and your kayak. An anchor trolley becomes an extension of your anchor line by creating an adjustable attachment point. The Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit enables you to adjust the angle of your kayak based on changing wind conditions or tide movement.

    Top 4 Reasons You Need an Anchor Trolley

    1. Eliminates the Need for Multiple Anchor Cleats
    2. Provides Positioning Flexibility with Changing Winds and Currents
    3. Anchor Trolleys are Compatible with Most Anchors
    4. Anchor Trolleys are Finally Affordable and Gaining Weight as a Necessity

    Advanced kayak anglers even use anchor trolleys on each side of their kayak to provide versatility in choosing an anchored position. After all, the potential for versatility is only as strong as the number of anchoring options you give yourself when rigging.

    User Guide
    Click here to download the Bay Sports kayak anchor trolley system 
    User Guide

    There is a useful video on YouTube which explains how to drill the holes into your kayak for the installation of the pad eyes and cleats which you can view here


    Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

    • Material: Nylon, Stainless Steel
    • Colour: Black
    • 1 set Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit System
    • 4pcs Nylon pad eyes with 8pcs stainless steel short screws and small nuts
    • 1pc 3" Nylon Anchor Cleats with 2pcs stainless steel long Screws and 2 stainless steel large nuts
    • 2pcs Stainless Steel Anchor Pulleys with nylon sheave
    • 1pc Durable nylon ring
      • Strong and durable Nylon and Stainless Steel parts
      • Easy to set up and manage
      • Easy to manage
      • Universal application
      Anchor Trolley Kit User Guide

      Click here to download the User Guide

      How to install on a SIT ON TOP kayak


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