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Coral Viewer Double

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    The Coral Viewer Double (CV2) is not only a fun and healthy way to enjoy some time outdoors, it’s a window to another world! As well as the tough build, balanced construction and value you expect from Australia’s most acclaimed surf ski maker, and with double the excitement.
    With two viewing windows built right into the hull, the CV2 allows two paddlers to explore the underwater worlds beneath them without ever getting wet. Built to be an easy craft for leisure paddlers, the CV2 is extremely durable and stable on the surface, making it the perfect way for you and your paddling partner to enjoy some healthy time outdoor and explore what's at sea.

    It is very stable so perfect for novices, or those without any paddling experience. The clever design prevents much sunlight from entering the viewing window area, keeping it dark so you can see whats beneath crystal clear. The viewing window itself has a magnification effect, making the marine life appear closer too! 

    • L: 4.2mtrs; W: 0.66mtrs; H: 0.23mtrs
    • Weight: 35kgs
    • Maximum weight capacity: 300kg
    Laminate Hand Laminated / Fibreglass / Core-mat Core / Polyester Resin
    Core Material Polyurethane
    Weight 35 kg
    Design BasiX Series
    Foot-Straps Single / Neoprene

    Front & Back / Neoprene


    Moulded Fibreglass
    Available Extras

    * Custom Designs / GeoX Series / 3DX Series / GrafiX Series

    * Paddle Leash Plug

    * Deck Bungies

    * Deck Lines

    * Seat Extension

    * Back Rest Support

    * Waterproof Storage Compartment

    Resorts Testimonial

    The Pullen range of resort and leisure products have been a valuable drawcard for many resorts throughout Australia, and the World.

    The unique design of the Coral Viewer skis offer resort guests a new and exciting way to explore the brilliant colours and abundant life of the coral reefs at your very doorstep. The products are designed for people who have no previous experience on skis or similar products and are made extremely durable to withstand the harsh environments in which they are exposed.

    Add value to your resort water-sports department by having custom branded products with your designs, your colours and your logos. Our design options are limitless, and we want to work with you to help you gain a competitive advantage over your neighbouring resorts. 

    Click here to read Nukubati Island Resort's testimonial

    *The CV2 Coral Viewer Double is fully customisable at specific customer request. Additional design charges may apply.


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