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Pullen 3.8m Wave Ski

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    Bay Sports is the exclusive distributor of the highest quality, hand-made, Pullen surf skis. Made right here in Port Macquarie NSW by a master craftsman with 30 years experience, each and every surf ski is unique, in design and construction. From first timers wanting to get into the sport, to seasoned experienced paddlers, we have the perfect ski for you. 

    Follow our super easy 4 steps to effortlessly choose your perfect ski.

    1. Choose your model


    The MK2 is our most proven and popular wave skis. It has a seating position allows for a perfectly balanced wave ski that’s all-round performance in the surf and long distance paddling is unrivalled.

    • We highly recommend this ski to beginning SLSA Spec Ski competitors as the first step to developing balance, correct paddling techniques.
    • It gives you the ability to handle a ski in surf conditions before moving onto the high performance SLSA Spec Skis, that for beginners are extremely unstable and can take years to master.

    This model is suited to paddlers 140-185cm, of all experience levels.


    The MK3 is the ultimate performing all-round wave ski in this series. This is our most popular model, given its perfectly balanced design, and ability to catch waves with ease. With an extended seating arrangement and additional set of foot-straps, the rider can transfer weight back or forward to help manage late take-offs or push onto runs in the surf or open water. This versatility ensures ultimate performance in any conditions and is why the MK3 is the ski of choice for competitors racing in the 3.8M Series or those tackling bigger waves.

    Key differences between MK2 and MK3:

    • Extended seating position
    • Extra set of foot straps (4 neoprene foot-straps versus 2 on the MK2), so you can throw weight back, strap in and catch those bigger waves.

    This model is suited to paddlers 150-210cm, of intermediate/advanced levels. 


    The MK4 is designed for superior handling in the surf..

    • This model has responsive manoeuvrability, increased rocker and a rear center of buoyancy for handling steep take-offs and sharp turns when required.  
    • With a similar seating arrangement to our infamous MK3 model including dual foot-straps and an extended seat, the rider has the flexibility to take control in any surf conditions. 
    • For those wanting the thrills of a performance ski but don’t want the heavy impacts, the MK4 will take you all the way.

    Key differences between MK3 and MK4:

    • Increased rocker and a rear center of buoyancy for handling steep take-offs and sharp turns when required.  
    • Made for those who are primarily riding waves and demand responsiveness.

    This model is suited to intermediate/advanced paddlers 150-210cm.

    Surf X

    The 3.8WS Surf X model is designed for superior handling in the surf and with its ‘V’ shaped hull it can turn on a wave with ease.

    • This surf ski has responsive manoeuvrability, increased rocker and a rear centre of buoyancy for handling steep take-offs and chopping down sections. 
    • With adjustable DAKINE foot straps, a side handle and flat mid-section for easy paddling when lying down, the MK4 is surf ready.
    • For those wanting the thrills of a performance ski but don’t want the heavy impacts of a smaller ski, the MK4-SurfX is the one for you.

    This model is suited to intermediate/advanced paddlers 140-185cm.

    2. Choose your construction

    You can choose from one of three hand-made constructions, all proudly made here in Port Macquarie, NSW:

    Original (18kgs)

    • Laminate: Fibreglass / core-mat / polyester resin
    • Lay-up: Hand
    • Core: Polyurethane foam
    • Colour: Basix Design Series*
    • Foot Straps: Standard
    • Handles: Front / Back
    • Fin: Fibreglass
    Select (15kgs)
    • Laminate: Fibreglass & carbon composite / core-mat / vinylester resin
    • Lay-up: Hand
    • Core: EPS
    • Colour: Basix Design Series*
    • Foot Straps: Standard
    • Handles: Front / Back
    • Fin: Fibreglass
    Performance (13kgs)
    • Laminate: Carbon fibre composite / core-mat / vinylester resin
    • Lay-up: Vacuum infusion
    • Core: EPS
    • Colour: Basix Design Series*
    • Foot Straps: Adjustable
    • Handles: Front / Back
    • Fin: Fibreglass

    Need help deciding between Original and Select? 
    Not only does upgrading from the Original to the Select reduce the weight to 15kgs, but you also step up to our vinyl ester resin laminate.

    1. Vinyl ester resins are more tolerant of stretching than polyesters. This makes them more able to absorb impact without damage.
    2. They are also less likely to show stress cracking.

    Need help deciding between Select and Performance? 
    If you want strength but also want the lightest watercraft imaginable, go for our Performance construction. 

    1. Using the latest Vacuum Infusion Technology (VIT), this laminate combines vinylester resin with a hybrid of carbon fibre reinforcements and a Soric LRC core. An internal EPS (closed cell foam) beam extends the length of the ski for superior compression strength.
    2. The use of the Vacuum Infusion laminating technology with carbon fibre, vinylester resin and Soric LRC lets us achieve a superior strength to weight ratio. The EPS internal beam also reduces any water logging over the products life-span.
    3. This performance standard provides the rider with maximum speed, manuevreability and handling both in and out of the water.


    Length: 3.8 mtrs
    Width: 0.61 mtrs
    Height: 0.22 mtrs
    Ski Weight: Original (18kgs), Select (15kgs), Performance (13kgs)
    Maximum Rider weight Capacity: 140kg

    3. Choose your colour scheme

    Now you know your model and build construction, you can choose the fun stuff - your own colour scheme! 

    1. Click here to view the Basix colour schemes.
    2. Write down the colour code you'd like for the deck.
    3. Write down the colour code you'd like for the hull.
    4. Write down the colour code you'd like for the join.

    If you would like to opt for a more creative design scheme than the Basix colour scheme, you can choose from the Geo-X design series:

    - GEO-X (add $270 for single ski, add $540 for double ski) - click here to view Geo-X designs

    4. Place your order

    Now you are ready to place your order! Follow these easy 5 steps to finalise your order, and we'll begin making your brand new surf ski right away.

    1. Select your Construction and Model from the drop down box on this page, and click Add to Cart.
    2. Then simply put the colour codes you chose (for example: BA001 deck, BA009 hull, BA009 join) in "Special Instructions for Seller" and click CHECK OUT.
    3. Enter your Customer Information (address and contact details).
    4. Enter the discount code DEPOSIT on the right hand side, and click APPLY. This will update your shopping cart so you only pay 50% of your ski purchase upfront.
    5. Continue to Payment Method, and finalise your order by clicking Complete Purchase. You can pay securely via PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank Deposit/Internet Transfer using the provided bank details:

    Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank
    Account Name: BAY KAYAKS TRUST
    BSB Number : 062210
    Account Number : 10422097

    We only require a 50% deposit payment to begin production of your ski, with the 50% balance owing payable just prior to the ski being sent to you with the courier. 

    Time Frame
    From you placing the order and making your 50% payment, it is 4 weeks until you receive your new ski. Usually the ski is finished in 3 weeks, and we then dispatch it for delivery, approximately 3-5 days until you receive it. Your new ski is professionally packaged in bubble wrap and only transported using the best - COPE Sensitive Freight. 


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