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3-Piece Full Fibreglass SUP Paddle (Adjustable)

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    Experience Unmatched Comfort and Performance with the Bay Sports Ultra Lightweight Fibreglass SUP Paddle!

    Say goodbye to shoulder and arm fatigue and say hello to cloud-like comfort with our ultra lightweight fibreglass SUP paddle. Designed with utmost precision and attention to detail, our paddle offers an unparalleled paddling experience that will take your performance to new heights.

    Unleash Your Paddling Power: Not all fibreglass paddles are created equal. With our paddle, you'll witness the exceptional quality construction and finish that sets it apart from the rest. Feel the difference as you effortlessly glide through the water, unlocking a new level of paddling power and efficiency.

    Unrivaled Lightweight Design: Weighing in at an incredibly light weight, our paddle is designed to reduce fatigue and enhance your overall paddling experience. Crafted with super strong fibreglass, it guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring it will withstand the demands of your adventures.

    Uncompromising Quality: At Bay Sports, we pride ourselves on delivering paddling equipment of the highest calibre. Our ultra lightweight fibreglass SUP paddle showcases our commitment to quality and performance. Each paddle is built with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring exceptional build quality that exceeds your expectations.

    Upgrade Your Paddling Experience Today: Join countless satisfied customers who have unlocked the true potential of their paddling with our ultra lightweight fibreglass SUP paddle. Feel the difference for yourself and take your paddling to the next level.

    Order your Bay Sports Ultra Lightweight Fibreglass SUP Paddle now and experience the unmatched comfort, performance, and quality that awaits you. Get ready to elevate your paddling experience and enjoy every moment on the water!

    Design and Construction
    • This Fibreglass SUP paddle is lightweight and strong, for maximum pulling power through the water.
    • Unlike plastic blade paddles, which lose paddle power via blade flex, these fibreglass blades have minimal flex, giving you that extra power with every stroke.
    • Made for those who want a lightweight paddle, to reduce the fatigue on your arms and shoulders whilst out paddling.
    • The adjustable length allows this paddle to extend 10cm, from 2.15m up to 2.25m.
    • One-Step moulding technology
    • Highly recommended for our inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards.

    Paddle Comparison Chart


    • Blade material: Fibreglass 
    • Blade Angle: 12 degrees
    • Blade Size: 42.5cm (h) x 20cm (w)
    • Shaft material: Fibreglass
    • Paddle Weight: 730 grams +/-30g
    • Surface Area: 56.4cm2


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