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StarPort HD Base Mount - RailBlaza

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    Are you frustrated that your RailBlaza gear doesn't fit the pre-existing bases you got stuck with on your kayak? With the invention of the RailBlaza StarPort HD – a rectangular, four-point installation base similar in size to that of Scotty, RAM, Cannon, Fish-On, and many others – you can easily remove and replace your old bases with a RailBlaza StarPort HD.

    Not only does the transition to this RailBlaza base give you the comfort of RailBlaza‘s slide locking mechanism’, but it also opens up access to RailBlaza's large selection of accessories and limitless rigging possibilities. The base exhibits all the RailBlaza core features: stylish, low profile, and based on the StarPort design allowing you to effortlessly retask any accessory in this range from one base to another.

    Note: Use of petroleum based lubricants on the StarPort slide will cause failure. Silicone based products are best suited (please check contents of lubricant before using).

    Key Features
    • Practical replacement for preexisting external mount bases from Scotty, RAM, Cannon, Fish-On
    • Rectangular, four-point installation base consistent with North American industry standard
    • Compatible with the same hardware that is currently used to keep your base mounted to your kayak.
    • Other hardware options include rivets, screws/locknuts, or self-tapping screws (not recommended for rod holders).
    • Hardware included
    • 1 x StarPort HD
    • 4 x M5 x 20mm machine screws, washers, and nylon nuts
    • Weight: 80g
    • UV-Stabilised Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
    Assembly Instructions

    Please visit the Railblaza Site Here


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