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K-Rack Kayak Load Assist

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    Looking for an easier way to get your kayak onto the car? Well it doesn't have to cost a leg, and with the K-Rack's unique suction mount, you can load and unload your kayak in less than a minute. Now how good does that sound.

    This has got to be the best thing since sliced bread in the world of kayak transportation. The K-Rack simply attaches to your rear windscreen, via an powerful suction cup, allowing you to load the nose of your kayak and simply push from the rear of the kayak. This design prevents your car from getting scratched, whilst the moulded cradles are designed to work with almost any hull shape, allowing your boat to smoothly glide over the cradles, and into position on your roof racks. 

    Refer to these videos to see if K-Rack is suitable for your needs:
    1. K-Rack, Easy loader for Kayaks and Canoes 
    2. K-RACK Kayak Loader for Sedan Vehicles 
    3. K-RACK Easy Kayak Loader for Hatchback & SUV Vehicles 
    4. K-Rack Kayak Loader Assembly Guide 

    What are you waiting for? Get the K-Rack Kayak Loader, and never worry about the burden of getting the kayak up onto your car roof again!

    • Weight: 3kg
    • Sold in a pair of 2.
    • Designed to help you load and unload your kayak
    • Suitable for most kayaks and canoes
    • Molded cradles designed to accommodate most hull shapes
    • Sold in a pair of 2.


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